Film student urgently needs your help.

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I am currently studying at London Film School and I am desperate for your help. My group have been tasked with imaging a sci fi action sequence for a film and I have landed the 250,000,000 dollar blockbuster Scenario. I must divise and plan and cost a 15 minute sequnce for a 250,000,000 blockbuster and explain how I believe it will enhance the film and crucially the box office and award aspirations. understandably I have turned to sci fi literature (which is allowed) but am finding myself a little overwhelmed. I am asking therefore that some of you take the time to offer a few suggestions, it can be a space battle, any kind a physics bending (ie folding Paris in half in Inception, bullet dodging the Matrix) or anything else you can suggest. I am ideally looking for something that has not been done in film before and would represent a major challenge to the Fx team.Thankyou to any of you who are able to help:)


read John Varleys... Ophuchi Hotline. You can make a pretty amazing sequence based on the symbiont space suits.... of course its full of ideas as well.