Exams and sleep (or lack of)


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you know what it's like, exams starting after lunch, you stay up late, planning to get up around 1000hrs because of revising.

after 6hrs sleep the phone calls start coming in from family, "we knew you had an exam today, so we are making sure you are getting up."

and then the workmen, 12 flats in my building and my flat buzzer is the most convenient when reaching for the buzzer, even though i am at the top of the building. "can you let me in the building to repair a door please", "sure, if you can give me back my sleep so i am sorted for my exam later on!"

when the jehovas witnesses came round once a couple of years ago and i had been working a night shift i made them feel so bad with a wakeup one hour after getting up they haven't plagued our building ever again.

i so need to go over my notes before walking into the exam hall and i can't see properly right now due to the big stonking headache of intrusions into my peace!

i just hope my minds in one piece now when i finally turn up for my exam! (AS English Language)


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hmm, well just returned from the pub, the after exam commiseration. i'm steaming but confused.

you see, the exam pass rate for my class, year after year, has been terribly high! i forgot everything, or so i thought, yet on coming out of the exam the discussion with my class mates suggested we either had a class of dunces this year or i did rather well!

august 17/18th approximately i will be able to go into college and pick up my results, although i tend to get them send postal traditionally. i might just have to turn up this time round to grin manically, since by consensus i should have done alright.

not that it matters, as ours is a two part course, not enough students to justify the second year and i am doing an alternative course next year, part time for two years, that is the equivalent of 2.5 full courses of what i have just taken the exam for (next exam for different course on friday morning) to enable me to get into university

sits back in alcoholic haze and wonders if that makes sense :smiley: