F1 WGP : Monaco - Star Wars promotion


Creative Writer
the pre-race footage had interviews with Lucas and Christensen, with showpieces from the film and gouts of flames shooting into the sky, advertising for the film on David Coulthards car, but it wasn't until he pitted after a bad accident that i noticed his pit team had white uniforms (with black ephitets) and stormtrooper styled safety helmets on!!!

Lucas must be feeling pretty bad his main sponsored car went out just after 20 laps as a result of Schumacher ploughing into his rear when a car ahead spun out.

i wonder how much Lucas spent on this advertising campaign and how effective it is when those visiting Monaco are primarily the "It" crowd with most likely little time or impetus to go see the film, sit in a cinema for a few hours, let alone queue with the heavens :)

check the news section of Red Bull Racing Honda for images from the promotion