Fantasy Flora & Ulysses (2021) Super Squirrel


An Old Friend

Flora & Ulysses (2021) m lawler a hannigan b schwartz 6.4

An imaginative and creative 10-year old cynic never could have predicted that her little squirrel would be born anew as a superhero and have the uncanny knack for helping her and the lovable but broken people in her life.

Such and enjoyable family movie.
Skwirlinator approves!
Kevin, I know how you love animal movies. If you haven't seen this yet, put it on your que. Mrs Kevin and you should enjoy this lil romp. Ulysses is cute as cute can be and Willow (from Buffy) is fun to watch too!


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You're right, @Tom, this is the kind of movie that I can watch with Mrs. Kevin! 👍 Even though it's aimed at a younger audience the preview seems like something that'd still be a fun watch for us. 🍿