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Japanese astronaut caught mooning at Chinese astronauts

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Un gesto "obsceno" desde la ISS reaviva las iras chinas y el conflicto con Japón - Naukas


A gesture "obscene" from ISS Chinese revives the anger and conflict with Japan
By aberron and Alpoma theDecember 28, 2012 NEWS MEDIA 26 COMMENTS
- Warning: This entry was a joke for the day December 28 . -

The image you see on these lines appears every Wednesday to flat on the covers of the Chinese press and someone may seem humorous, but has caused a diplomatic conflict and an escalation of tension that can be fatal. For now, a few hours have passed and the Chinese authorities have summoned the Japanese ambassador, Masato Kitera, to demand an explanation for the incident and not repeat the anti-Japanese demonstrations , such as those already in autumn lived all over the country. But what is the reason for so much anger?

According to the newspaper says China Daily , the photograph shows the dome of the International Space Station and what is seen with some difficulty ( click to enlarge ) is the Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide showing her buttocks from one of the windows of the station. The image, according to official sources quoted by Chinese newspapers, was taken from one of the automatic cameras Chinese space station Tiangong-1 on November 13, 2012, date on which the two space stations in orbit crossed, about 330 -360 km altitude over the Chinese province of Zhejiang. And more seriously, to the Beijing government, is that Hoshide was making the gesture while flying over Chinese territory .

What fit of madness could carry Hoshide to do that? The thing that makes sense is known as the context. According to Chinese media, the Japanese astronaut would have made ​​this gesture of contempt on Chinese soil in full escalation of tensions over the disputed Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea. The conflict between the two countries over the sovereignty of these islands flared last September, when the Japanese government bought from a private owner three islands of the archipelago , sparking numerous protests in several Chinese cities and a succession of incidents, such as sending patrol and fighter jets to the area. According to the version of China Daily , astronaut Akihiko Hoshide have made ​​this gesture of despair thinking that he did in private and while holding a conversation with people in their home environment.

Although the paper does not mention it, so detailed knowledge of the activities of the astronauts on the ISS always confirm what has been suspected from other agencies such as NASA and ESA and JAXA: that the Chinese authorities are spying in detail the activity of space station, to the point communications intervene . Why photographs have come now if they were taken in November? The Chinese authorities say they have been processing the material thoroughly and that so far no evidence has confirmed them "with certainty" that it is Hoshide. Some analysts, like Simon Denyer , the Washington Post , suspect that this is a very opportune time - after the election of Xi Jinping as the new leader of the Chinese Communist Party and once settled in office, to resume their offensive on the islands Diayou , you have discovered large deposits of oil.

The issue, in any case, seems out of hand and the consequences are unpredictable. Hours before the news of the "bald" made ​​from the windows of the ISS, for example, an editorial in the official daily "Global Times" called on the Chinese government "retaliation" against Japan if it were "provocations" and even raised the possibility of a future war between the two Asian powers. And the owner of opening China Daily earlier today read like this: "A Japanese astronaut Chinese defiles the honor from the international station" .

For the Chinese, the issue is no longer simply the sovereignty over the islands which were forgotten for many years, but an issue of national pride. For some time the Chinese see American and Japanese have played dirty in their alliance against their interests and may want to bring the conflict to a little beyond keeping out other countries with territorial claims on its borders. The Japanese government says it is considering a response and the new Secretary of State, John Kerry , right now traveling to the area to quell tempers.

Of course, if a guy showing his ass cause the Third World War , mankind could put a finishing touch to his imbecility in the history books.

More info on China Daily . Via: Business Insider