Fame, Infamy, Reputation, Faction = TITLES!


One thing about Fable that stood out for me was the vendor that sold Titles. I thought that was great to be able to choose a title to suit my char. I think this option in an MMO would enhance customization a TON!

How do we get a title? Well, EQ2 didn't do such a bad job on it, but I think there needs to be many ways to obtain a title so it's not just based on how many things you kill (or revolving around hunting.) I also think there needs to be many many options; basic titles, as well rare titles that are hard to obtain. Catch so many fish...you're a Fisherman! Make so many swords...you're a Blacksmith.

This could be based on your success in PvP war, rewards given by GMs, as well an overall compilation of all the things you've done in-game. It is basically based on how the entire world as a whole views you. The highest of social standings.

This could be somewhat like Fame, but revolving around the evil/criminal side of things.

This would diferent and unique to each city and affected by what you do in each city. You can raise it by doing quests for merchants, city officials, or slaying local monsters. This is based on the overall faction standing within that city. Unlike Fame this only applies to local areas. Mid social standing.

This applies to each individual organization in the cities such as merchants, city guards/officials, noble houses, churches, class guilds, crafting guilds, etc. You raise this by doing specific quests/jobs for these organization. This is the lowest of social standing.

Now, in each field of social standing could exist a large tier/tree of titles that could be earned. While faction may be the lowest, or least widespread, of social status, it would still be possible to earn the highest title within that organization. Thus, increasing titles within faction would increase your overal Reputation to that city. Also, once you earn higher titles you would still have the option of choosing to display the lower titles, that way you can select a title that suits you while obtaining the benifits of increasing titles.

This would give players tons of options of titles (and thier choice of which titles to obtain) as the factions in each city could be many! If you had 10 or so titles tiers in each faction with each tier having many titles to choose from...wow! Instead of forcing a title on a player for each tier it'd be nice if they had a list to choose from.

Another way to do this would be to have a title vendor within each faction and city. Instead of following a tier system for titles the vendor could simply have a huge list of Titles that players can purchase with FP (faction points), ReP (reputation points), and FP (fame points). This way players have more control over with titles they unlock for themselvs, choosing not to spend points for lower level titles, instead, saving them so they could more quickly buy a higher title.

Let's come up with some titles! You have a title you'd like to see in the game...add it here! If your title is faction based (ie: merchants guild, fletchers guild, etc) please include which faction your title applies to.


Sounds kind of like the system Ultima Online made, with Fame and Karma plus your current skills.

I would much rather have a system in a sort like that, rather than finding some random title.


Not to mention most titles are static. EQ had some spiffy titles for like each level after 60...or something like that, but each titles was the same for level 61, 62, 63, etc. Aslo EQ2 has titles on their pvp servers that are based on player kills, but again, those are all static where the players have no options to choose from. Not to mention these titles revolve soley around hunting and levling.

WoW has PvP titles too, but I'm pretty sure those are static as well.


But to add to my post...I like the idea of a title vendor for the pure fact you can have useless titles that players could buy that are purely for RP purposes, and mean nothing to the things you have accomplished in the game. Such as The Lazy, The Mad, The Crazy, The Useless, The Vagrant, The Dirty, etc etc. Tons that don't really mean anything, but can help reveal some personality of that character. Jon's char, Regnore, could buy a title like The Drunk, The Rude, or The Arrogant. Hehe, The Arrogant Regnore...Regnore The Drunkard.


Well, they're all pretty much static, unless you type it up yourself. ( Elder Scrolls, Morrowind/Oblivion )

Example, here's the title code for Ultima Online.

private static string[] m_Levels = new string[] //Skill levels

private static FameEntry[] m_FameEntries = new FameEntry[]
new FameEntry( 1249, new KarmaEntry[] //after key set 1,249 Karma
new KarmaEntry( -10000, "The Outcast {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -5000, "The Despicable {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -2500, "The Scoundrel {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -1250, "The Unsavory {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -625, "The Rude {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 624, "{0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 1249, "The Fair {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 2499, "The Kind {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 4999, "The Good {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 9999, "The Honest {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 10000, "The Trustworthy {0}" )
} ),
new FameEntry( 2499, new KarmaEntry[] //after key set 2,499 Karma
new KarmaEntry( -10000, "The Wretched {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -5000, "The Dastardly {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -2500, "The Malicious {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -1250, "The Dishonorable {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -625, "The Disreputable {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 624, "The Notable {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 1249, "The Upstanding {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 2499, "The Respectable {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 4999, "The Honorable {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 9999, "The Commendable {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 10000, "The Estimable {0}" )
} ),
new FameEntry( 4999, new KarmaEntry[] //after key set 4,999 Karma
new KarmaEntry( -10000, "The Nefarious {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -5000, "The Wicked {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -2500, "The Vile {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -1250, "The Ignoble {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -625, "The Notorious {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 624, "The Prominent {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 1249, "The Reputable {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 2499, "The Proper {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 4999, "The Admirable {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 9999, "The Famed {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 10000, "The Great {0}" )
} ),
new FameEntry( 9999, new KarmaEntry[] //after key set 9,999 Karma
new KarmaEntry( -10000, "The Dread {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -5000, "The Evil {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -2500, "The Villainous {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -1250, "The Sinister {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -625, "The Infamous {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 624, "The Renowned {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 1249, "The Distinguished {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 2499, "The Eminent {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 4999, "The Noble {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 9999, "The Illustrious {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 10000, "The Glorious {0}" )
} ),
new FameEntry( 10000, new KarmaEntry[] //after key set 10,000 Karma
new KarmaEntry( -10000, "The Dread {1} {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -5000, "The Evil {1} {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -2500, "The Dark {1} {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -1250, "The Sinister {1} {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( -625, "The Dishonored {1} {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 624, "{1} {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 1249, "The Distinguished {1} {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 2499, "The Eminent {1} {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 4999, "The Noble {1} {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 9999, "The Illustrious {1} {0}" ),
new KarmaEntry( 10000, "The Glorious {1} {0}" )
} )

This system not only creates a title for each Karma level, but remakes the Karma Titles after a certain point and gives you a new list, so if you jump back in Karma, from being famed, you would be Dishonorable.


Wow, that's an impressive list! Lot of great list that revolve around city reputation. I guess it would make sence to have a static title if it revolved around fame or reputation, after all, it's a title that someone gives you, not what you choose to call yourself. Maybe just have social titles players could purchase...after all, a social title is moreso what a character titles themselves. Rics the Ugly!


If it helps anyone out, their wil lbe titles and things like that in Hero's Journey.


Yeah, I figured as much. I'd just like to see something a little more customizable than the, "do this get this title" or "reach this level get this title" or "kill this many player get this title"


In City of Heroes you would get certain titles after attaining different badges. And you could combine titles to make one huge title all over your name.


The Incomprehensibly Heroic
Lava Man
Treasure Hunter

The top title can be chosen after attaining a certain level. The middle is the guy's name. And the bottom was related to a certain badge he earned.
Well in DR, our titles are actually really cool.

A new title system was just put in perhaps six or so months ago?

Anyway, Div's title (when she's not wearing her cloak) looks like:

You are Slasher Diviana Wisparrow, Looter of Elanthia, a Prydaen.

But normally all that can be seen is:

Diviana seems to be wrapped in dark shadows, concealing all but her empty hands.

(I love that cloak) And um Prydaen are basically the same thing as a Suwari. Except maybe way cooler. Divi is awesome. But don't make her mad! She'll whack you with her tail for sure!


Yah I am DEFINATELY going to make a Regnore character, and would love the The Drunk, or The Mad title. It would add to RP.



I hope GM awarded titles come about! It was always fun to have a unique title just for you thanks to the GMs. Was my favorite part of DR plat when I still played there (but basically the title cost me an extra 10 bucks a month.)



I could be wrong, but somewhere in a galaxy far away a long long time ago... I thought I heard mention that your characters last name, of sorts, would be taken from the clan you join.

If this is true, and not some rumor I heard long ago, then one would be careful what they name their character. Thus always ensuring they have their actual surname/first name last during creation. I wouldn't want "Jaraeth the Lunatic", then join the clan "Fairhavens" look like "Jaraeth the Lunatic Fairhavens"... that is, unless... you could have "the lunatic" in quotes like so.

Again, I could be wrong... but I foresee:
<character name> "<title>" <clan name>
<guild name goes here>

Will Great House names show up to? I am very curious how many levels of names there will be. It could get to be like SWG, but I sure hope not:

<pilot title>
<character name>
<guild name>
<rank title>

~ Jaraeth


Originally posted by Xhar@May 16 2006, 05:08 PM
I thought I read somewhere that there wont be any floating names/titles?

>confused look<
That would be super. I don't like the floating name/titles either, but that doesn't mean a person couldn't have a title that would be displayed on the chat window or whatnot. Somethings got to show somewhere to denote who is saying what.


I'm one of those who wants names to appear above people's heads. I will eventually get to the point where, for my own RP, I won't want them... but I'm far from that type of RP'er at this point.

As far as what exactly is displayed above people heads, I wish I knew for sure. It could be done similar to SWG's use of badges, where a person could have many titles, obtained via badges, but was only known if you selected the person and clicked on a radial menu "Information". At that point, you were presented with the persons Bio (RP story), age, race, their earned badges, etc. This might not be bad for HJ, since the more hardcore RP'ers wouldn't select an option for the info, they'd ask the person directly; and those who want to know titles and such, they can find it easy enough through an informative window.

For the most part, I wouldn't mind only having the option to see just a name above a persons head.

~ Jaraeth


For those people that like to maybe have a floating name I think it would be cool to be able to customize it. Change the font and size.

Welcome to Pimp my Name! I'm yo host Xzibit! We about to change these weakass names into pimpalicious super-sized names, yall!!!


Having customizable titles would get abused. Instead of just Arial 10 font, they should use a more fancy character. Also in my eyes you shouldn't be able to see ANY tags for opposing factoins.. EVER.