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According to their site they are closed down due to supplier issues, "all outstanding orders will be filled at the earliest opportunity"
Hey I actually ordered a prop from federation surplus in early november and im still waiting. I get almost no feedback from my emails and I dont see any hope in sight for actually getting my merchandise. Whats your story?


I have made several purchases from Federation Surplus over the past few years, and have had issues with two orders.

The first problem is a tricorder holster ordred over two years ago. The second is a phaser I ordered 8 months ago. I'm still waiting for both.

I've talked to the owner on the phone, had correspondence via e-mail. I don't think he's a crook, and as I said, I've ordered other items from him.

He has told me via e-mail that he was having problems with his electronics supplier (although that doesn't explain the holster).

I've had repeated promises of both items being shipped, and repeated explanations of delays.

Based on my prior experience with Federation Surplus, I believe he will fill his orders, but with the amount of time that's passed for these items, I don't think I'll be buying from him again.

But I wouldn't hold my breath on getting your stuff any time soon.
Thats insane! What the hell kind of way is that to run a business?! Seriously he should be ashamed, this is just sad. He must be the most irresponsible business owner I've ever encountered and Im not sure how he gets any repeat business.


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Sometimes you have to rely on a chain to gain physical deliveries. When promises are made and one of the links in the chain doesn't live up to their word, then the Point Of Sale gets it in the neck.

Personally, I wouldn't sell anything that I didn't stock. Selling products not in your hands when they are physical items is a very difficult way to do business. We've been stung here as a website by a promise form a corporation before and that hurt.
The worst part of this isn't the delay its the uncertainty that the business is still functioning. I never get any of my emails answered by the site so Im not sure if I will ever get my merchandise. Also the merchandise this guy sells isnt cheap. One would think that $500 for a piece of plastic that lights up would be accompanied by excellent customer service, but not only can this guy not get off his butt to make and ship my merchandise he cant be bothered to reply to my emails.


Sadly, after having sent one e-mail back in December indicating that while I don't want to take action, I would; and another again with a deadline of April 23rd, 2008 to either have the items in hand or a full refund, I received no response, no items, and no refund.

And so, earlier today I filed a complaint with my local police department for internet fraud. I didn't want to, but the non-response was the last straw.

Just as an FYI for those who are in the same boat, if you're considering legal action the place to go is your local police department, regardless of what state you live in, for "internet fraud." They'll want proof of payment for the merchandise, copies of any correspondence, and a name/address/phone of the person you're filing a complaint against. Since it's internet fraud, state lines don't affect jurisdiction.

I didn't have his address, but was able to obtain it so I could provide them with all of his information (which, due to privacy legality, I won't provide here - but if you need it, PM me and I can tell you how to find it without fear of legal ramifications).

Best of luck in getting your items, Captain. I've ordered over $2,000.00 worth of items from Federation Surplus in the past, and got them. But this time I'm out over $500, and have decided to let the legal system take over. Sorry to say it, but you may have to, as well.

All the best.
I actually filed a complaint with the internet crime service center, its part of the FBI branch to catch internet criminals. When I get back home to America in July Im also going to file a complaint with the police where I live as well. Its sad that it has to come to this but Brett Jones has no idea how to run a business and what hes doing is criminal. I didn't donate $500 to him, I paid for a service which I never got and for him to not give my money back is theft.
I don't think that law applies here in the US. I actually used paypal and their policy is to not get involved. Seriously they told me I was on my own and they hope I am able to resolve the problem by myself, I felt like replying with "Thanks a lot". Anyway I emailed him and told him if I have $500 to spend on a piece of plastic that lights up I have money to hire a lawyer and see him in court. I honestly don't care if the lawyer costs me much more than the phaser, I just don't want to see Brett Jones get away with this.


I completely agree with you this guy has scammed me out of $800 and thousands out of the rest of us I dont want to see him get away with it. but am not sure what to do as i live in the uk.


I'm not certain about international law with regard to internet fraud, which is how the ICCC defines non-delivery of services or goods. Check with your local authorities and see?

It really is a shame. As I'd said before, I've talked to him, I've had a good business relationship with him over the years, and I am deeply regretful that it has come to this point.

The last e-mail I'd received from him was on 16 March, and nothing after that.

Good luck.
I actually emailed him threatening legal action before I took action to give him a chance and he completely ignored my email. You know what I find really interesting though? There is a forum/journal that Brett Jones and his friends keep online about auctions. If you go on yahoo or google and type in "Federation Surplus Brett Jones" you'll find links reffering to him and things hes bought in Hollywood acutions. The things he buys aren't cheap, they cost thousands....hmm...so he can afford to buy himself prop replicas but can't afford to give us refunds or actually ship promised paid merchandise...that makes sense, if youre a criminal.
I wish I had a phone number or address for him. I've been emailing him on his website email and his youtube email...so far he hasn't replied to either.


I have both a physical address and phone number for him, but because of privacy laws I cannot provide them.

That said, there is a way to legally find the information yourself. It's actually quite simple, but I don't want to say how here on the forum in case he's reading, sees how its done, and removes it. Feel free to PM me if you'd like it, and I will let you know how to find him.
Uileag just out of curiosity have you called him recently or spoken to him? If so what does he tell you? If you haven't called him yet, can you call him on behalf of all of us and ask him what the hell is going on?


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Their contact page is still open if you google to get into that page. Seems they closed the front page down but allowed access to the shop still. And that also means that you can checkout orders, which isn't good. So in any complaint you make you might want to point out the shop is still taking orders on their website if you google in to the shop pages.
Yeah I noticed their page is still open through that side door too. Sadly I placed my order back in November, way before the main page closed down. Anyway I have an update from anyone with an outstanding order. I talked with Alec one of his friends and he assures me that Brett isn't a crook and we should either have our orders filled or get refunds. However, he didn't give me any idea of when he would fill his orders.