Favorite MST3K Characters


This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
my new tv package showed a MST3K episode ('Atlantic Rim') recently. I'm inspired to list my fave charax.

1) Joel Robinson. amiable slacker maintaining his humor and humanity in spite of the mental cruelty (forced to watch 'Gamera vs Guiron'!?). Big brother to his bot friends. His eps are still my favorites.
2) Crow T. Robot. Willing participant in the snark. Authored 'The Earth vs. Soup'. Cool design.
3) TV's Frank. Not the first sidekick to sometimes sympathize with the victims.
4) Dr. Clayton Forrester. Evil! Glasses! Mustache! Green outfit! Love it!
5) Tom Servo. Avuncular, verbose, self promoter. Show would not be the same without him.
6) Mike. okay, but I liked Joel better.
7) Gypsy. sweet and supportive background character. Loves her some Richard Basehart.
7A) Cambot. talk about a background character...
7B) Rocket #9. nothing if not versatile.
8) Max, aka New Tv's Frank (new series). meh.
9) Kinga (new series). the bone hairpins make her. what an alpha.
10) Jonah (new series). friendly nonentity. a few more epis maybe he'll grow on me.
11) Doctor Erhardt. more a partner than a minion. Only in the first season. undoubtedly up to something evil.
12) Brain Guy. moderately amusing.
13) Pearl Forrester. boring.
14) Professor Bobo. NOT FUNNY.

I think I got them all.