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Five Questions You Would Ask An Alien Visitor

Discussion in 'Books' started by Tom, May 23, 2008.

  1. Tom

    Tom An Old Friend

    Dec 6, 2004
    Gulf Coast
    I got the idea for this from clipmarks. Here is what I wrote: Actually the first one is tongue in cheek

    Where are your wimen?
    Where is yer booze?
    Can I drive your ship?
    What do you got under the hood?
    What kinda mileage do you get with that thing?


    In a more serious attitude;
    If it were possible to even communicate with them

    1. What is the secret of faster than light travel?
    2. What is your primary source of energy?
    3. What frequency and method is used for communication with other civilizations?
    4. What is the most important resource in the civilized galactic community?
    5. What is the most common relative size of the civilizations in the galactic community?

    In Depth:
    1. Due to the vast distances of star systems a visiting lifeform must have developed a way to cross those distances. Asking the first question may bring about advances in propulsion or dimentional manipulation. At the very least it could answer whether faster-than-light travel is possible.
    2.A lifeform capeable of interstellar travel will obviously have an energy source that is not locked up in their planetary resources. Their source of power will be replenishable in the voids of interstellar space and will likely be extremely efficient.
    3. The intergalactic phone book will enable us to communicate with the network of civilizations that have not been able or interested in visiting us. Communication in real time across the vast distances will enable us to tap the galactic database for research and development of new technologies.
    4. Knowing what has value in the galactic community will tell us what resources we have that are potential bartering power and what we may be invaded for. It will also create a new wealth system that is inline with the galactic community.
    5. Are we tiny in comparison to the galactic norm? Are we giants? If we are inducted to the galactic community will our devices and resources fit? What if the majority of the lifeforms in the galaxy are 20 ft tall or the size of ants?

    So, What 5 Questions would you ask?
  2. Gronicus

    Gronicus Ensign

    Feb 10, 2005
    in a sculpture studio
    I liked question 5. In fact I liked them all, but size is an interesting concept. What if they are even smaller, let's say the size of microbes. One might say that something that size would not be able to think but that means thinking in the "normal" sense of the word. I've often (maybe sometimes) had the feeling that we're really only vehicles for microbes that live within us, such as viruses, etc . . .

    Another question I might ask is their concept of religion and or creation and of the forces that control nature.

    What do you think of "the self?" might be an interesting question, and their relationship to "others." My own philosophy comes into play here in that I've believe for many years that there is only one living being on Earth, and that all and everything are related to everything, trees and grass as cousins, and all humans as one being, yet divided physically and isolated by that physical separation. Yet all come from the same original source. There really is no "other." Rather the idea of separateness is one of concept and a "practical" reality which encourages separation. I don't mean to imply that we're not individuals, with differences - we are, but I can also sense the pressence of the architype in humanity, indeed in all animal life.

    And, of course, there's always the thought that "life" is a "freak" of nature and only exists in its present form here and now. Of course as we learn more of chemistry and DNA that seems like a far fetched possibility. I hope I live long enough for some radio broadcasts to filter through the "Aether" into our radio telescopes.

    What do you think of us, Earthlings, I'd ask.

    "What is the nature of space itself?" I'd ask. Someone once answered my question that "space" is nothing. "So," I said, "When we travel through space we travel through nothing? But there's so much of it, nothing, that is."

    "But it's a vacuum," he said.

    "So, what's a vacuum? It isn't just nothing. Nothing is something." Now, fortunately we're talking about dark matter and multiple dimensions and that's getting more interesting. When was a young child I think I could get to some of those dimensions but as I got older I lost that ability and couldn't get there anymore. I guess you could call it imagination, but sometimes I wonder. And then, of course there are dreams, which are a separate reality in themselves.

    "But they're only dreams," a friend said.

    "Yes," I replied, "Only electronic images as we sleep, but then again isn't all thought electronics. So, what is "real" and what is imagined. Isn't everything we think a simulation of reality. How can we know reality if we can't be a part of it, only sense it with our "crude" sensors?

    "And so it goes . . . "

    Regards and thanks for the questions.

  3. Tom

    Tom An Old Friend

    Dec 6, 2004
    Gulf Coast
  4. Tim

    Tim Creative Writer

    Jan 16, 2005
    1) Do you come in peace?
    2) You aren't being chased by other dangerous aliens are you?
    3) Are we invited to the Galactic wotsit finally?
    4) How soon will it be before you guys resolve our power, food and health needs?
    5) What will it cost us?
  5. Kevin

    Kevin Code Monkey Staff Abductee

    Mar 20, 2004
    1) Where did you come from?
    2) What's it like there?
    3) Can a human survive there?
    4) In harmony or life as a lab rat?
    5) Can I hitch a ride back with you guys?
  6. Gronicus

    Gronicus Ensign

    Feb 10, 2005
    in a sculpture studio
    Answers from Liam (9 years old from Mountain Laurel Sudbury School)

    1. You're not actually invading us, are you?
    2. How far ahead of us are you in technology?
    3. What can you do to us?
    4. Have you gone through global warming?
    5. Where are you from?
  7. Gronicus

    Gronicus Ensign

    Feb 10, 2005
    in a sculpture studio
    When I asked 9 year old Liam about the "alien" questions he responded with his answers (above) Then he came to me and asked if he would write a story. He doesn't write very well so he dictated and I transcribed the story as seen below.


    There is a country on a planet three galaxies away from Earth. Humans live there. The humans made their own countries. One of them was in a forest. They did not like their own country very much. In fact the way they dealt with things was making mini-armies that would fight each other. Every army wanted a different thing. There would always be a fight going on in that country. Except once when an evil villain wanted to take over the galaxy. He found a“mutating energy.” He mutated people to be soldiers in his army. One country was left unconquered. It was the one that fought each other to the death.

    It was an eight way war. That country’s name was: “Doom” The country “Doom” had seven armies. All seven of the armies were completely different; they fought and they fought. Eventually the country “Doom” decided this can’t go on any longer. “For three centuries now we’ve been killing one another. Let’s forget our differences for another century or so. And hope we don’t get conquered.”

    The countries leader, Fred said, “How are we going to settle our differences?” One of the armies suggested that their new way would be splitting between all seven of the armies. Fred said, ‘I want to join this new army. We shall fight.”

    So they blew up the evil dude, except all the buildings had fallen. The lakes, the rivers, the oceans were poisoned. Fred said, “Now what are we gonna do?”

    One of the troops in the army said, “You’re not much of a leader. I say we get rid of you.” The country made Fred an outcast. Fred said, “I’m doomed.”

    Now the country did not know what to do so they thought and they thought. Soon they were the last country left on the planet. The found the energy that the evil dude had and they also figured out that the evil dude’s name was “Dude.” Then a bunch of plants came alive and horribly mutated the humans. One thousand years later the countries came back. There was a struggle about what to do with the mutated country people who were basically cavemen with guns. One of the countries found the last member of the country who wasn’t mutated. They found Fred.

    Fred said, “I found a way to live. It might cure you.”

    The country said, “We don’t want to go back. We’re better at fighting this way.”

    “You should at least have chance to choose,” Fred said.

    The country said, ‘Nope! We like it this way.”

    “All of the countries on this planet will kill all of you if you don’t go back.”

    The country said, “Okay.”

    - THE END

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