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Sep 3, 2007
"so wait let me get this straight...i was alive, i was at my own funeral but no one saw me, i was brain washed and thought i was some one else...then i escaped...told you all this and wiped my memory...why?" asked sydney "why would the covenent choose me? why did rambaldi choose me? why extract my eggs? why not my mothers when she was KBG? how could i have been at my own funeral and no one see me? wouldn't my father have sensed me? or vaughn? and why didn't i reveal myself when i saw vaughn? how long did it take before vaughn moved on?"
kendal shot up his arms
"sydney you are going to have to ask should tell vaughn about what you have learnt...about the mission to obtain the labs contents...he deserves to know..." said kendal
sydney nodded

1 hour later
sydney walked into the rotunda and looked for vaughn, she found him at his desk and walked over
"thank god! where have you been, you didnt come in your dad went to see if you were okay...and you werent there and there was broken glass..." said vaughn throwing his arms around her "i was so scared it was like history was repeating itself"
then he saw that sydney had been crying "are you okay?"
"um i need to talk to you" said sydney
vaughn nodded as sydney led him into the corner weiss had dubbed the flirting corner
"Kendal is DSR he abducted me... i'm ok but um he told me the truth about what happened to me...i had told him before i had erased my memory" said sydney "um i was at my funeral"
"what? why didnt you say anything?" asked vaughn "why didnt i see you?"
"Nine months after i disapeared, Kendall recieved a call from me, i had just escaped from The Covenant and wanted to return. i told him everything. After shooting Alison Doren, i had awoken in a van, held captive by a man named Oleg. and he had me tied to a chair, he injected some drug that paralysed me... i could see and hear but i couldnt move or speak... he turned my head so i could see telling me my old life was gone...i was in an orange kombi Oleg explained that Alison Doren had been replaced with Francie's body and that my death had been faked by extracting pulp from my teeth and injecting it into my replacement corpse before burning it. i recognised oleg as the man i killed in hong kong after waking up" said sydney
"we just asumed that that was some surfer! i felt like you were next to me that day...i thought it was because i was greiving but you really were!" said vaughn hugging sydney, tears in his eyes "i should have known"
"its ok but wait it gets worse... i was taken to a Covenant facility, spent six months being brainwashed and murdered a man as a test of loyalty. However, because i had been a part of Project Christmas as a child, a CIA program to train and prepare children for intelligence work. The program contains a failsafe to prevent subjects from being turned. This gave me the ability to withstand brainwashing., i had wanted to escape the covenant but kendall persuaded me to return, lest my friends and family and you be at risk. i resumed the role of Julia Thorne, keeping Kendall informed of my activities. The Covenant had wanted me to obtain information about the Rambaldi cube from Lazarey and then kill him. Instead, i helped fake Lazarey's death." said sydney
"but kendal? why didnt he say anything?" asked vaughn
"he had always been working for Special Research, collecting Rambaldi artifacts and he still believes me to be The Chosen One. The Covenant had wanted both me and the Cube to fulfill Rambaldi's prophecy. i tracked down the Cube to a cave in Namibia, where Lazarey used 12 keys he had collected over 30 years. However, i had to amputate Lazarey's hand, which had become trapped. Kendall had then received a DVD where i explain that i am going to have my memory of the past two years erased so that the location of Rambaldi's DNA can be kept a secret. i also asked Kendall to keep this information secret from me if i return"
"it gets worseabout nine months after i disapeared...i then went to go find you and i saw you..." begun sydney
"why didn't you say something? when?" asked vaughn
"i was in a car and you got out of a car and i went to get out when i kiss lauren" said sydney
"oh god" whispered vaughn
"i felt hurt and betrayed so i wiped my memory sending kendal a video telling him to tell no one i was alive and never to tell me the truth and then i woke up in hong kong" said sydney "but there's more"
"what?" asked vaughn
"you know how i have a scar on my stomach i never had before?" asked sydney showing him the scar
vaughn nodded tracing his finger over the scar
"and you know the page 47 prophecy?" asked sydney
"This woman here depicted will possess unseen marks, signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works: bind them with fury, a burning anger. Unless prevented, at vulgar cost, this woman will render the greatest power unto utter desolation. This woman, without pretense, will have had her effect, never having seen the beauty of my sky behind Mt. Subasio. Perhaps a single glance would have quelled her fire." said vaughn
"they stole something from me..." begun sydney
"wait a minute This woman here depicted will possess unseen marks, signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works...oh god no! thats sick!" said vaughn "they extracted your eggs? the rambaldi was stolen...oh felgercarb they are going to do it tonight!"
"I know" sobbed sydney
"Rambaldi, corupted my mother, killed your father, killed francie and danny, took me away from you and now i can't have kids!" sydney slid down the wall in tears
vaughn knelt next to her
"followers of Rambaldi's prophecy believe that Rambaldi's DNA can be used to fertilize the egg of a surrogate mother, who is referenced in his prophecy as The Chosen One. if they go ahead with it, rambaldi's child would also be mine" sobbed sydney
"marshall tracked the box...our mission is to go and collect all lab contents for analysis and i need you to help me...i know this isnt fair on lauren...but i really need you" said sydney
"of course i'm comming" said vaughn

2 hours later vaughn and sydney walked into the lab that was more of a shrine, vaughn shot all the guards while sydney boxed everything up
"ok we are clear" said vaughn walking over to sydney "are you ok?"
"Not really" said sydney putting the test tubes in the container while vaughn went and packed the files
"syd come and look at this" said vaughn
sydney walked over and vaughn showed her a file
"male...13 months old...born 4/7/02...mother Sydney Bristow...Father CIA...Green eyes...brown hair...oh my god" said sydney "status covenent custody...we have a son"
vaughn sat down
"you were pregnant when you got taken?" asked vaughn
"i didn't know" whispered sydney "i had no idea...we have to find him!"
"we will i promise you...we will find him...but right now we have to get all this back to the cia" said vaughn
sydney nodded

back on the plane
"i can't believe we have a son...i always imagined that when i got pregnant...we would be would talk to and kiss my stomach each day...that you would come to every appointment...that we would paint the nursery together...that i would have the baby naturally...and watch them grow up together i never thought that you would be married to someone else...that the covenent would be raising the child or that i wouldnt remember the fact that i was even pregnant!" sobbed sydney
"Laurens covenent" whispered vaughn "she's the mole, she was tasked by the covenent to seduce me and marry me so that they could monitor me so i'd never find out the truth...she used my grief...i hate her...i got the marriage enolled this morning...laurens in custody"
"How did you find out?" asked sydney
"i caught her in bed with sark who told me everything" said vaughn "i am so sorry that i moved on so quickly that i married her ...and i am going with you"
sydney hugged vaughn
"syd i know this is a lot right now...and you have every reason no to trust me...but syd do you think we could ever get back to the way we were?" asked vaughn "If you need time thats ok"
sydney took vaughn's left hand in her hand and slid off his ring and chucked it over her shoulder before kissing him
"yes but i need time" said sydney then it struck her "oh god...before i left we were talking about getting married and starting a family...i can't have kids any more"
sydney burst into tears
"shh its gonna be ok...wait hang said the eggs could be inserted into any surrogate right?" asked vaughn
sydney nodded
"why can't they be inserted wih my sperm and then inserted into you?" asked vaughn "i know its not natural but..."
"yes i want to bt we have to find our son first" said sydney "vaughn how many ubes are there?"
"18" answered vaughn
"take out 3 and put them in your pocket" said sydney "we will put them in the freezer at home til we are ready"
vaughn nodded
"wait you just said 'at home' whoose house?" asked vaughn
"our house" smiled sydney
vaughn smiled kissing sydney

Okay i will write more some time after christmas!


Sep 3, 2007
sydney and vaughn walked hand in hand into the rotunda, vaughn squeezed sydneys hand reassuingly
"we'll find him syd" whispered vaughn
sydney and vaughn walked over to Jack and Dixion
"how'd you go?" asked dixion
"uh we found 15 vials, all of which were handed into anaylsis and several files, but this one caught our eye" said vaughn handing it over to dixion
dixion read it then ushered them all into the debrief room
"jack tell them what you just told me" said dixion
"sydney as you know during the time you were missing your mum was helping me find you, she contacted me just after you left saying she had intercepted a transmission recarding the chosen one's legacy...there was to be an exchange on the black market the boy in exchange for rambaldi artifacts" said jack "your mother went to the meet and managed to rescue the boy, she's at my house with him now,"
sydney gasped and went to leave when jack stopped her
"sydney he's not a healthly child, he isn't eating solids, he's melnourished, extremly thin, and small for his age, he ws in rags and filthy when your mother saved him...before you go andget him go to the baby shop and buy clothes, toys, a cot, pram, baby seat and other things, you wont be able to breast feed him, he's past will then stay at my house, with vaughn because the covenent is no doubt looking for him" said jack
sydney and vaughn nodded
"what is his name?" asked vaughn
"i thought it fitting to call him danny" said jack
"thankyou dad" said sydney
sydney and vaughn left leaving dixion and jack alone

sydney and vaughn walked out into the underground carpark and walked towards their car when sydney hugged vaughn bursting into tears
"they found him" she sobbed "they found our son"
vaughn held onto her and whispered
"he's safe now"
"we should go and get some things for dads place, like a pram, a porta cot, a portable highchair, some clothes and blankets and toys...he should stay there with us until its safe well safer...then we need some stuff for home, a big cot one that changes into a bed, a highchair, two car seats, another pram, lots of toys and clothes" raved sydney
"syd stop its okay, we'll go and get the stuff for jacks first...then we can go and meet our son" whispered vaughn
"wait do you mind that they called him Danny?" asked Sydney
"i think its perfect and for the middle name Francis... Daniel Francis William vaughn" said Vaughn
"francis as in Francie? and william as in Will and..." begun sydney
"and my father" said vaughn
"its perfect" smiled sydney
"come on lets go and meet our little boy" said vaughn

one hour later vaughn and sydney pulled up outside jacks house and sydney sighed
"what if he doesn't like me, i mean what if its like when a baby animal is abandoned and the first thing they see they register them as their mother...what if he's attached to mum?" asked sydney
"syd he's gonna love you...your his mum, and i dont about you but i really want to meet him" said vaughn
"wait! the vials where are they?" asked sydney
"in the esky in the back" smiled vaughn
"and the toys did we make sure they didnt have led paint i mean maybe we should get marshal to analyse them...nappies we dont have any nappies! and clothes i didnt bring any clothes for us! and should we tell your mum that shes a grandmother? and god parents i would hav wanted francie and will to be god parents so how about two god fathers will and weiss and maybe carrie as a godmother?" asked sydney
"syd your rambling" smiled vaughn
"im nervous!" laughed sydney
vaughn squeezed her hand
"your gonna be great!" he smiled

sydney and vaughn walked up the stairs and knocked on the door
irina opened the door and smiled throwing her arms around sydney
"Syd! your alive" she smiled "I never thought i'd see you again!"
"Hi Mum" smiled sydney
irina then hugged a very awkward vaughn
"come inside its cold" she smiled
sydney and vaughn walked in
"do you want to meet him?" asked irina
sydney nodded
"wait, I want to know how you found him" said vaughn
"fair enough...when i was hlping jack to find sydney using my contacts i set up bugs with tag words 'sydney bristow cia chosen one rambaldi irina dereko' and if the bugs picked any of these words i would know, jack hadn't even told me about the mission or the fact that sydney knew the truth...i heard a transmission saying that their contacts had revealed that the cia knew about the eggs and the rmanbaldi tissue and that the chosen ones legacy was to be exchanged on the black market...michael they said that they had heard about the mission through taps in the cia planted by lauren reed your wife" said irina "did you know she was covenent?"
"not until this morning when i caught her in bed with julian sark" said vaughn bitterly "now keep going about the exchange"
"ok...i went to the meeting place with a box that was empty i had planned to lie saying that their was a rambaldi artifact inside but i never got the chance when i got there the boy was alone and i saw the green eyes and chin and knew he was my i didnt hesitate of course jack insisted we test his dna and he is our grandson, we didnt have your dna but we assume he is your child michael" said irina looking at sydney
"theirs been noone else" confirmed sydney "Please can we meet him?"
irina nodded and came back with a boy wrapped in a blanket, jack hadn't been kidding, the boy was underweight, had brusies on his head, looked under developed and very underfed
"do you want to hold him?" asked irina
sydney nodded as irina handed danny over
"im gonna give you a few minutes i'll be in the kitchen if you need anything" said irina
vaughn and sydney sat down on the couch with danny

authors note: I know there have been others stories about a kid of sydneys being rescues by irina but this is completly different...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Sep 3, 2007
sydney held danny in her arms while vaughn stroked his hair
"he's so perfect" whispered sydney tears in her eyes "how can some one so small and perfect have gone through so much in such a little amount of time?"
"shh its ok...he's safe now" whispered vaughn "hello Danny Francis William Vaughn, i'm your daddy"
"and i'm your mummy" whispered sydney "its not gonna be easy, but we are going to protect you"
"yeah if any bad guys come after you, Spy mummy, Spy Daddy and Spy Gramps will protect you" smiled vaughn
"have you ever seen anything so perfect?" asked sydney
"only you" smiled vaughn
sydney laughed they were one big happy family
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