For Better or Worse


Feb 19, 2007
Great start to this story. I hope they work everything out quickly (though I have a feeling it will take a while...)


Mar 23, 2004
Sydney and Vaughn need some time together. Sydney is realizing that she was being selfish going away on her own. However, I did notice when she was thinking of just that she very quickly procrastinated- the time frame seemed to move away. The weekend changing from a nice getaway for the two of them to having Henry spend a night or two at the grandparents while they stay at home and just sleep.

I think Sydney has forgotten what it means to spend quality time with her husband.



Jun 21, 2004
Oh man.
I hope they can figure this out and fix this.
Otherwise he is going to be the cause of a lot more than just sleep depravation.


Jan 6, 2003
Chapter 6
Saturday morning, Sydney awoke after thirteen blissful hours of uninterrupted sleep feeling more rested than she had in months. Though one full night of sleep could not even come close to making up for the months she missed, it certainly was a help. Sitting up in bed, though she was still slightly groggy, she felt as though she could run a marathon then and there, and the thought that she would get yet another full night of sleep that evening energized her even more.

As she was contemplating what to do that morning, guilt began to creep over her once more. For one of the few times in her life since her marriage, she was waking up without her husband beside her. The only other times that happened were when one of them was on a business trip, or to sick and miserable to move from the downstairs couch. Never had they fought and not gone to bed in the same room; though they fought rarely, they always enforced their ‘don’t go to sleep angry’ policy. That morning was the first morning in over twelve years that Sydney woke up in bed without her husband because she chose to go away without him, and it broke her heart.

She tried to forget about how nauseous she was feeling from guilt (and perhaps a little bit of that nausea was from her dinner of chips and a taco the previous evening) as she brushed her teeth, but it did not work. She went down and ate a light breakfast in the hotel’s café, all the while wondering what Michael and Henry were eating for their breakfast. Shaking these thoughts from her mind, she decided a walk outside on that crisp October morning would be just the thing for her.

Immediately upon stepping outside the inn, she was awed at the beautiful shades of amber, goldenrod, and cranberry beginning to creep into the foliage of the trees surrounding the lake. They were almost too vivid to be realistic; it seemed as though someone had hung a painting there instead. She only wished her trip there had been a few weeks later, so that she could view the colors in all their glory. Dressed in a sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers, she was comfortable in the outdoor climate. Though the air was on the cooler side, the sun was very warm and kept her from being chilled as she strolled down to the lake.

Standing at the waters edge, her feet resting atop the smooth stones that were once part of the lake’s bed, Sydney was reminded of the last time she and Michael were in that very spot. They stood right there, gazing out at the sparkling crystal waters, goofy grins spread across their face. They kissed and hugged one another before Michael scooped up Sydney over his shoulder and threatened to toss her in the chilly water. She squealed, pounded her fists into his back and earned her ticket back to the ground by throwing in the ‘you wouldn’t do that to the woman carrying your child, would you?’ line. Of course, Michael set her back down after this before laying a kiss on her that most likely made the other people standing around the lake very uncomfortable. Sydney, who was usually not a fan of public displays of affection, did not care, though; she loved her husband and she did not care who knew – or saw - it.

For the remainder of that glorious weekend the two parents-to-be were inseparable. They were always physically attached somehow, most of the time holding hands, even if they were just watching television in their hotel room. Occasionally, Michael would reach over and pat Sydney’s belly just below her belly button. Of course at just barely seven weeks pregnant, that area of her body was still perfectly flat and toned. Yet, Michael still held his hand there, as though he was trying to feel the tiny life growing inside. As he did this, they would smile and steal a chaste kiss, never feeling happier in their whole lives combined.

Tears stung her eyes as Sydney remembered such a happy time. Thinking about him and how much she loved him, she could not stand it any longer. She took a moment to compose herself before reaching into her pocket, pulling out her cell phone and dialing home. Michael answered on the second ring, Sydney said hello, and with just that one word Michael knew she was crying.

“Syd are you okay?” he asked with utmost concern.

“No, yeah, I’m fine I just… I miss you,” she told him with a sniff. “Could you come up here? Please? Could you take Henry to your parents or mine and come up here and stay with me? Please, I really want you here.”

“Um, yea,” he paused for a moment before continuing. “Yeah, I’ll pack up Henry and my stuff and I’ll call you when I’m on the road, okay?”

“Okay,” she said, exhaling with relief. “Okay thank you, thank you.”

“Of course…I’ll talk to you in a bit,” he said. With that, he hung up. Sydney hung up as well, wiping her cheeks dry with her free hand. She stood there for a moment, finally feeling free of her guilt, before she realized that her appearance was most likely dreadful. If Michael was driving all the way up to The Lakeside Inn to be with her at her request, the least she could do was shower and put on something that was not stained. Even if it was her weekend of relaxation, she still needed to do something that would make her feel a bit more human.

She was about to rush back inside and jump right in the shower, until she remembered that Michael would be calling her back when he was on the road. Obviously, she could not answer her cell phone while scrubbing her hair, so she had to wait until Michael called her back, which was not until twenty minutes later. Of course, at that time he still had a good solid hour drive ahead of him before he reached the inn, giving her more than enough time to shower, dry her hair and make herself at least reasonably presentable for her husband.
Dec 5, 2006
Yay the guilt finally broke her down! Michael is coming!!! Hope all goes well with the couple and they get some much needed lovin in. :shamefullyembarrased:


Dec 17, 2002
What a nice weekend this will turn out to be! They can sleep in until like 11am :)

I am soooo jealous!!!... I have two toddlers and my youngest only sleeps in until 6am! :( / :)
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