Favourite place in the world you have been to?


Ahh i know some of you guys are quite young and wont have been on a lads holiday yet but when ya get the chance get your selves to Ayia Napa in Cyprus , best time you'll ever have ;)


I've actually never been out of country but Las Vegas was definitely an experience. Oregon was amazing at the oceanside seeing the Sea Lions !! I'm more of a mountain kinda girl I love the views.


Gold Coast - Australia, went backpacking at 21 with a couple of mates for 4 months from sydney up to Cairns... worked doing odd jobs in bars. Crazy parties lots of drink, and women...... Just the way a holiday should be.

~ SH ~

Wen't back to Norfolk Virginia and took a tour of the naval base and also toured the USS Wisconsin. Also wen't to North Carolina on the coast and toured the USS North Carolina. Great times with my dad.