Horror Fictional sequel: Not Like Us

It was supposed to be a quiet night in a small town in the Mountain West, but there was a small cabin where a mysterious and suspicious activity was taking place....

Prologue: The Secret Activity
2:30 PM MST, December 16th
Somewhere in the outskirts of Tacoma, Washington St
Hannah's secretive life (I).jpg
Madeline Reeves revealing her true self....

In the outskirts of Tacoma, Madeline Reeves was a redshirt sophomore from the US Air Force Academy's Women's Gymnastics team and had excelled in Floor, Vault and Balance Beam. As she went back home for the Christmas holiday break, Madeline was having a little secret she had been keeping for awhile, she was tired of having to wear human skin all of the time.

Excusing herself to have time alone, Madeline drove all the way to a heavily secluded cabin in the very, very outskirts of town where nobody knew where she was or going and that's how she liked it. After walking inside the underground basement (which was very large), Madeline shed her clothing from head to toe..... then she began to shed her entire human skin, revealing a yucky naked alien underneath "This feels good" she happily exhaled as she continued thoroughly removed all of the human skin......