F1WGP - Michelin decide tyres unsafe for todays Indianapolis race


Creative Writer
Jan 16, 2005

after ralph schumachers accident, ending up in the wall, Michelin have decided to tell all teams they cannot drive on the tyres they have supplied this weekend. different tyres cannot be legally used due to F1WGP rules on tyres this year, Ferrari is not agreeing to have the track changed to reduce the danger area on the track that the Michelins cannot handle.

this does not look good for Michelin or the american race track.

this is the biggest farce since the Grand National in 1994 (horse racing in UK) where the race never started.

it's unfortunate that all the teams cannot agree on one solution. 8 million viewers in the UK are sat waiting, hoping that a solution is reached or our evenings racing is off!

11 tyres on Michelin cars have failed because of that one section on the track, 2 of which failed utterably.

6 car start! only those on bridgestones

Barrichello runs over a large water bottle, full, thrown onto the track. hope his tyres/suspension or panelling hasn't been damaged by it!

http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport/formula_one/4109148.stm live posts on the BBC website

another water bottle hurled onto the track, but retrieved by a marshall before an accident occurred. fans stamping their feet in the stands worrying the commentators, fans leaving the site, other fans waving banners showing their distaste.

the fans risking the lives of the drivers, marshalls and onlookers and going to make this track less viable in following years so they better behave!

a beer can, full, was thrown at the ferraris at the end of the starting run, first corner, narrowly missing Barichello. again, not good behaviour by fans

and then when schumacher comes out of the pits and forces his own teammate off the track at turn one, people thought there wouldn't be any excitement!!! if they both make the end of the race, they will be in 1st and 2nd place and on the podium, but after Monaco when Schumacher stole 1st off barrichello on the last lap in a dangerous manouvre, someones not going to be a happy bunny!