EXCERPT: Taken from chapter two- Jack The Monster.

The Last Wars Of The Jinn

Part One

Zordan Stone​

Chapter two- Jack The Monster

All of a sudden, Zak spotted a dark creature moving at a far distance. They advanced towards it very carefully so that it might not notice them. The more they advanced, the bigger it became. It was removing trees from his way on the right and on the left to be able to walk. They approached it. All of a sudden, it noticed them and turned its head towards them, looking at them with its small, radiant, deeply-set eyes in the middle of its head. The creature shrieked in an animal-like deafening wail sound. It had a bellow like that of a bull. The three knights looked at it. It was a creature as huge as an elephant with two big horns on its head like those of a bull. Short hair covered its body. Its mouth was full of small sharp teeth. On its back was a black figure in the same size of a human. This figure had radiant eyes that flashed in darkness. His features were concealed behind a black sash that covered all his body. He was carrying a little child who was asleep within his hands. John looked at him with his eyes wide open; it was Dawn, his little son. But what was that creature that kidnapped his little child? What did he want to do with his son? John screamed in astonishment.

JOHN: My son, Dawn! (John addressed that figure dressed in black.) You…why did you kidnap my son? Why did you kill my wife? I’ll kill you. (John wanted to rush quickly to rescue his little son from that thief and take revenge for his beloved Lara from her murderer, but Zak placed his hand on John’s chest to prevent him.)

ZAK: John, he is a wizard and you won’t beat him with your sword.

JOHN: Leave me. I have to kill him.

The man raised his hand towards John, but he retreated and directed his hand towards Jack who was nailed to his place on the back of his horse out of fear and astonishment thrown into his heart by the shrieks of that animal. It was the first time for Jack to see and hear such a thing. At that moment, a transparent sticky substance like water was launched out of the hand of that black-dressed person, to strike and stick on the armour of Jack, who woke from his fear after that sticky substance collided with his chest. Jack looked at the black-dressed figure. He was very furious. He got off the back of his horse, drew his sword, and got ready for fight, but he heard a yell from Zak.

ZAK: Don’t let it get into your mouth.

Jack looked at that transparent sticky substance stuck on his armour. All of a sudden, hands and legs projected out of it like an insect. It moved quickly toward his face. Jack was so confused. He looked at Zak and closed his mouth. But that thing wrapped around his neck and clamped down, strangling him. Jack tried to keep that transparent creature off him, but he could not. The transparent creature had clamped down strongly on his neck, forcing him to open his mouth and inserted itself into the mouth of Jack, who could do nothing but swallow the transparent sticky creature to be able to breathe. Jack looked at John and Zak, and fell on his knees on the ground, strongly holding his belly. Jack withdrew within himself and began to let out loud cries. John approached him in an attempt to rescue him, but the black-dressed person looked at Zak. His eyes flashed and he muttered in a muffled laugh. Then, he launched another transparent sticky piece towards a rock behind Zak, who jumped behind the rock with all his strength, raised his necklace, which had a small skull, towards that transparent sticky piece. It exploded as soon as it touched that necklace. By doing this, Zak could protect the person hiding behind that rock, leaving John without any protection. During that time, John tried to help Jack, who began to cry in pain. He held John’s hand and put his other hand on his belly. Jack felt that he was about to explode out of pain. He raised his head, looking at John, whose eyes met with Jack’s eyes, which were covered with blackness and red veins. Jack closed his eyes and began to cry, pressing John’s hand out of great pain. John felt that pain running through his body and felt his hands were about to be crushed.

By; A Fantasy Steps Group(Authors).

Foreword-from the editor:

This is a story of hundreds of years back; the medieval era where we come to know the nature of English people at that time. When we start reading the story, we come visualize the descriptions of nature and scenery in England. The Author was meticulous enough to make us have full vivid portray of England at this era. With his excellent depictions of characters, he could give us extraordinary models of characters that we might have the temptation to try to emulate and have as an ideal or good model.

We come to know John; a man in the prime of his youth; very physically powerful man, good-natured, a typical of knight who utilizes his strength and excellent martial arts for defending those who are weak and in need of help and annihilating those who might misuse their powers for subjugating weak people.

When we follow up the story we come to know John's twelve-year-old boy, Sam. Sam is a smart boy who has lots of things in common with his father.

With his excellent style and plot, the author could take us to the unexpected and the unknown. He could take us to another world; the World of Jinn with its conflicts, the conflict between the good and the evil. From that point on, we come to understand what both John and his family have to do with all such conflicts. The evil part of the world of jinn, represented by the evil Armon, tries to overcome, subjugate and humiliate the whole universe under its control by trying hard to obtain the key of power. On the other hand, the good side, represented by Zak, tries to abort the plans and schemes of the evil. Actually, the writer's descriptions and portrayals of the settings and characters of both worlds were effective enough to make us have complete and full visualization of both worlds as if it were a motion picture. Thus, we witness the struggle between both sides, which is exciting enough to make continue reading the story till the end.

At the end of the story, we see finally that the good overcomes the evil, which a happy ending after all these conflicts and struggles.

To sum up, this work of art is perfect in all its elements: the setting, the characters and the plot. It needs nothing but be produced for the cinema or TV.