Fake Magic Attacks


Oct 15, 2015
There are a few of my memories of some "energetic attacks" from year 2002 - 2003.

Fake Hellish attacks:

The one in a health centre with the sentence that I am "one of the elected" (although they were strangely looking at me, I had seen and felt nothing clearly Hellish); the one in the pub at K*****c, when H***r had been looking at me and during it H***k was asking me many questions; some customers in the pub in the village of P*******e when I had arrived there in the spring; some people in a city transportation system; some visitors at my friend M****l's place including his son (probably they are a Hellish family).

True Hellish attacks & people:

Hit from the car in the hill (I had seen the ray from the eyes and if it was the same man who I saw before, there was a Hellish humanoid soul in him); the man who, in the end, had approached my bike in the city of R*****e (I had seen the Hellish colors of his aura); the man sitting at the same table with me at a publican K*****c had thought, that he will take a look at me next time and in the first time he will do nothing (when I had mentioned the Beings who have elected me, there was a Hellish smoke from him, but the body continued to show a normal expression like he was not interested in it at all); the ray from the eyes that had hit me from behind when I was heading toward a department store in the town; the man from "T" (there were several human names stroked out, did he already kill 4 – 5 people at that time, one male name was shorter and one female longer, am I right?); the man in the pub where I was waiting for M****l near his hostel (but it was before year 2002); Mrs. M***a in the cottage of H***k (officially, it was arranged, but she seems to be Hellish).

As soon as I have discovered that they are Hellish, these people have started to convince the public that it is not so and that it only seems to me.
But no my wrong conclusions can be used against me, because already 14 years ago (since 2001/2002) there is an impact on my brain (minority dies and majority goes crazy) + all the normal people were sent to lie to me, which was something I could not resist. I have convinced my brain that my friend, all the "good" Christians, my aunt, sister, father, they would not lie to me, ever. But the reverse was true.

Few other interesting fake attacks from later years:

I see the Hellish humanoid soul only very exceptionally, a bit more often I see some darker aura about the torso, but so far I am not sure if it is only Hellish or also normal. For instance, there was a doctor name of P****k who had such an aura, but probably he was only annoyed that he has to look into my eyes little strangely during a moment, because they wanted it from him in 2008; in the hospital of the city of S*******k in 2008 a nursing sister had looked into my eyes strangely but I saw no Hellish energies, it was a fake as well; a new female friend of painter Z*****d in his apartment was looking the way like Hellish people do, but there was no power, only the external expression. Etc.

Above all, I did totally fall into the confusion because of the 100% betrayal of stupid & spoiled normal people. I really thought that if there was something important going on, they would tell me about it. I did put everything on normal people to say the truth to me, but they did not say it to me up to this day, only lies. Their treachery knows no bounds.

The Hellish organization was giving me various hints that I was ignoring. For example, my mother's forename was Blazena and on her grave there is written Blazenka, whereas that "superfluous n" can mean "no" (that her death was a different one, but there was one suspicious evil thing); or before passing me poisoned cigarettes instead of immediate reaching for it, the female seller firstly pointed out its price or that it deals with an extra light version, which is not normal; or two people had a similar surname or the second apartment near each other in the same street; or famous people changed the components on their web sites after I had talked about them at home and wrote it into my notes. And similarly.
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