Favorite Foods

What do you guys like to eat? Are any of you risk takers and try new things, or are you pretty set in your ways?

I myself LOVE just about anything except I don't eat beef. :D
no seafood for me.. though..... I guess fish is o.k sometimes. I like eating foods from all over the world! lol though I love subway vegetarian. Cuz subway meat make me sick I got food poisoned there! lol

I hate Liver! and my friend luvs Liverworst or what ever u call it! sorry to the people who love it.. :(

i'll eat pretty close to anything, with the exception of school food......with dogfood like that you have to be a little picky if you want to go through the entire day w/o getting sick!!
:hi: I stay my way,my favorite 🍕 pizza, :eat: chips:doritos,hamburgers and lots of puertorican food that are only served here like (pastel de pollo,lechon asado y arroz con gandules).Id translate but it sounds weird in english. :smiley: :D


No, please explain! Because chicken pie sounds kind of weird (pastel de pollo). What's in it really?
My favorite food is fetticuine alfredo with chicken and broccoli, and my favorie drink is Sunkist ( I'm addicted, it's really sad, I'm in Sunkist-Anonymous, I'll be ok........ :P )
It's not just chicken, it's like a chicken pot pie with vegetables too. And VERY good, but you'd have to get used to it I guess.

Pad Thai...YUM.