first thing!

Sabella said:
Yeah hands, piano players hands :P But anyway yeah eyes, you can see everything from them! ;)

I agree completly! Well thats not the first thing I look for, but if I know he plays the piano, then I am alittle more interested than I was before I knew he could! ^_^

But I put serious thought into this question, and really I can not seem to narrow down what is the best. So I guess its a specialized package I look for. That would include: (in no particular order)

Eyes(I can seriously melt when confronted with beautiful eyes)

Hands(the aforementioned piano hands) I seriously developed a crush on this not so great looking guy I just met because I saw him play the piano and the way his hands were moving I was you want my number! haha ^_^

Grin(actually I think this is number one! And not a smile, smiles do not cut it for me, it has to be a grin. If you have a problem differentiating the two, refer to peter pan(i know im odd!) but he has a grin. Mischievious and playful yet completly manly at the same time, it just makes me want to jump him and break into girly giggle mode!

Nose(not so much I notice a good one, I notice a bad one and keep it has to be not too large, very VERY particular in that area)

~Now that I am reading what interests me, I have now realized why I can never find a guy that a)meets this criteria and b) is interested in me after talking to me for five minutes

That is why chocolate and sappy chick flicks are my best friends! ;)