Fall Season 2008/2009

Here is AOL's Best & Worst predictions.

After the long, dry spell caused by the recent writers' strike, TV is back for fall 2008 with the usual suspects -- shows we can't wait to see, those we're willing to give a chance ... and the ones that'll seem to disappear before their first commercial break. Check out all the new network shows here, and let us help you decide which ones to make appointment viewing ... and which ones you can probably just ignore. -- By Maggie Furlong and Kelly Woo

'90210' (9 pm Tuesdays, The CW)
Why It Might Work: The original has a built-in fan base, plus there's plenty of buzz surrounding the returning players and sexy new cast.
Why It Might Not: Most of those fans have long since graduated from West Beverly. It'll take a new direction and steamier storylines to get this one to reach 'Gossip Girl' status.
Verdict: Don't Miss

'The Mentalist' (9 pm Tuesdays, CBS)
Why It Might Work: An interesting new take on detective dramas, Simon Baker's Patrick Jane has a close connection with the target he's tracking. He's pretty easy on the eyes too.
Why It Might Not: Baker's notorious for being a show curse, so if his team doesn't stay strong, we could see the drama fizzling fast.
Verdict: Give It a Chance

'The Ex List' (9 pm Fridays, CBS)
Why It Might Work: With a few cocktails and good friends to watch with, this frothy romantic comedy could turn Fridays into girls' night in.
Why It Might Not: The first episode felt a bit gimmicky. And re-dating your ex-boyfriends? So not healthy.
Verdict: Catch It If You Can

'Stylista' (9 pm Wednesdays, The CW)
Why It Might Work: People love to watch reality competitions involving cruel and unusual punishment, and working for magazine editor
Anne Slowey looks almost unbearable.
Why It Might Not: The biggest negative is how much it's trying to be 'Devil Wears Prada.' Elle magazine isn't Vogue; let's leave it at that.
Verdict: Give It a Chance

'Do Not Disturb' (9:30 pm Wednesdays, Fox)
Why It Might Work: There's always room for a new sitcom or two and the current ratings winners prove that you never know what people will latch on to.
Why It Might Not: The premise is basic and the characters too familiar, so don't expect it to break any new ground in the creativity department.
Verdict: Jury's Out

'Life On Mars' (10 pm Thursdays, ABC)
Why It Might Work: The British original was a hit across the pond, and this new take boasts a sterling cast, with Jason O'Mara, Michael Imperioli, Gretchen Mol and Harvey Keitel.
Why It Might Not: It's never promising when a pilot is recast and reshot and the showrunner (some guy named David E. Kelley) replaced.
Verdict: Give It a Chance

'Fringe' (9 pm Tuesdays, Fox)
Why It Might Work: J.J. Abrams purposely made this 'X-Files'-meets-'House' procedural easier to follow for casual viewers. The action-packed setup and amazing cast don't hurt either.
Why It Might Not: Complex storylines got 'Lost' and 'Alias' fans hooked; TV geeks may get bored if the big conspiracy isn't juicy enough.
Verdict: Don't Miss

'Surving Suburbia' (7:30 pm Sundays, The CW)
Why It Might Work: Bob Saget has left behind his gee-golly 'Full House' days and reclaimed his raunchy comedic style. This family sitcom could be his 'Married ... With Children.'
Why It Might Not: Or it could be his 'Til Death.'
Verdict: Jury's Out

'America's Toughest Jobs' (8 pm Fridays, NBC)
Why It Might Work: From the guy who brought us 'Deadliest Catch' and 'Ice Road Truckers,' this insiders' look at the toughest jobs gets an audience-friendly reality twist.
Why It Might Not: Would you rather see actual crab-men and oil drillers do their perilous jobs, or a legal secretary try? Yeah, it's a toss-up.
Verdict: Give It a Chance

'Privileged' (9 pm Tuesdays, The CW)
Why It Might Work: The 'Gossip Girl'-like drama has spoiled rich kids, but 'Everwood' showrunner Rina Mimoun should bring more heart.
Why It Might Not: How long can the conflict between tutor and pupils go on? And what happens when they achieve their goal of getting into Duke? Teen dramas almost never survive college.
Verdict: Give It a Chance

'Opportunity Knocks' (8 pm Tuesdays, ABC)
Why It Might Work: The premise is interesting and still family-friendly, without being too '5th Grader.' Plus, the promise of something new and exciting gives promos an eye-catching glow.
Why It Might Not: The strike meant a reality-clogged lineup last spring -- reality-weary viewers might not give 'Knocks' the opportunity.
Verdict: Jury's Out

'Worst Week' (9:30 pm Mondays, CBS)
Why It Might Work: You'd think chronicling the mindless mishaps and near-catastrophes of one truly unlucky man would be unnerving, but the show's anxiousness is almost comforting.
Why It Might Not: Too much domino-effect bad-thing-on-top-of-bad thing might have us cringing -- not with Sam but at him.
Verdict: Catch It If You Can

'In Harm's Way' (6:30 pm Sundays, The CW)
Why It Might Work: 'Dirty Jobs' and 'American Chopper' creator Craig Piligian is behind this show, where ordinary folks do perilous jobs.
Why It Might Not: 'Deadliest Catch' ... 'Ice Road Truckers' ... 'Ax Men' ... 'America's Toughest Jobs' ... The dangerous-job reality genre is already full. Any new entries could just feel tired.
Verdict: Jury's Out

'Knight Rider' (8 pm Wednesdays, NBC)
Why It Might Work: Expect more action (and turbo boost!) when new showrunner Gary Thompson takes over. He did co-write 'The Fast and the Furious' after all.
Why It Might Not: Last spring's TV movie, while a ratings hit, was flat and uninspired. And the new characters? Yawn. Bring back the Hoff!
Verdict: Catch It If You Can

'Kath & Kim' (8:30 pm Thursdays, NBC)
Why It Might Work: The commercials we saw during the Olympics were hilarious. The pairing of Molly Shannon and Selma Blair looks like comedic gold.
Why It Might Not: What happens in between the punch lines? And the bratty-daughter-moves-back-home premise could get old quick.
Verdict: Don't Miss

'Gary Unmarried' (8:30 pm Wednesdays, CBS)
Why It Might Work: Another basic sitcom that's trying to sell itself as new, this one might have room for more clever dialogue and situations with the sassy kids, vicious ex and the dating world.
Why It Might Not: A divorced dad trying to raise his kids and still have a life -- this could've been made in 1986 starring Paul Reiser. Yawn.
Verdict: Jury's Out

'Crusoe' (8 pm Fridays, NBC)
Why It Might Work: Its lush quality makes the show look like it belongs on HBO or Showtime. And an action/adventure drama's sorely needed.
Why It Might Not: The series will have to keep up high production standards, or risk being 'Xena.' And will viewers care about a story when everybody knows how it ends?
Verdict: Give It a Chance

'Easy Money' (9 pm Sundays, The CW)
Why It Might Work: The names Laurie Metcalf and Judge Reinhold, as well as the intriguing setup of a family of loan sharks, are enough to tune in for the first episode.
Why It Might Not: The CW rented Sunday nights to production company Media Rights Capital, so this could just be a bad tenant situation.
Verdict: Catch It If You Can

'My Own Worst Enemy' (10 pm Mondays, NBC)
Why It Might Work: Big names on the small screen always garner good buzz, so having Christian Slater and Alfre Woodard on board bodes well for early viewer intrigue.
Why It Might Not: There have been late-in-the-game changes (never a good omen), including recasting the wife for Slater's Henry.
Verdict: Give It a Chance

'Valentine' (8 pm Sundays, The CW)
Why It Might Work: Eye candy abounds in this soapy dramedy. After all, the characters are Greek gods.
Why It Might Not: Aphrodite, Eros and Hercules playing modern-day matchmakers -- seriously?
Verdict: Jury's Out

'Eleventh Hour' (10 pm Thursdays, CBS)
Why It Might Work: Jerry Bruckheimer knows his crime dramas; spinoffs are probably already being prepped for if 'Hour' works out.
Why It Might Not: Everything about this show seems dark. With life-and-death cases, it'd be nice if the characters played something beyond brooding. No 'CSI' one-liners -- just a little levity.
Verdict: Catch It If You Can