Politics Faking your own kidnapping.


May 25, 2003
I agree. It gets me angry because the money they spent finding that freak could have been used to find missing children or to help the poor. It's selfish.
Jul 26, 2004
I remember reading about this a while ago. Indeed yea, all that time wasted on her could have been used to help others.

I live in Milwaukee, and the entire STATE was freaking out about this UW Madison girl. All of the profs here told us to pray for her. And now... we find out she was LYING?

However, I think she should pay the city for all that it cost looking for her, but not be charged. Obviously, there's something mentally wrong with her and I think lawyers in her defense would have a pretty easy time claiming an unfit mind.
I agree. Would any sane person do such a thing? No. People like that need serious help.
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