Horror Fangoria magazine is coming back!


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Mar 20, 2004
Well, here's something I wasn't expecting to see again... Fangoria magazine is coming back to print! :wideeyed:

Fangoria dates back to 1979 and was once one of the most well known print magazines for horror genre fans. It's highest print publication runs were during the 80's & 90's but in recent years has barely been heard from from and is currently a digital only publication. Today it was announced that Cinestate, owned by Dallas Sonnier, a movie producer of films like Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99, has fully acquired the Fangoria assets and trademarks including the magazine.

Cinestate is planning on printing Fangoria as a quarterly magazine with it's emphasis still on horror. The first issue of the relaunch is planned in time for this years Halloween.

In additional to the magazine Sonnier, through Cinestate, is planning on expanding the brand online and possibly movie & TV deals. Cinestate, as part of purchase, has full rights to all Fangoria materia from the past 39 years including interviews, photos, and interviews.

When I was but a lad I would buy Fangoria from Gene's Books at the original King of Prussia Mall. Gene's is long gone and the KOP mall has been expanded & remodeled so many times that it looks nothing like it did back then. Fangoria, at least, will still be around.



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Jan 21, 2013
Never been a fan, find them trite to be honest.

Tom all over Creepy and Eerie, as a kid had an Uncle who was over in the States for business a couple of times a year, used to bring me a ton of those back after each trip.

And in bad news for Downunder horror fans, Decay magazine is signing off after 24 issues :( On the bright side their newer publication Retro SciFi is still going strong.

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