Far Too Long


Mar 23, 2004
Sydney does need to take some time before jumping into another relationship. However, I do think Scott is a keeper. Michael should just stay away from Sydney.

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May 6, 2003
I can understand why Syd is so confused!
Her relationship with Vaughn was very difficult, so now she needs time to elaborate her feelings for someone else!

Thanks for the update and if it's not a problem for you I would like to remain in the pm list!


Hope to read a new chapter as soon as you can!
Oct 30, 2004
Michael's a jerk right now... We all know though that they are meant to be together :rolleyes: urgh... (this sucks...) - the situation, not your fic :LOL: don't get me wrong!!!!

I hope all things end up fine! I need a happy ending...

And please keep me on the PM list

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Jul 29, 2006
Nooooooo! Why cant she just dump Scott? :cry: well i guess that would be asking too much of Syd lol. She has after all got more than enough reason to hate Micheal. :(
i just stopped in after a while of not coming on line, hoping that you would have updated and i just wanna say thanks so much for updating Mary! :hug:

oh and you definately dont need to ask me "Aka "Your Biggest Fan" if i want a pm! :D
of course i do!!

Zoe :daisy:
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