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Fateless Fate

Discussion in 'General' started by AliasALIAS, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. AliasALIAS

    AliasALIAS Guest

    This is my first fanfic. It is in script form, so you will have to use alot of your imagination--picture Sydney's expressions, her frowns, the way she talks. Also, it is outdated--the events don't always match up with the show (I started writing this around the time Cipher aired).

    I'm happy with the overall result, and I hope you enjoy it too.

    *****=new scene, new time
    -------=slightly different scene, slightly different time (like fastforwarding to another room in the same building)
    [........]=Description of scene
    (action)=Describes actions

    <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>Fateless Faith</span>

    [Mission briefing at SD-6 meeting room. Syd, Sloane, and Dixon are present]

    SLOANE: You're looking at surveillance footage of a hotel owned and run by FTL. Now you'll remember that Quan Li was assassinated at precisely the same time we were attacked, and within minutes FTL ceased to exist. Well this hotel in Germany was the only FTL possession that didn't crash along with FTL. Yesterday, Sark was in the hotel with former members of FTL. We assume they were working together, negotiating a deal.

    SYDNEY: You mean Sark is taking charge of FTL?

    SLOANE: More like recruiting its members into Derevko's organization. The hotel is called Hotel Zergonoff. It's located just half a mile outside of Berlin. After Sark made the deal, they gathered their documents in a suitcase that Sark took to his room and left without. Now we're not exactly sure what information it contains but our goal is to retrieve the suitcase. Sydney, you're on point, Dixon you're on comms. Your flight leaves for Germany in 24 hours. (Everyone gets up)

    DIXON: By the way, where's Marshall?

    SLOANE: Hmm? Oh, I thought I mentioned he's in tech, putting final touches on the gadgets. I'm sure he's ready to meet with you.

    [In a warehouse]

    VAUGHN: So you're retrieving possible information on a deal Sark made?

    SYDNEY: Right. On the surveillance tapes, the suitcase had a lock. Sloane didn't mention anything about a lock, so he probably doesn't want anyone to see what's inside.

    VAUGHN: We'll provide you with the a decoder then. The CIA most likely won't have time to review wha'ts inside and make copies, so you'll have to take pictures of everything inside. Try to stall with Dixon, then when you're ready, leave with everything back in the suitcase. I guess we'll have to let SD-6 see everything. Unless...

    SYDNEY: I won't talk to her again.

    VAUGHN: It's the only way we can get the information without SD-6 seeing it. We could make bogus copies similar to the original. It's our best strategy.

    SYDNEY: Just don't make it a habit of asking me to talk to my mom.

    [CIA-FBI Joint Task Force Prison]

    SYDNEY: Sark made a deal with FTL members. We need to know what they discussed.

    IRINA: I don't know anything about the deal.

    SYDNEY: You were Sark's employer. You should know.

    IRINA: Sydney, I told you I don't know.

    SYDNEY: (angrily) Agent Bristow. I already warned you. You are to address me as Agent Bristow.

    IRINA: I have no idea about the deal....Agent Bristow.It must be entirely Sark's idea. (pause)I remember when you were 5, we went to a restaurant....(voice fades away)


    SYDNEY: She didn't have any information.

    VAUGHN: Then we'll just have to stick with our original plan.

    KENDALL: Are you sure you even tried to get any intel?

    SYDNEY: I don't have to repeat myself, Mr. Kendall.

    VAUGHN: Good luck in Germany.

    [Syd's house]

    FRANCIE: Where you going this time, Syd?

    SYDNEY: Germany. I have two seminars. Thank goodness they're short. But then I have to deal with this client whose recprds show that he is extremely picky.

    FRANCIE: Ugh. When'll you be back?

    SYDNEY: In three days.

    FRANCIE: What? You're gonna miss Will's official 2 week anniversary of N.A. meetings?

    WILL: It's okay, Syd. I don't mind.

    SYDNEY: I'll come back with souvenirs.

    WILL: Alright! (Syd's cell phone rings)

    Sydney: Hello?...I'll be there in a few minutes. (Hangs up) I'm running late. I gotta go.

    WILL: Bye.

    FRANCIE: See ya.


    [At the hotel, Syd is inside, dressed as an usher, and Dixon is in a van outside]

    DIXON: How's it going Syd?

    SYDNEY: I'm almost there. There's a few guards by the security room. I'm just waiting for the clear. (guards walk away)Okay, I'm in.

    ~~MARSHALL: First, you'll have to hack into the security computers so that Dixon can watch you from surveillance.This is a razor-prism, like you used in Las Vegas. Except this, well, razor-prism, has a transmitter. Just splice into any fiber optic cable and it will send a signal to Dixon.

    SYDNEY: (splices into cable)Have you gotten access?

    DIXON: Positive. I'm opening up surveillance.....The halls are empty. You're clear to go. (Syd runs through hall)

    ~~MARSHALL: Then, to get into Sark's room, you'll need a standard room card, but because he's staying in a...uh, a special room, you know, a room made for FTL mem...bers, you'll need a keypad decryptor to open the door. This cell phone has one built in. Just attach the necessary wires, press 4, and you're ready to go. The suitcase will most likely be in a safe, 'cause you know, they'd wanna prote--....So attach this safecracker to the safe and connect the cell phone to the cracker. Press 135, the first three odd numbers on the....cell phone. Grab the suitcase, and if I were you, I'd run like crazy.

    SYDNEY: I'm almost in. (Sydney opens Sark's room door) I see the safe. How am I doing?

    DIXON: You're doing fine. The halls are still em--wait. We've overlooked one thing. Sark's just entered the building.

    SYDNEY: How much longer 'til he reaches the room?

    DIXON: Two minutes tops. He's headed towards the elevator. Have you gotten the suitcase?

    SYDNEY: The safe cracker has four more numbers to go. It'll take another minute. (opens safe, opens suitcase, takes pictures of documents)(lies)One more number. (puts everything back in the suitcase) Okay, I got it. I'm heading for the door.

    DIXON: No! Sark's in the hall. I have an idea. (turns on alarm) Alright. Security's apprehended Sark. On my signal....go!

    SYDNEY: (leaves room) Thanks, Dixon.

    DIXON: Do you have the suitcase?

    SYDNEY: I got it. I'll meet you at the extraction point.


    [Sloane, Syd, Jack, Marshall, Dixon, and a sixth man are at the SD-6 briefing room]

    SLOANE: Your mission to Berlin was a success. We found everything we needed.We were wrong about Sark joining forces with what was FTL. But we were right about them negotiating a deal. Since the FTL members lost their employment, they had no use for their acquired Rambaldi artifacts. But they do have a use for money. They've agreed a Rambaldi artifact with Sark for a price. A large price.

    SYDNEY: But why would FTL make a deal with Sark if he caused them to lose their employment?

    SLOANE: It's called desperation. Extreme desperation. We would make a deal with them ourselves, but our budget does not allow us to do so. And justice will not compromise with evil.

    DIXON: What's the Rambaldi artifact?

    JACK: It's a device that contains an encoded message. Marshall?

    MARSHALL: The device is like an ancient typewriter. And you though school computers were bad. Anyway, you type in the code and it reveals the message. Problem is, the keys aren't labeled. FTL hasn't figured out the code either. Once we get the device, we'll analyze it and figure it out.

    JACK: The trade takes place in Toronto in eight hours. We were unable to get a flight there (Dixon looks at Jack) so we sent in another SD team. When they retrieve the artifact, we'll decide our next step.

    SLOANE: We called this meeting to inform you of our progress. You're free to go. We probably won't have a meeting for another 48 hours. (everyone gets up to leave, except Sloane and the man)

    [At a warehouse, Jack is waiting and Syd walks in]

    SYDNEY: Why'd you wanna meet? Where's Vaughn?

    JACK: You're going to retrieve the Rambaldi artifact. You're leaving in three hours.

    SYDNEY: What? Where's Vaughn?

    JACK:We need to make sure that SD-6 does not get the device.

    SYDNEY: (firmly)Wherre's Vaughn?

    JACK: He will be informed of your mission.

    SYDNEY: You mean he does not even know about this?

    VAUGHN: (rushing in) You're going on a mission.

    JACK: Who told you about this meeting?

    VAUGHN: Kendall did. I approved the mission. Everything looks fine, but to make sure, maybe you should ask your--

    JACK: You cannot talk to her! If she provides any intel at all, it will end up huring you!

    SYDNEY: It's my mission. (to Vaughn) I'll meet you there.

    [Irina's cell]

    SYDNEY: Sark is making a trade with FTL for a Rambaldi artifact at your headquarters in Toronto. Is there anything we should know?

    IRINA: You say it like I'm still running it.... You're gonna intercept the trade?

    SYDNEY: That's right.

    IRINA: Toronto is one of the highest security HQs. Failsafes, motion sensors, hidden triggers. State of the art. Do you know what room the trade takes place in?

    SYDNEY: A room labeled Gorschav on the 7th floor.

    IRINA: What's your plan to getting in?

    SYDNEY: That doesn't matter. Apparently the blueprints kept security locations hidden.

    IRINA: So here's what you'll do...(voice fades away)


    JACK: (arguingDo you not understand? She wants to be trusted. That woman--Kendall: I understand--just wants to be--Vaughn:Mr.Bristow--trusted. And once you do trust her,--Kendall:I understand your concern--she will turn her back!

    KENDALL: Jack! I undeerstand your concern. I understand that you don't want Agent Bristow to get hurt. But right now, Irina Derevko is helping the CIA.

    VAUGHN: And we could use all the help we can get.

    JACK: You don't know what I've gone through. You don't know how Derevko thinks. You two can't understand.

    VAUGHN: Yes, I do. Remember, she's the woman who killed my father. But she is providing us with crucial intel, intel that could save Sydney's life.

    KENDALL: Now I advise you to think twice before protesting against Derevko. I assure you, we are doing more than our best to make sure Agent Bristow is safe.

    SYDNEY: (walks in) She provided us with lots of information. We need decryptors, data scramblers, biometrics. It would be impossible to do alone.

    KENDALL: We'll send in a team of five (turns to Vaughn) including you.

    SYDNEY: Five's too much. Two or three'll be fine.

    KENDALL: Okay, you and Vaughn. We'll also send a lookout outside of the building.

    SYDNEY: And because of the security measures, I'm gonna need direct communication with my mom.

    JACK: Sydney, I--

    VAUGHN: That can be arranged. We'll see if op tech can get us ready in time.

    KENDALL: Be prepared to leave within the hour.

    JACK: (walking away with Syd and stops)You know how I fell about you talking to your mom.

    SYDNEY: Dad, I can handle this.

    JACK: I know, I... I know. I just don't want you to get hurt.

    SYDNEY: Dad, I--

    JACK: But I respect and trust whatever decision you have to make. (Sydney smiles appreciatively and walks away, Jack stares at her as she leaves)


    [At a building, the CIA lookout agent is outside in a van, Syd and Vaughn are on the roof]

    AGENT: Sark and FTL are entering the building.

    SYDNEY: Getting into position.

    IRINA: Good luck, Sydney. (Syd and Vaughn stare straight in surprise)

    VAUGHN: (attempting to break feeling of surprise) Are you ready?

    SYDNEY: (pause)Yeah. I'm ready.

    AGENT: On my signal....Go.

    SYDNEY: Going inside the air ducts. We're at the first intersection. Left, right, or straight?

    IRINA: Left. Then take the second right.

    SYDNEY: Second right...okay. Now what?

    IRINA: Take the third left, then go down four floors.

    SYDNEY: ....And then...?

    IRINA: There should be a keypad next to the opening to the room.

    VAUGHN: (timidly) A password to get into a room through an air duct?

    IRINA: We took all security measures that were necessary. The room should have a wooden table.

    SYDNEY: Okay, we're in the room.

    IRINA: Under the table, there's a button. Make sure the halls are empty. Push the button. After seven seconds--exactly seven seconds--open the door and used a keypad decryptor to open the door directly in the room.

    VAUGHN: Ready...(counting silently). Go. (Syd and Vaughn run into next room)

    KENDALL: Status?

    VAUGHN: We're doing fine.

    SYDNEY: We're in. Now what?

    IRINA: By the wall opposite to the door, there's a desk. Inside the last drawer there's a recorder. Use your data scrambler on it. This will disable the surveillance cameras. (Vaughn uses data scrambler) ...Behind the painting to the left of the door, there should be--

    AGENT: (staticy)Something's wrong. The (static) si-nal br--king....D-- (stronger static) here!

    KENDALL: We did not copy. Repeat, we did not copy.

    VAUGHN: ...No answer?...The signal must be completely dead. Should we continue?

    KENDALL: Yes, go on. (looks at Jack, Jack nods approvingly)

    IRINA: Behind the painting, there's about 50 different colored buttons. Press the fourth button on the second row and the seventh button on the third row. They should both be red. Press them simultaneously for three seconds. That will temporarily disarm the motion sensors. (Syd presses buttons, alarm sounds) What went wrong?

    JACK: Get out of there! (Syd and Vaughn run out)

    VAUGHN: (ahead of Syd, turns a corner) Dixon's here. (turns back with Syd)(Syd and Vaughn suddenly stop)

    SARK: You got me arrested in Berlin. (Hits Syd and Vaughn on head with a gun, Dixon peeks around corner)

  2. Azhria Lilu

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    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    Very good!!! (y)

    It sounds just like they would say, esp. Sloane! Exactly what I can hear him say!

    Great job! :)
  3. Oh wow... I'm glad to be here... new fics to read! I love this story so far, its very true to the show! Awesome job.
  4. Mystifying Mermaid

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    Dec 20, 2002
    Deep in the heart of Kansas...
    Still good! :woot: I want more! Now!
  5. Alias

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    Dec 8, 2002
    MORE MORE!!!!
  6. Mystifying Mermaid

    Mystifying Mermaid Ensign

    Dec 20, 2002
    Deep in the heart of Kansas...
    I could seriously use some more J/I tension! *thud*
  7. good. very good. hehe you got me arrested in berlin... *snicker*
  8. alias8000

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    May 26, 2003
    That was really good! MORE MORE!
  9. Scarlet Crystal

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    Dec 30, 2002
    this fanfic is different than the others...
    different isn't always bad... ;)
  10. a.k.a.Kate_Jones

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    Dec 13, 2002
    behind you.
    excellent....*starts clapping*
  11. AliasALIAS

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    I decided not to add the ending. I've started a new fanfic with the solutions put into it. Hopefully it will be finished by Saturday because it indirectly continues The Getaway and Fateless Fate.

  12. Scarlet Crystal

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    Dec 30, 2002
  13. Ilikesloane

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    Dec 12, 2002
    right more I can imagine Sloane saying exactly what you wrote and all the other characters too

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