Fish Keeping

Do we have any people here who keep fish?

I have kept fish for a number of years, started off with Goldfish, as most of us do, then moved onto Betta fish and now i am keeping Warm Water fish.

Recently got myself a decent tank and started to get some warm water fish, will share some pics soon, but it's very fun.

I also went out and purchased another Betta, he was in a small container so i got him a 12L tank, they normally have half a liter so it is a big improvement. Just gotta get some live plants in there and he will be good.

What sort of fish do you keep?


My parents for years have kept fishes in their tanks, Oscars are one of my dad favourites.
Betta... my brother has or at least used to have one, it lasted a while.

Myself I am interested but I have never started on my own, I'd like to try with sea kind of fishes, for a change.
I have a pond out in my yard that holds about ten fish and a big frog. I used to have a gold fish (ironically it was golden) named Laritia, but then it died.