adds Science Fiction Channel with Alpha Planet series

The Online TV Network ( is a new online television network aimed at internet and mobile viewers, and we just added a Science Fiction channel to feature great sci-fi web series from independent producers.

To kick off the channel, the popular “Alpha Planet” web series will be shown. “Alpha Planet” chronicles the survival of post-apocalyptic human civilization in the year 2256, when earth’s remaining population must subsist in outer space by living aboard the A.R.C. refuge ship. Nearly 250 years have passed since Earth was inhabited and supplies aboard the ship are running low. In search of a solution, four explorers are sent back to Earth to determine if the planet has healed sufficiently to once again support life. Among the dry, empty and desolate landscape, the crew discovers a young woman, alive, indicating the entire human race was not eradicated in the apocalypse. Now the explorers must determine where she came from, who else is alive, and assess if there is hope for the rest of human civilization. was launched in 2011 by Gary Kleinman who was with the Walt Disney Studios for 23 years. Check it out. If you're a web producer, you can contact at:
I like the concept of trying to replicate "channels" onto a web interface to organize what category shows fall under, but the animated GIFS in the website are a big turnoff to me. There is a reason animated elements are typically limited to banner ads: They are annoying and distracting.

One other thing: I do not see any kind of terms and conditions, nor do I see anything about how the user's content remains under their own copyright. Copyright is always in effect of course, but to have the website dictate explicitly, without requiring the user to sign up, what exactly transpires legally would go a long way to making the site feel more legit. Right now, it just seems like a huge advertisement site more interested in selling producers stuff than actually showcasing their work. If I'm missing where this is please direct me to the proper page detailing what I'd like to know.

I'm skeptical, but anyways, thanks for sharing and I might consider submitting my work there later (I'm still working on episode 4 of my series.)
Thanks for you input! We're still experimenting a bit with the interface, trying to find the cleanest, most concise way to communicate which shows are on each channel. Note that is not a YouTube type of video sharing site where videos can be self-uploaded. operates more like a television network with a carefully selected slate of high quality shows, much like a "prime time" schedule. As such, there are 10 channels, and each channel has a maximum of 6 episodes at any given time. That means that every show is showcased and in the "spotlight" -- never buried among thousands and thousand of clips.

The terms and conditions can be found under the link, "Submit Your Show or Idea" at the top-right of the screen. If we feel your show is a good fit for, we will offer you a distribution agreement which details how your show would be used and how you would be compensated. Distribution agreements can vary slightly based on the relationship we establish with the producer, and some of the terms may be individually negotiated. Note that we need a minimum of 4 episodes to launch a series, with episodes running 8 to 15 minutes each.

The online store for each series is simply one of the potential revenue streams to help the producer generate income and/or offset production costs.

Hope that helps for now. We appreciate your input -- please let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks!