Family Traditions

So what family traditions does your family have any?

My family always has a reunion, and they celebrate birthdays by going to the theatre. Haha! I know some families give birthday spankings. :P
my mom's family always gets together when its someone's birthday. we always have chocolate cake and my uncle rob gives everyone a bite of icing from the end of the candle.

my dad's family always has a family reunion in westfield, wisconsin. we always go fishing, out to dinner, watch fireworks, play with sparklers, (its over da 4h of july) and eat at the pioneer inn diner.
my family is so slow and there are so many kids, that my parents have to have the birthday parties for us 8 - 12 months after our birthdays are already over and gone! it's hilarious!
My family celebrate a lot of parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year, "Magic Kings" Day, Hispanidad Day (National Celebration of Spain), Mother´s Day ... and the Religious Days of Holy Week.
We have lots of puertorican traditions :D

Christmas-We all go to a farm and cook lots of puertorican food

New Years-We all get together in a house and play pool and then we go to the beach

Noche de San Juan "Night of San Juan<-wich is the capitol-We all jump in the beach at 1am,all the people down here do it

Birthdays-We go to the beach for the amount of years the person has.For example when I turned 14,we where we were in the beach 12am to 1am and the tradition only last till the person is 15. :lol: :D
All my relatives that live here in Australia (we all live in one state) get together every weekend and also every birthday, christmas, new years, etc. and the kids play the consoles (xbox, ps2, etc) while the adults sing kareoke (not very well and several of glasses of wine doesn't seem to help).
Well, we all get together for holidays and on our birthdays, my mom bakes each of us a so huge it-takes-us-months-to-eat chocolate frosted cake-- without fail. I wasn't at home during my birthday this year, so my mom baked one and took a picture of it and sent it to me! :lol:
Christmas Eve dinner we have perogies...the only time of year we get them. Yumm!

When we all lived up in NY, we had huge extended family gatherings for holidays, birthdays, etc.

We get "un-birthday" presents from the grandparents (on my dad's side) on our siblings birthdays (not so much now - but we did when we were kids).

Hmmm...not much else...
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Never had any.
same here :mellow:
There was one, a while back, but not anymore. A whole bunch of my mom's side of thefamily who lived somewhere in the area would get together every Christmas at this one person's house...and I would basically be bored the whole time, as there was no one there even remotely my age.

And, there's one we still sort of have. Every New Year's, my family goes up to my cousins' house. These cousins' are my age, and one's a year older, so it's better, especially when their friends are there. ;) And yeah, that's the one day a year I'll see them.