Fallout games


Uncomfortably Insane
Yeaaaahhhh, I'm not going to look and see if there is already a topic on this. There probably is. Whatever.

The fallout series: I love it. Alot.

I haven't played the first two, though I was always vaguely aware of them (I am a godless heathen, I know). I got Fallout 3 earlier this year and just didn't have the time/mindset to take on a sandbox game of that scope.

I did however start a real play through a few days ago, and I'm enjoying it a lot. the mythology of the game is fantastic, and the visuals and sense of humor in them is really stunning.
I played through Fallout 3 the first time and was hooked to play it again and make different choices. I love the scope of the game! As far as visuals go, I thought they were very good despite the glitchy nature sometimes.

If you liked the mythology of Fallout 3, you'd like the first two.
I had a roommate who tried to get me to play the first two for years, and I just never got around to it. if the first two are as broad and open as this one, I'll probably just stick to wikis for the past info ^_^;; there are a lot of games to play, after all.

Also on a side note, I don't know if I could ever play through and not blow up Megaton. Everyone in that town (except Gob, I suppose) is just so rude.
I know right?

I somehow managed to keep from blowing it up the first go round but I HAD to kill Professor Cromwell (the cult leader ranting in the middle of the puddle) either way. The man would not shut up. I mean jesus, sitting there all day in an irradiated pool ranting the same thing over and over again should make you dead.

The second go round though. Kaboom.
There appears to be three expansion packs out for Fallout 3 already and another one in the works? Apparently I've missed something. Have to get back to gaming and see what's out there nowadays.
Even though I have an X-Box 360 at the house I am more into games like Duke Nukem 3D & Luxor on it. Every time I try to play a modern game I usually end up killed because my first several minutes are spent just standing there trying to figure out the controls.

I'm old. :(

I do have Halo though still unopened.... I really should try that out.
Wow...unopened? Still?

I couldn't keep it unopened before I got home. :/
I know I am going to make the gamers cringe but yep, Halo for the 360 unopened. Along with a copy of Gears of War unopened as well (as I type this on the laptop I see the case over by the TV cabinet just sitting there, calling out to me to rip open the cellophane wrapping).

But I did open up the Lego Star Wars. :D