Nintendo Famicombox is an old NES with 15 cartridges built in


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Famicombox is an old NES with 15 cartridges built in

DVICE said:
The Famicom Box is a rare gem from Nintendo's bygone era. It's an old Nintendo system that has 15 games built in, including Duck Hunt, Mega Man and Super Mario Brothers. You know, the hits. It comes with two controllers and a light gun, and it was designed to go in places like hotels and arcades.

This curious object is very rare, but it's available now on Yahoo Auctions starting at a somewhat-reasonable $110, but who knows how high that will skyrocket up. If you're looking for a more expensive, less functional Nintendo, the Famicombox is really the way to go.

Yahoo Auctions, via New Launches
Wow, after all these years I thought I had seen most deviations of the NES but that is new one for me.

My curiosity is now piqued about the various ports on the back. I guess at least one is for some type of vending machine connector so that at an arcade somebody could put quarters into an interface to buy game time.