Flies that are Spies


An Old Friend
Insect 'spies' fitted with video camera implants

By Sophie Borland
Last Updated: 8:01am GMT 06/03/2008

Scientists are creating real-life "flies-on-the-walls" by fitting insects with special implants that enable them to be used as spies.
Who's watching you? Insects will be fitted with tiny cameras to be used as spiesThe creatures are being installed with special electrodes, batteries and even video cameras that enable them to be remote-controlled and used for surveillance.
The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is currently experimenting by inserting tiny brain probes into insects such as moths and beetles whilst they are still in the pupa stage.
As the creature develops, the implants are naturally incorporated into their body enabling them to send back information to a central computer.
The insects, known as "cyborgs", are thought to have many benefits over robots as they would be almost indistinguishable from any other animal.