Favorite Movies of All Time

Ok, the best movies of all time would have to be:

The Usual Suspects
Calitos Way

the best comedies would have to be:

Dont be a menace to south central when drinking your juice in the hood :lol:
Friday, Next Friday n Friday after next
All bout the benjamins

I like loads of movies, i luv the Matrix n LOTR movies aswell but the usual suspect is one of my all time favourite! Has anyone seen that??
Best Animated: Monsters Inc. (Land Before Time and The Emporer's New Groove get honorable mentions)
Best Action: The Matrix/Speed
Best Romance: The Princess Bride (honorable mention for Ghost)
Best Christmas Movie: A Muppet's Christmas Carol
Best Comedy: O Brother Where art thou/Blazing Saddles/Monty Python and the Holy Grail/Men with Brooms
Best Dance Movie: Save the Last Dance/Dirty Dancing (Strictly Ballroom get's honorable mention, as do the early Fred Astaire&Ginger Rodgers flicks)
Best Sci Fi: Original Star Wars (not the crappy prequels)
Best Movie Overall: AMADEUS!!!!!!
Best Adventure: Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom
Best Sci fi: I hate Si Fi
Best Terror: The Shinning
Best Psychological Thriller: A Clockwork Orange
Best Drama: Amadeus
Best Romance: Gone With The Wind
Best Comedy: Way to many to choose...hmm...When Harry Met Sally, Animal House, AHHH too many.
Best Roamantic Comedy: When Harry Met Sally
Best Epic Film: Amadeus (yet again :cool: )
Best Foreign Movie: Life is Beautiful
Best Independent Film: Good Will Hunting
Best Animated Movie: Beauty and The Beast
Best Musical: Sound of Music
Scariest Movie: The Exorcist
Best Book-movie adaptation: So many to choose! I guess The Godfather
Best stage-movie adaptation: Amadeus
Best biographical movie: Amadeus (lol) and Shindler's List comes in second

Best Movie Overall: Cold Mountain(go see it if you haven't, it's great!)
Best Sci fi: Star Wars: A New Hope(not really that sci-fi but fits into the category)
Best Drama: Cold Mountain
Best Romance:Titanic
Best Comedy:Somethings Gotta Give
Best Roamantic Comedy:How to Lose a Guy in 10 days
Best Animated Movie: Finding Nemo
Best Musical: Moulin Rouge(with a very honorable mention going to The Sound of Music)
Scariest Movie: The Exorcist
Best Book-movie adaptation:Cold Mountain