Favorite Harry Potter Book

Which was your favorite book/year of Harry Potter?

  • Year 1~Sorcerer's Stone

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  • Year 2~Chamber of Secrets

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Year 3~Prisoner of Azkaban

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  • Year 4~Goblet of Fire

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  • Year 5~Order of the Phoenix

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  • Year 6~ Half-Blood Prince

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  • Other (a combination of two, tie for favorite...)

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I personally like the 3rd one the best. I'm the biggest Harry Potter fan ever! Lol. I'm obsessed with it as much as I am ALIAS but I have more Harry Potter stuff cause there isn't as much ALIAS stuff out there. I have read all of the HP books 5 times each. 3rd is the best because in the end he doesn't get to Voldemort like in all the rest. It is different. And because of the plot twist too! It is awesome! This is weird cause I'm actually listening to the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack rihgt now! Lol.


April 27th
I haven't been able to re-ead book 5 yet. I just get so angry over it. Plus I left it at my other house (because I had to take the bus home from my houe o t didn't it in my three suitcases).

Four is still my favourite. It's because the book actually shocked me. In PoA I wasn't shocked over anything. But I was surprised that GoF actually killed a student. I never expected that.

So 4 is my fave.


I have to say 5. A lot of people didn't like the ending, but you kind of have to read into it. I used to like the third the best, but I read the fifth several more times, and came to like it better. All these sublties you don't notice the first time pop out at you, and it makes it a much more enjoyable book.

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Vaughnluver said:
I read it in Time Magazine, but its still hard to believe. Come on, richer than the queen?! damn! I think she's worth around $45 million
That may seem like a lot, but the Olsen Twins are worth $300 million. :thud:

Anyways, I've come to the conclusion that PoA is my fave cause I heart Sirius.
it's a tie between the 3rd, 4th and 5th book. i voted other...i think i like the 2nd one the least. of course that one ws very good too, but just not as good as the others... :)
Book 3 is my favourite ... just because I love Sirius :P

In order: ~

1. Prisioner of Azkaban
2. Goblet of Fire
3. Chamber of Secrets
4. Philosopher's Stone
5. Order of the Phoenix
I voted for OOtP, although GoF is a close 2nd :)

Personally, I've never liked Sirius as a character -- too whiny, unstable and rather immature (although I understand why he's that way). As much as I can appreciate what he represented to Harry, I don't think he (S) would have been a great influence on him (H).

But beginning with PoA and then escalating through the last 2 books, the HP universe really took off for me. I *lurve* the Harry!Angst, and the difficult choices that many of the characters have to make. For me, the delicious meat of the story is all Harry, Dumbledore, Snape and Voldemort. The rest are just the flavorful side dishes -- they help to complete the meal, but they don't fill you up :)