Firefox 4 ~I dont like it

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An Old Friend
I have been skyping with a friend that has firefox 4 and I dont like it.

All the headers are gone and it looks a lot like google chrome.
I have noticed that there is no bookmark manager available.
We tried to share my bookmarks and I sent him the file but there is no way to import the HTML file so they show up as bookmark folders. He can open the file as a single page but cannot incorporate the file as bookmarks.

I also cant find history and the hotkeys are not working like they used to.
I probably wont get the FF4 until I learn more about it.

I am still trying to figure it out so IF I discover how to do this I will update this topic accordingly.

Is anyone here using Firefox 4 and do you like it?
Using the Linux version. The Home button moved to the wrong side which seemed a bit silly to me, plus no Reload button, so have to right click in the webpage to get that option.

Aside from that, everything else is there that I need after tweaking the options, the browser is faster than before, although you have to make sure you remove any other installed beta copies or you suffer what appears to be a undetectable memory leak seizing your computer.
I got my bookmarks onto his browser but just the bit I have seen looks alot like google chrome. I can use chrome but its not my favorite interface.

I downloaded IE9 on a win update but haven't looked at it yet.

How is FF4 toolbars, customizations and special searches?

Is there a way to get the command bar back?

idk, it just seems like its a different browser from what I like.
Since I dont have issue with speed and I have memory usage under control I guess I'll hold on to version 3.6.16 a bit longer.
tbh, I don't customise FF much.

Visually I keep the main command menu row up (file/edit/view/etc) add to the search box with dictionary and thesaurus options, then have a row of RSS feeds under that. Addons limited to: image zoom, flashblock, adblock+, flash aid, downthemall, netvideohunter.
Here is a random screenshot of my FF setup I have in a PB account.
Sure about that? Should be a circular looking arrow to the right of the URL text box.

Not on the version I've got for Ubuntu! Firefox 4.0.1 canonical 1.0

Back and Forwards are to the left of the URL bar, Home to the right of the search engine box. No Reload, and in the forums people talk about the lack of one too, saying it's a progression, in that no one needs it anymore really. The Open New Tab/Window on right clicking hyperlinks is reversed now too, needing to change my way of thinking.

I was running 3.6 again till I started getting the dreaded "assertion node" error with RSS feeds in the bookmark toolbar, so I've just had to upgrade to 4.0.1 again.

It sure does take up a hellofalot of memory. I know that much.

As to the memory issue, I have used a program called Airulus to use swapfile memory in my RAM, and with 2.5gigs I have enough to do everything without lagging except when you look in your task manager and see the plug-in container that sucks RAM, when you've got Flash on the page. Roll on HTML5!! Bye bye Adobe's resource hog hopefully. Unless the alternative sucks RAM too.
i like firefox, i like opera better, but, opera just doesn't cut it on quite alot of websites

i like my brousers as minimal as possible without loosing functionality

Yeah, I get the impression that most web designers test their sites on firefox the most, so the CSS always works out on it. Contrast it to IE, which has sooo many CSS issues, even in the latest versions, and so a lot of sites don't look right. Opera/Safari is sort of in between afaik.
i also use firefox and it is great i think as i never used google chrome ,i think i should try first then comment on it, but firefox never irritated me so it never force me to switch ;)