Excerpt: The Last Wars of the Jinn


An Old Friend

Taken from Chapter One - The War The English countryside is a far-stretching region full of verdure and green plants. It expands across plains and valleys. Its cool breeze tenderly shakes buds and twigs of forest trees, which are scattered here and there. Swift blue rivers separate these trees from one another. The rivers, which met at one point forming lakes and pools, reflects the white sunlight which twinkles like diamond pieces. The rivers have separated from one another forming rivulets around which different animals of the small forest live.
These rivers continue to flow, sometime violently, destroying rocks. At other times, they flow slowly, watering green forests expanding on both banks. The water flows until it reaches villages and towns along it, irrigating them and resulting in all kinds of fruit and crops and farmlands. The flow continues towards the deep water of the ocean.
In the northern part of England, in a small village located beside one of the dark forests, the inhabitants were working very hard in their fields. They were in a constant competition with winter, which began to throw its white snow over the tops of the mountains surrounding their village. Day after day, snow began to cover these mountains, going down valleys and across plains. They were working without showing any tiredness or boredom to precede that frostbite which was slowing the movement of the river’ flow. They wholly depended on the river water in irrigating their crops and quenching the thirst of their cattle. This frostbite would turn the river into an extensive area of blue ice.
Farmers were in their final stage of harvest. They were collecting crops to transfer and stores so they could take them to the marketplace in the city to sell before the severe winter came. During that time, farmers noticed a shadow coming from among the fields of golden wheat. It was a white horse with dark grey spots on its body, quickly running. The hoofs of that horse were racing with tumultuous river waves, along which the horse was passing. The horse was trying to catch up with the speed of the river waves in order to reach its destination as soon as possible. It was running at an extraordinary speed, letting out its warm breath which changed into dew drops in the cold weather.
Suddenly, the horse changed its destination. It began to avert away from the river, getting into the forest. After a long period of running, the rider of the horse felt the great distance of the road, which separated him from his destination was getting farther and farther. He began to heap whips upon the horse, which forced the horse to run more quickly until the rider stopped his whipping.
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Paperback, 5x8
ISBN: 978-159858-487-5
476 pages
The Last Wars of the Jinn – part one – Zordan Stone
is released by A Fantasy Steps Group.
During the time of King Arthur, a secret world of wizards began to emerge. In this world of Zordan, the creatures of various civilizations agreed to cooperate with each other to protect themselves against outside evils, and also to protect the human population. The Last Wars of the Jinn cleverly tells the tale of the world of Zordan in its first adventure: Zordan Stone.
Brought to life by A Fantasy Steps Group, a trio of cousins all having a passion for fantasy tales, the reader soon learns that no matter how great the intentions for peace, dispute inevitably arises. As struggles for power emerge, the spectacular world of Zordan is split in two, creating the “dark” world and the “luminous” world. In the midst of their intended destruction of each other, a young human boy becomes the focus of both worlds as their key to victory. Unfortunate to have fallen into the midst of war, the boy and his family fight creatures and demons as the fate of Zordan hangs in the balance.
The Last Wars of the Jinn is a suspenseful tale of fantasy, conflict, good versus evil, and eventually triumph. Every fantasy reader should take this journey as the human race interacts with other species in what becomes an alliance to defeat those who would destroy their harmonious existence. It also beautifully describes how being in the wrong place at the wrong time can actually turn out to be a blessing on the path to change and rebirth.
from an Islamic Point of view Jinn area race of Supernatural creatures created by the almighty from Fire. Angels are made from light man from clay and Jinn from smokeless fire. They are like men choosing to be good or bad,

A world filled with wizards and creatures of all types, Zordan secretly appeared around the time of King Arthur. The inhabitants of this world pledged to cooperate amongst themselves to protect each other, and also the human civilizations around them, from outside forces. However, as in every society, dissention eventually broke out dividing good against evil, and former allies against one another.

In a world nearby, John, a powerful human warrior, was raising his family. His wife and two sons were taking care of themselves while John was off fighting in the various conflicts of the day. During one of his crusades, John’s wife was murdered and his youngest son, Dawn, was kidnapped. Upon returning home to find this devastation, John pledged revenge on those who had committed this dastardly crime. Thus begins the adventure of John entering the world of Zordan to rescue his young son while grieving for his wife and the loss of his family unit. Adding to his troubles, John’s other son, Sam, runs away to join him in the search. While Sam searches for his father and his younger brother, he encounters a multitude of dangerous creatures and life-threatening situations. However, he also makes some lifelong friends who help protect him along the way.

The world of Zordan is an awe-inspiring place, which conjures up images of demons, flying warriors, monsters, kings and princesses, traitors and spies, and a landscape which is both treacherous and challenging.

Eventually, the stone of Zordan comes into play as Sam, his father, their allies and enemies, all become entwined in a game of deceit and the struggle for victory. As the tale unwinds, the secret of the stone is unraveled along with Dawn’s unsuspecting and surprising connection to the world of Zordan.
Excerpt: The Last Wars of the Jinn - part one - Zordan Stone. By A Fantasy Steps Group.

Taken from Chapter three: The Battle of the Bridge

Sam noticed that the scorching heat of the sun had begun to go down, but its place did not change. Its light began to get dim the more the caravan advanced across the bridge. It began to get dark and light began to fade around the caravan until the sun was screened while it was in the middle of the sky. Sam noticed that the gate, with nothing but its end hung in the sky, had disappeared and darkness began to absorb light. It began to get black dark. Sam began to notice that the caravan started to speed up towards the other end of the cranny until it reached a spot in which any glimmer of light vanished. This spot of the bridge began to get darker where Sam could not see the palm of his hand were he to put it in front of his eyes. Suddenly, flames began to be kindled around the caravan, which sped up more and more. He noticed that the chains of some hunted animals began to be opened and left in that deep-black darkness, and the caravan went away from them. Sam was listening to the yells of these big terrified creatures after moments of leaving them on the bridge. Sam wondered about the reason why these animals kept silent and why these wagons were fast. The answer came to him faster than he expected. The bridge began to strangely and violently shake, and the wagon where he was began to sway to the right and to the left despite its speed. The chains of the bridge began to strike one another causing that strong sound as if something huge had fallen down on the bridge. The strike sounds of chains, which carried the rocky suspended bridge, began to be mixed with the crawling sound of heavy and numerous feet running on the bridge behind the caravan, which sped up now and then. Then, Sam’s eyes began to move searchingly for these sounds, rolling all over the place in search of the reason for these shakings. Sam began to distinguish these strange sounds and these screams, which began to draw near his wagon the more it sped up. Suddenly, Sam looked with his eyes wide open at the pitchy-black darkness shaped strangely in the light of flames. The darkness began to climb up these iron pillars and jump on the iron bridge, running after Sam’s wagon, approaching it until it was only a few feet from Sam. That thing began to look at Sam with very furious white eyes. The remaining light of these flames had no sooner been reflected on its eyes, than it began to scream at Sam, approaching him more and more. Sam felt the hot breaths of that black creature sear his small scared face.

From our wide research for the topic we speak about in our story we found that the word "Jinni" or jinn related to heaven, how?

Arabian nights , send bad , Aladdin, one thousand nights and night are magnificent Arabian magical story's we read and enjoy , they are all related imagination of the far-east like Arabs and Asians like India , china ..Etc, its all speaks about adventures happened at seas and desert in hidden secrete worlds which contains different kind of creatures, among these bizarre imaginary creatures comes the jinn , which is shown in story's as powerful frightening comes in different mode like fire , wind water ..Etc and also it can transform to anything, but all these way it's called the jinn?

Jinn in these Far-East old cultures mean the unseen or the invisible referring to the place of heaven or paradise which cannot be seen also, so that’s why these creatures called the jinn. We are as a group of fiction and fantasy writers we are fascinated by these creatures and their ability's and formation so we try to create a world in which these unseen creatures can live. Obviously these world must be invisible too and contain the matter they consist of , so we think of the matter of the universe which related to everything water , fire , wind , earth , and make six different kind of jinn, first the one consist of fire which lives on fire and near it, second one which can fly in the air , and the one who lives in the sea water and the one who lives in forest's and consist of roots and greens and leafs and the one which made of sand and live in the desert and the last kind which is the guardian who protect the whole world of the jinn which made of an invisible unknown matter which make the whole world of the jinn invisible to the eye .

Each Kingdom in the world of the jinn contain its animals and landscapes and jinn creatures which lives in it , but how they are related to each other , and how can they speak , write or live there life ?

What kind of war they will fought in , what kind of creatures and realms they will stand up against , what kind of weapons they will use all these questions and more were facing us as a group and we have to work hard and very fast so that we can answer it and finish the book because the idea was new and we don’t want to waste it, so we give each one in the group share of the work and collect every information we can get on the jinn its shape color weight size every thing then we start to share ideas, photos , pictures every thing we have until we finish the book and it will take five years of our life. We hope that we can deliver the picture as we can imagine in our minds.

The second issue as group we try to discus and find an answer to it, the magic, what is it? And wizards who are they? And from where they come? Is wizardry away of teaching or away of living comes by nature?

All these questions we try to answer it as a group of fiction and fantasy writers by creating another world related to our story, a world of magic and wizards with new abilities and way of living, and what kind of conflicts happen to drag them out from their world and rebel them selves in our world , all these questions we try to give an answer for it in our book, we try to figure out how these kind of people lives among us without being figured, and how do they related to the world of the jinn, and how do they come from their world to the public and effect our world from the beginning.

The best era we've seen that fit to our line of story is the Middle Ages for every thing in this line to be connected to a mythological events or mystery, and every story have been told is with no hard proof on its existents.

So by its simplicity and its beautiful nature and from its deep strange unnatural atmosphere of its story's comes from the Middle Age as youngsters for our story.