Fall 2005

Ok this is my first Fic. I have had it in my head for awhile. I hope u like it! If any question please ask! r/r
6:oo a.m. September 1st- how it all begain
Its 6 am Syd's alarm just when off so she could wake-up for her shower and get ready for school. She turn the alarm off and walked slowly to bathroom. She turned the shower on so that is could warm up. She stood there look around in her bathroom. Her bathroom was painted blue and was done in a beach theme. Syd loved the beach she wishes she could go there right now! But she had school and so as she listened to the running shower and the radio that she just turned on she thought about last night.I wonder if KT realized what time we got home?(syd, Nadia and Kara had gone out to a new club last night, Forever 21)She was beging to think that she had one to many drinks last night and that she has never dance so much in one night, she could feel it in her legs. It was quite in the house, well becuase KT had aready left for school and Nadia wasn't even up yet! Normall syd would get up at 5:30 to go for a jog in the crips moring air...but last night she decided that she probley wouldnt want to get up for that jog in the moring so she decide to skip it.Maybe she would go to the gum and swim tonight if she didn't have that much homework for school.. But doubt that!
*Flash back to last night at the club*
"Syd I dont think were going to get in", said Kara doubtfully
"Just follow me, I have some contions!", Syd said full confindents of getting in.
"Were on the list", said as she looked at sturn boucer
"Names"the sturn man said.
"Sydney and friends", said syd.
She had talked to Tony that day at the store when she radomly bumbed into him in the Icecream part of the store. They talked for a while and he told her about his new club in down town. And he said he could put her and some friends on the list for tonight. After she called her two best friends up and pleated with them to come.
"Right this way ladies"said the Bouncer
"OMG they didn't even check us!!! Nadia said, toatal suprised!
*Flash back ends*

Syd steps out of the shower and think about all the different guys she meet last night she still thougt [I "When I'm I going to meet him.. The man of my dreams?"
[/I] So she started to straighten her hair and she heard her bedroom door and a slight groan of pain from what saounded like Nadia.( She was pretty out of it this morning she had a little to much to drink too.)But Syd was better at handling it better then her. She was a little better at it!

Ok its a start dose any one want here more? I'll try to update later!!!!


Jan 28, 2005
Yeah, probably ended up with a major headache and leg cramps. Looks great so far, although there are some spelling stuff that I could tell you about tomorree!!! Can't wait til you update!!! Seeya later!!! :wave:


Jan 28, 2005
The only reason why it has edited at the bottom of my other post was that I tried to do the wave thing and it didn't work the first time so I edited it to fix it, so that's why...
Hey everybody thanks for reading.. and here is so more!!
Nadia is that you asked Syd knowing it was her!
I'm so much pain right now there is no way I'm going to school!! You?
I'm fine Syd said. Nadia didnt belive her. Syd is one of those people how is good a poker cause she can see a white lie from a mile but you cant tell when she is liying!
~7 am English Class~
Syd sat in her english class wanting for the teacher to talking about whatever they where going to learn.(Syd really wishes she could just skip this class. She know just about everybody in her class but they where all people from High School.. and they still asked like they where there!! She want to move on with her life!!! She was really hamerd!) She opened up her laptop and open the file labed English and wait for her teacher(Mr.Mattews) to begain to talk on and which always seemed like forever!! But she noticed that he was talking to a new student. He was defentily new to this class but someting about him....OMG is that.. no.. Its Austin!! Syd's mind begain to race as to where he was going to sit as he walked up the stairs. No he cant... And of corse with Syd's luck he sat right next to her. Austin sat down and look at Syd with a confused look.
Hi he said.
Hi Syd said back as to be polite.
You look... Did you go to school with me? asked Austin.
Yeah I've gone to school with u since about 5th grade!! Syd said to him with a duh look on her face!!
Are u..Syd? he said unsure
Yes...OMG your so smart! she said tring not to laugh
You look...hammered!!
No.. I'm not said Syd tring to hide the truth
Ok whatever u say Mrs.Bristow!!!
~Later that day after class outside on campus~

Syd looked over her shoulder as she was typing her paper for her history class. She saw Austin talking with some of his friends. He saw her and started walking in her direction.
Oh felgercarb she tought to her self.. now he is going to come over here and bug me!!
Hi, umm I'm sorry about eariler today what it was uncalled for! Austin said in a sad way.
(syd sigh out loud)
No... I my fault you where right ...I'm. Syd said in a "your right" voice!
What??? He said surprised.
You heard me but, if you tell anybody I'm a....
It ok, your secrcet is safe with me, he said interupting her.
See around Syd he said with a smile on his face.
And suddenly Syd found herself smiling and blushing as he said good bye.
She begain to work on her paper again only to be interuped again. This time it was a man dressed in a suit. He said" Are you miss Bristow?" Yes Syd replay confused. I'm Agent Body wtih the CIA we want to recroute you to work for us! Who set you up to this asked Syd in disbelive.The man looked at her with a confussed look. Then Syd realised that this was no joke. He handed her a card. And he said," Call this number is you change your mind!"
~later that week~
Syd stared at the card till it started to turn into a blur. She need a job. So she decided she would call. But all she could get was the guy's secatary she said would give him the message but she didn't belive him!
~A week later~
Syd got a call on her phone, she had just walked out of her class, so she searhed through he purse to find her phone. Hello? Is this Miss Sydney Bristow? said the deep voice on the other line..


Jan 28, 2005
Dum...Dum...Dum...Oh no it's a cliffhanger!!! Oh well, it's getting really good!!! It's different when you tell me then when I read it later!!! Can't wait til you post more on it!!! Talk to ya later!!! :P


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Mar 19, 2004
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i just read it and WOW! i love it!
so she's gonna join, eh? omg that was such an evil cliffy! what happens next?
can't wait and please pm me!

luv juju :harp:
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