Fantasy Readers Writing Contest

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An Old Friend
NOTE: We will be changing the rules of the contest. Instead of offering only to include the story in an eBook (they simply don't sell all that well), going forward we'll use the contest to help select stories for the Worlds Of Fantasy anthology (a trade-paperback series). Use the feedback forms to tell us what you think.
We post stories on the site and offer them to our readers free of charge.
His or her story will be packaged into an eBook on our site, where we’ll sell it alongside our professional authors’ stories. If the author submitted a short story, we can package this with several others by that author and offer a collection, or the author can submit a novel – the choice is up to him or her! If the author has only that one story – and feels it is particularly marketable – we’ll offer the story at a reduced rate ($2 or $3) and allow the author to keep 50% of the LIST price as royalties!
To enter, all you have to do is upload your story. Your story will then be published within two weeks and readers WILL begin to rate it!

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We can take nearly any file format, but please try to send THE CLEANEST MSWORD, WordPerfect, QUARK, ETC. FILE. If the story is short, you can submit it in the body of your email.