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Fizzy Lizzy

Apr 13, 2004
Red Deer..AB..CA
Title: Angels With Even Filthier Souls

Author: Lizzy (aka Fizzy Lizzy)

Shipper: Jack Bristow & Irina Derevko, Julian Sark & Yelena Derevko/Illeana Scotts, possible Michael Vaughn & Sydney Bristow, possible Eric Weiss & Nadia Santos

Special Rating: NC-17/R...Everything is possible - smut, language, violence, and adult situations. Like I said, everything is definately fair game.

Status: In Progress

Spoilers: None that I know of. Deals with things from Season 3.

Background: Irina isn't dead because she went to Jack and they formed the plan to frame her death. Sydney doesn't know that Irina is still alive. Katya has already escaped CIA custody. Vaughn is still dealing with Lauren's betrayal, however chances are very high that she is not as dead as she appears. Sark-unlike some people are convinced-is not related to the Derevkos or Bristows. He is, however, involved with the youngest Derevko sister, Yelena/Elena and he isn't as weak as he protrays so often. There is also open tension between the Derevko sisters which go back to something that happened years before and Elena has not forgiven her sisters for it.

Summary: Jack & Irina have fooled the right people into believing Irina's dead, but now comes the hard part. The trust. Meanwhile, Elena is out in the world-also believing Irina is dead-and working to get Sark extracted from CIA custody without them finding out about her. Sydney and Vaughn are trying to work on their relationship, while Nadia and Weiss try to forge a new one. What happens when when the Derevko/Bristow family run into each other? Emotions run high and weapons are not hidden.


Apr 1, 2005
Title:A Perfect Marriage?

Author: Sydsson

Shipper: Michael Vaughn & Sydney Bristow, possible Jan Oramu & Sydney Bristow

Special Rating: NC-17

Status: In Progress

Spoilers: Final episode of S4, though we're not quite there yet. Even though it'll be up to s4, except for the fact that Vaughn didn't shoot Lauren, Jan did that.

Summary: Sydney and Vaughn have finally married eachother. A lifelong friend was their best man, including their childhood friend. Their friend has
lost his own girlfriend years ago. Is he still such a good friend???


Dec 2, 2002
California, United States
Title: We Could've Been Heroes

Author: the_alliance

Shipper: none

Special Rating: as of now, it is rated R for language; however, if people complain about the violence, i will up it to NC-17 (because violence caused in war is not for children under 17)

Status: Shelved

Spoilers: none

Summary: It's 2015 and the US is in a major economic depression. Congress only has one party and the president is a demagogue. The story follows Riley Miller, who has just graduated high school and is drafted into the military. See the world through his eyes as he fights in Africa, spies in the Middle East, and ultimately see the growth of an American generation as this great country seems to take over the world.

Author's Note: This is not a short story that bashes Republicans, liberals, Muslims, terrorists, or homosexuals. I am not a masochist nor do I support that kind of treatment. However, keep in mind that this is a war story and war is NEVER pretty. That is why I am reluctant to say that this is rated R for violence, when the violence could get to be NC-17 (for some's beliefs).

Influenced by George Orwell's 1984.


Sep 22, 2003
Title: Leatherface vs Jason
Author: ALIASX
Special Rating: None unless your really squeamish
Status: In progress
Summary: 5 friends are driving through Texas to get to a concert. Along the way they run into problems with their car. They land next to a seemingly deserted mill and decide to look for someone to help them. They get to a house and call the sherriff but one of them goes missing. As the others look for the missing friend they are attacked by two of the greatest villians to ever live. Will they all be picked off or will they escape the horror they encounter?
Disclaimer: I do not own any aspect of TCM or F13th. Most of the characters are my own while some are from movies.
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