Farewell Sargeant Pinback - Dan O'Bannon obituary

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Farewell Sergeant Pinback - Dan O'Bannon obituary

Film director, writer, and sometimes actor Dan O'Bannon has passed away. He was the co-author of the original Alien film script, titled The Star Beast, and he contributed to many major science-fiction films.

But here's where it all started for him: the college film-project that became a feature-length sf/comedy cult classic. It's a great example of how a good science fiction film could be done on a not-so-big budget, in 1974 anyway. O'Bannon played the role of the quirky Sergeant Pinback:

Damn, didn't know that he died recently. I always saw his name attached to so many different movies especially in the 80's.
There's a band called Pinback named after Sgt. Pinback.

One of the guys in the band, Rob Crow, during an MTV interview said they called the band Pinback because he felt a lot like Sgt. Pinback sometimes. In social situations especially.


They are a great band, and they sample sounds from the movie on some of their songs.

The song Some Voices starts out with the sample of Doolittle saying "Hyperdrive sequence begun, hit it Pinback." And Concrete Seconds has a sample of Pinback counting 'up' from the bomb 'drop'. And the song My Star samples Sgt. Pinback asking Doolittle what he wanted to name the star, with Doolittle replying "who cares, don't bother me."