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For Love of Vaughn

Discussion in 'General' started by Blackavar, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. Blackavar

    Blackavar Captain

    Feb 26, 2003
    Hello, this is my first fanfic. Sorry if it seems a little long, but I have kind of a problem with that...when I write, I write a lot. I think it all worked out pretty well though, so in my oppinion it's pretty good. If your going to read it please respond. I'd like to have some feedback.


    “Well, Ms. Bristow? How are you?” Sydney’s captor asked in a sly voice.

    “Shut up.” Syd replied simply.

    “Hm, too bad your CIA team couldn’t keep up that act with SD-6 agents a little
    longer. We’ve got you, and your father’s on the way.”

    Yesterday Sydney Bristow was a sucessful spy for the U.S. government, but early
    this morning she had been aggressed upon by Mark Garner, a man who claimed to
    be working for The Alliance directly. As soon as he had found her he barred her
    movement and, as most of her past captors have done, bombbarded her with
    question after question about who she worked for. She hadn’t said a word about
    the CIA, and only spoke of her life of work for a bank, but he did not beleive a word
    that came out of her mouth. Now she was tied up in the back of a large sports
    utility vehicle, and still he was asking questions and denying answers, even as he
    drove down the long roads ahead.

    “Here we are,” he said as he pulled to a stop in front of a large, bland-looking
    building. On the front of it there was a large sign that read ‘Office and planning’,
    but she knew that it was most likely only there to throw people off.

    “The only thing on the menu today is talk, or, if you prefer, we can just wait and see
    how the CIA reacts to your disappearance, I’m sure that they would notice if
    someone like you went missing.”

    She said nothing, knowing that to deny him would be to admit where she worked.
    He looked at her carefully. “Gosh, you ARE pretty good at keeping things to
    yourself, aren’t you!”

    “I-” She stopped, she was going to say that she was a top agent, and thus was more
    careful than the average person would be, but she soon realized the risk, “-don’t
    think so, the bank is a very simple place to work.”

    “Ooooh, that was close, wasn’t it? Shame your trying so hard, but that won’t last
    long.” He opened the door and stepped out, then he grabbed her in his arms and
    carried her inside. “Hey, Joey, over here!”

    “Who are you?!” A man stepped out with a gun, and Mark dropped Sydney in
    order to hold up his hands.

    “Hey, who...uh.” Sydney muttered, fitting into the civilian act all too well. A real
    banker who had never been in this situation before would have a lot less chance of
    acting cool. “Hey...”

    “Shut up, ma’am!” Mark growled.

    “Oh...Mark, sorry. I thought you were...you know, police or something.”

    “Your paranoid.”

    “Aren’t you?! God, look what we do for a living!” The man said, then he looked
    down at Sydney. “Who’s this?”

    “My name is Sydney Bristow, I’m a banker!” Sydney attempted to etch her voice
    with fear, and in her oppinion she did a good job.

    “A banker? What do you want with her, Mark?”

    “Oh, God, you’re so gullible, Garrison, this is SYDNEY BRISTOW. The agent.”

    “Syd - oh.” He turned around and walked back to a cell in the back. “Put her in

    She was carried into a small room with a set of bars in the middle. It looked
    awefully old-fashioned for the Alliance. A young man stood in the corner, he was
    playing softly on an electric guitar and looked up when she was brought in, but did
    not stop playing. “Hello.”

    “Rick...don’t go flirting with the prisinors.”

    “Hey!” He frowned playfully. “That’s an insult!”

    “Glad you could figure that out, kid.”

    They opened the bars and shut her in without removing the ropes on her arms and
    legs. “We’ll let you think about what you’d like to say for a while, but when we
    come back you’re going to have to tell us something, alright lady? Otherwise it gets
    a little rough.” The man, Garrison, explained, then he walked out.

    “Hello.” The young man spoke, “My name is Donovin, you can call me Don if you
    want to call me anything.” He pulled off his guitar and set it on the floor. “By the
    way, I DO NOT flirt with prisinors.”

    “Uh...right.” Sydney studied her suroundings, the walls were cement, so she
    couldn’t do anything there, and the bars looked like they were made of steel or some
    such material. She decided to keep up her innocent as long as it made sense to do
    so. “Can you help me? Can you tell me what I’m doing here? Who are you? What
    do you want?”

    “Wow, that’s a lot of questions, ma’am.” He muttered.

    “Hey, Vinny, take this.” Garrison returned, holding a long fire-arm that appeared
    to be home-made. “I want you to gaurd this cell with your life, that lady there is an
    enemy to the United States of America and you’ll do well not to let her influence
    you. If anyone you don’t know comes in here unescorted you’ll kill them, and if she
    does anything on her own you’ll show no mercy then, either. Don’t listen to
    anything she says, she’s an agent for the enemy and I’d bet my life to say that she’ll
    throw out any lie she can come up with to get out of our grasp.”

    Donovin, with a rather surprised look, took the gun and turned to Sydney.
    Garrison left, and then then Donovin smiled nervously. He held the gun as if he
    were going to fire even if he was not provoked directly. “Are you a terrorist or

    “Terrorist?! I already told your freinds, I’m a banker!”

    “Sure, sure, you’re a banker.” He looked at the gun. “I don’t think they would
    take a banker this seriously.”

    Sydney kept silent, then looked at the guitar. He must be new to the business, he
    must not really know what he’s doing. He reminded her of the SD-6 arrangment
    when she had been put under the impression that SD-6 was a branch from the CIA,
    that it was FOR the United States, but in truth it was AGAINST it.

    “Well...” He put down the gun and picked up his guitar, then, turning on his
    amplifier, he continued a tune similar to the one that he had played when she had
    been brought in. Eventually he started to sing softly to himself.

    She was reminded of Danny. Danny, on that day in school when he had sung to
    her...she looked at the wall of the building, which was grey and bland, the exact
    opposite of her life. Her life was full of action and color. Her life was full of action
    and reaction, full of violence and lies. It was amazing to think that she could ever
    have been a normal person...a normal person.

    “You know what, miss.” Don cut into his song. “You can’t lie forever. Even I
    believe them, and I have nothing on you. It’s just, it’s so hard to find information
    on CIA employees, and they’re so careful about it, that if they found you they would
    most likely be able to prove that you’re guilty.”

    “I’m a banker.” Sydney said, though it sounded more like she was talking to herself
    than to him.

    He smiled. “Uh-huh.”

    “Hey, stop making noise on that damn guitar, stand up and play gaurd! We’re
    going to - out, and you’re going to have to hold up the fort for us.” He gestured
    passively. “Come over here.”

    Donovin walked up to him cautiously. “Yes, sir?”

    “Hey, I want you to be really careful. Godric came in and tipped me off about the
    CIA’s reaction to that girl.” Garrison nodded in Sydney’s direction, whispering so
    that she would have trouble hearing. “Someone’s really worried. Godric said that
    two of them got in a fight, and one got mad at the other and started saying how his
    ‘personal feelings’ were getting in the way of his efficiency. Anyhow, I have reason
    to believe that somebody is looking for her.”

    Sydney only caught some of this conversation, but part of it was the hint about
    personal feelings and how they got in the way of a particular agent’s efficiency. She
    knew of only one agent who would fit that discription around her. Vaughn. She
    waited until Garrison left and then began to study the walls and the bars again. She
    had to get out before Vaughn came to find this man Donovin with his gun and
    guitar. The young man might appear to be a novice, but he also seemed the sort
    that would follow orders.

    He retrieved his gun and they waited. Hours passed without event, while Sydney
    studied her situation again and again in attempt to discover a weakness in the
    security. All the while she struggled silently with the ropes that bound her wrists
    and ankles.

    She pulled the wrist binds off and began to work quietly on the knots on the ankles.
    Donovin was leaning against the wall near the cell and seemed to be daydreaming.
    He WAS a novice!

    When she was finally free of the ropes she stood quietly. Dovovin was less than a
    foot away from the bars. He started to turn around. “Hey, lady-”

    She grabbed his arm as he turned and broke his loose group on the weapon. She
    heard the noise of a bullet leaving the gun, that meant it worked, and then, suddenly
    she had the weapon facing his chest. Her hand was on the trigger, and his
    expression showed as much surprise as she could have immagined. He looked kind
    of cute that way.

    “Do you have a key?” She asked simply. She no longer bothered to sound scared,
    now that she had the gun she had lost her ‘I’m only a banker’ identity.

    “No...no, ma’am.” He muttered.

    “Hey, Don, if you’re in a business like this you should never let yourself be caught
    off-guard or let anyone see that you’re scared.”


    “Oh, yeah?” She looked at his belt. “Take that off.”

    “Why? Are you some kind of ----?!”

    “No, idiot, just do it.”

    He did. She took it from him and jammed the connecting wire in the center of the
    metal frame into the lock. She fiddled with the lock for a short time and soon had it
    open. Then she opened the bar door and let herself out. “Okay, you can have your
    belt back, Don. Give me a tour of this place, I might be able to use some of that
    kind of information later.”

    “Sure.” He led her out of the prison room. “You’re awefully self-confident.”

    “Well, I could either be in your hands completely back at the cell or do this and
    have the possibility of getting the same or getting killed...and dead bodies don’t

    “Well, with an attitude like that I reckon you’re a REAL threat to the U.S.”

    “Hm.” She frowned. “I work for the CIA.”

    “What?!” He stopped, turning around slightly. “Are you STILL trying to lie to

    “No, I swear to God that I’m an all-American American.” She nudged his back
    with the gun.

    “Um...” He continued to lead her through the various rooms of the building. He
    pointed out different rooms and what they’re used for and he answered all of her
    questions loyally.

    “Don’t move!” A voice demanded from behind her. Sydney knew that voice, it was
    Vaughn. She lowered her gun and turned around. He aimed his own weapon at the
    gaurd, and then he leaned in to kiss her hello.

    “How did you find out where I was?” Sydney asked.

    “Gosh, Syd. I did what I normally do in situations like this. I happen to know some
    very accurate sources.”

    “Yeah, but who told you where I was?”

    “Your father. He saw them drive you off, you know. The good thing is they didn’t
    see him.”

    “Ah.” She turned toward the man beside her. “This is Donovin, he thinks we’re
    out to destroy the U.S. government or something like that.”

    “Hmph, sounds like a simple scenario.”

    “Uh...sir...please don’t hurt me. I just wanted to be a...good citizen, sir. You know,
    I didn’t really like the idea of playing James Bond anyway. Maybe you should just
    let this one thing slide. I won’t tell anyone anything, and besides, I don’t think
    anyone would believe me...”

    Vaughn smiled. “Hello to you too. Anyway, Syd, are there any cells in here? I
    daresay that you’d know. If there aren’t maybe we can lock him in a storage room.
    These people already know who we are so it won’t make much difference whether
    he can confirm things or not.”

    “Wait...wait! I have a question.” Donovin continued.

    “And that would be?”

    “Who are you...who do you work for?”

    Vaughn glanced at Sydney, who shrugged and quoted, “These people already know
    who we are so it won’t make much difference whether or not...whether he can
    confirm things or not.”

    “Micheal Vaughn...CIA.”

    “You work for the CIA?” Donovin frowned. “That’s not possible, I work for the
    CIA. We appear to be enemies at the moment.”

    Vaughn looked confused. “Syd?”


    “Huh...I guess this guy is another version of YOU Bristow! He’s not even sure who
    he works for!” Vaughn smiled.

    “Oh, that was harsh.” She jabbed him playfully in the shoulder, even though both
    of them knew that they shouldn’t act like the lovers they were when they were on
    the job.”

    “Hey, if you guys want to rob a bank or something, it’s just a guess but...shouldn’t
    you hurry?”

    “What do you mean, rob a bank?”

    “I guess I don’t know what you liar types do after you’ve saved the girl and
    captured the ‘bad guys’.”

    “Huh? Oh...you mean those of us who work under cover?”


    “Well, you’re right about one thing. We shouldn’t be standing around like this.
    Who else is on gaurd?”


    “Don’t lie, this thing IS loaded.”

    “I’m not lying! Don’t shoot!”

    “I’m not sure that he is, actually.” Sydney muttered. “His boss...Garrison, I think,
    relayed similar information to him while I was still in a cell.”

    Don looked surprised, “You heard that?!”

    “Syd, no offense, but didn’t it ever occur to you that if YOU heard it, it might be a
    set up?”

    “Well...I guess not, no.” She frowned. “They mentioned you...and he appears to be
    new to the business, so it is possible that we aren’t alone.”

    Vaughn turned to the man who had been Sydney’s escort. “Do you know where
    they NORMALLY have guards? If anything we can avoid areas like that.”

    “Um...I think I have a pretty good idea, but she’s right, I am kind of new here.”

    “Ah.” Vaughn followed the young man anyway, knowing that they would need to
    get out soon and giving Don hints on finding an ungaurded doorway. Sydney kept
    the rugged weapon that Garrison had given Don for her prison security at the
    ready, not on Don but in a position where it could get him if need-be but could also
    be used on anyone who came from behind or out of one of the building’s many
    doors. If she found them before they found her.

    They three of them marched through the halls carefully and quietly. Vaughn and
    Sydney paused every once in a while in order to listen for any guards that Don
    didn’t know about, but still noone appeared to be around at all. The halls and
    rooms off of them were completely silent, and there was no sign of any living being
    having been there for a while at least. They didn’t, on the other hand, lower their
    defenses. They stayed ready and waiting the entire way.

    Eventually they came to an open door and Don stopped abruptly. Then he
    whispered carefully, “There are people in there, we ought to turn around.”

    “Go right ahead, it won’t do anyone any good.” Came a voice behind them. Before
    Sydney could react she felt the make-shift gun being pulled out of her hands and
    was shoved against the wall. Then she was pulled inside the open room roughly.
    “You two ought to get back to your gaurd duty. I can take care of HER myself.”

    Sydney was so startled that she couldn’t react, and Vaughn appeared to be in a
    similar state. Why hadn’t they heard these guys coming down the hall? There were
    approximately fifteen of them, and they were all armed. Vaughn couldn’t fire to
    help her because both of them would be killed on the spot and she couldn’t fight for
    the same reason. The thing is, Don seemed to be thinking in a similar way to
    Vaughn, and appeared to be acting like an enemy agent instead of the gaurd that he

    “Sir, I-” Don started but he stopped suddenly as the man met his gaze with a harsh

    “If you want to say something, tell it to your direct supperior, I OWN this building
    and I don’t make small-talk with my employees.” He turned back into the room
    and the door was shut behind him.

    Vaughn turned his gun back onto the young man. “Well...”

    “Sir, I didn’t know that they were there. I SWEAR!”

    Suddenly a soft cry came from inside the room. “Sydney...she’s being tortured.”
  2. kleverkitten

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    Feb 26, 2003
    :o Wow. This is really good, especially for a first fic. I want to find out what happens to Syd!

    lol, I have the same problem with the writing thing.
  3. aliaschick4mv

    aliaschick4mv Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    East Coast
    Very cool. I want to know what happens to Syd.
  4. Blackavar

    Blackavar Captain

    Feb 26, 2003
    Thanks for your interest. Here's 'chapter' two.

    2. Changing Sides

    “I...didn’t do it.”

    “I know, IDIOT!” Vaughn grabbed Don’s shirt sleeve roughly and shoved him
    down the hall. He felt an anger that he knew shouldn’t be directed toward the
    guard, but then again, it was one of those things where you feel your trachea tighten
    it’s so harsh. He marched after the young man swiftly, and as soon as they knew
    that they would be out of earshot of the building owner's guards they stopped and stepped through a side door into a new room.

    “What...do you want to do?”

    “The question isn’t what I’M going to do, it’s what WE’RE going to do.” Vaughn
    looked round the room. It was full of old, cardboard boxes. Nothing of use. “It’s
    just as much your fault as mine that we didn’t hear those guards coming.”

    “It’s kind of amazing that they didn’t see your gun...seems like they would have
    took you with her if it weren’t for your luck. Heh, they think you’re with me...a

    “That’s it...you were the guy watching her cell, right?”


    “Well, we’ll tell them that their superiors want her back at the cell...that’ll work.”

    “Didn’t you here the guy, he OWNS this building...there is no way that he’d do
    anything for someone who’s renting it, unless it's something that he'd want to do anyway...he's got to be a really sick person, torturing someone just for the heck of it. Then again, if he gets any information from her none of MY superiors will care.”

    “Well...” Vaughn ran his hands through his hair nervously. “Think, Vaughn,

    Don walked up to a box and kicked it slightly. It rolled, empty. “Do you REALLY
    work for the CIA?”

    “Uh-huh.” Vaughn muttered, but he sounded destracted.

    “Can you prove it to me?”

    “Hey, my girlfriend just got kidnapped, I’m a little busy for you to be asking a
    whole car-full of questions!” Vaughn waved his hands wildly.

    “...wait, I have an idea!”

    “What?!” Vaughn was surprised...this guy was his enemy...right?

    “I’m not sure what side is the right side, but I don’t like the idea of torturing, people
    so I think I’ll play Superman for a while.” Donovin pointed toward the door loosely.
    “I think there is another door on the opposite side of that room...the one they took -
    uh - Sydney into.”

    “Really?” Vaughn lowered his gun slightly. “What’s your plan?”

    “I could go to the other door and open it, and while they’re distracted trying to find
    out what I’m up to you can rescue the girl.”

    “Sounds - wait! How am I supposed to be able to trust you?!”

    “Er...I don’t know...I guess you can’t...so much for that idea.”

    Vaughn waited, puzzling over his situation. There was really no way that he could
    use a proper distraction without a partner, and that - obviously - couldn’t be

    Time was falling through his fingers. It was possible that, since Sydney wouldn’t
    answer any questions, they would hurt her more than was survivable. He couldn’t
    let that happen.

    “Will you, for the United States of America, go around that to that room’s other
    entrance and open the door? Please?” Vaughn asked.

    Don looked up suddenly, “Really? Do you trust me?!”


    “Oh...well...I’ll do it anyway.” He walked out of the room, and Vaughn let him.

    Then Vaughn gave him a little time to turn a corner and rushed out with a few of
    the larger cardboard containers in his hands. Soon he was setting the boxes down in
    the room right next to the door. He hid behind a pile of the containers and waited,
    listening to the sounds from the next room, catching word and phrases, as well as
    the occasional moan from Sydney.


    Donovin ran through the halls, deliberately avoiding the areas of the buildings that
    he knew to be occupied by his fellows. He was fighting with himself all the way.
    Who was he to switch sides in the middle of an order. Was it possible that he had
    fallen for an act put on in order to rescue two terrorists that deserved to be in the
    very cell that he had been guarding?

    Soon he reached the door that he knew led to the room of pain. He could hear the
    murmur of voices inside. Wait, he thought, turn around! Go tell someone about the
    man awaiting his fellow’s rescue, ask someone else what to do!

    He froze...was he really doing the right thing? Two people who were supposedly his
    enemies, but insisted that they worked for the CIA. The girl had said so before
    Vaughn came, and she hadn’t told him anything that could be used as a cue as far
    as Don could remember...had they been telling the truth. It’s a lot easier to agree
    with people when you both know that it’s one hundred percent fact, and they
    seemed to agree on a high scale...

    Making up his mind, Donovin pulled back to the other side of the hall, and rammed
    his shoulder into the door. WHAM! He pulled back again, WHAM! WHAM!

    “Hey, what on earth is going on out there?!” A voice yelled from inside the room.

    I’m breaking just about every rule in the book right now, Donovin thought, and I’m
    doing so for two lovebirds who seem to be telling me lie after lie for their own good.


    Vaughn jumped. Everything had been quiet enough for him to hear any sounds on this side of the wall. In fact, he heard very little, save for the soft sounds of the men
    inside, the occasional laugh at Sydney’s expense, and the noise of question after
    question leaving the leader’s lips, but now a new sound arose. Now he could hear a
    sort of thud, repeated in pattern. He leapt to his feet, “Sydney!”

    He ran out of the room where he had been hiding and, even though he knew that it
    was a risk that he shouldn’t take, ran up to the door through which the gang of
    officials had passed. He shouldered the door, then got a hold on the knob. It gave
    easily, it hadn’t been locked!

    “Sydney?” He called as he stepped into the door. He then saw what had been
    making the noise. An exit at the far end of the room was vibrating violently, and
    soon a man pummeled through it, running directly into the owner of the building.

    “Whoa, you fellows are tall!” He said as he pulled out of the charge. It was
    Sydney’s guard, he had been ‘loyal’ after all, so far... He then turned and ran out of
    the room.

    Vaughn, knowing that it was only a matter of time before anyone noticed him,
    glanced around the room hurriedly. There were computers lined along the walls
    and a few tables set up in one corner, and there, in the center of the room, was

    She was tied into a chair and seemed to be unconscious. Vaughn took a step toward
    her and then stopped, another figure was coming again through the door on the far end of the room. Donovin had returned, only now he was holding a small bar, who knows
    where that came from! He swung his new weapon madly, managing very little.

    “The kid’s gone insane!” One of the men yelled, although he didn’t look to be much
    older than Donovin himself.

    One man pulled out a gun, and Vaughn, feeling that he was responsible for getting
    ‘the kid’ into this mess, disarmed him readily. Soon all of the men were focusing on
    their weapons, and the two rebel fighters were struggling to either avoid or disarm
    danger after danger. Even if he was knew to this sort of thing Don fought well, but
    all the while his thoughts were centered on the still form tied to the chair in the
    center of the room.

    Sydney was holding dead still, and Don could see bruises along her arms and neck.
    He had never witnessed a human abusing another human in a manner that was as
    disabling enough to cause such marks, or leave the victim unconscious. She did not
    appear able to assist herself, yet alone anyone else, but why would the aggressors do
    such a thing? Sydney was right before when she said that ‘dead bodies don’t talk’,
    but in Don’s opinion being unconscious would have to be about the same thing.
    And if any of those marks did more than cause unconsciousness...the whole point
    would be lost, as well as her life.
  5. aLiAsFaN_14

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    Jan 23, 2003
    hey - do u watch general hospital (author) cuz there was a part in the show where the ppl went in the prison and a guy was playin the guitar - lol - well neways good job on this story- continue ASAP!
  6. Blackavar

    Blackavar Captain

    Feb 26, 2003
    No, I don't watch general hospital. I just really like to play my electric and I guess it came through in my writing...
  7. Scarlet Crystal

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    Dec 30, 2002
    wow! this is an interesting way to go!
  8. Blackavar

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    Feb 26, 2003
    Sorry it's taking me so long to get this finished, but I think I'm having writers block or something...
  9. aliaschick4mv

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    Feb 26, 2003
    East Coast
    I love the whole Donavin POV thing. And don't worry about this taking too long, Einstein said that if you think about something else, an idea will come to you. That's my outlook on life. Or tests.
  10. Scarlet Crystal

    Scarlet Crystal Bibbity Rabbity

    Dec 30, 2002
    will you write more?
  11. IluvVaughn13

    IluvVaughn13 Vaughnster's Girl

    Dec 16, 2002
    Where ever Michael Vartan is (-:
    i love how long your stories are great story
  12. pasta_sauce385

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    Dec 21, 2002
    ooh....i wanna know what happens. Write more soon.
  13. Blackavar

    Blackavar Captain

    Feb 26, 2003
    What's POV?
  14. aliaschick4mv

    aliaschick4mv Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    East Coast
    Point of View. Or his thoughts, what ever.
  15. Blackavar

    Blackavar Captain

    Feb 26, 2003
    Sorry it took so long for me to get this up.


    Vaughn spun around and kicked two of the tallest guys in the heads. Then he
    pulled back to avoid the blade of a knife and twisted another’s arm. He moved like
    lightning, and every move made perfect contact.

    Don was far more rugged. He slammed into the nearest guard then kicked
    back at another, hitting his arm and knocking a gun from his hand. He knew that
    he wasn’t half as good at fighting as Sydney’s lover, but at least Vaughn was on HIS

    Suddenly Vaughn stopped fighting and tore at the binds on Sydney’s chair.
    Soon he had her in his arms and dove out the door. Don followed obediantly and
    slammed the door shut, wedging against it, “Now what?”

    Vaughn laid Sydney down and ran his fingers across her cheek in affection.
    Then he felt for her pulse. He sighed and limped slightly, “Good God, she’s alive.”

    Don knelt next to him, “Now what?” He repeated.

    Micheal looked at the traitorous guard carefully. Donovin could tell by the
    look in his eyes that he was trying to decide whether or not to trust him. Vaughn
    sighed again, “Can you show me a way out?”

    “Well, yes... but it will be guarded.”

    “I can handle guards. The only reason Sydney and I avoided them before is
    that they would have sounded an alarm and that must have been performed by now.
    If we can’t get past them it will make no difference how many will be there later. If
    they had reinforcements they’d have been summoned by now. Besides, they don’t
    seem to be top recruits. I was surprised how predictable and slow they were. I
    guess your boss takes size over skill, not a good idea.” He stood up. “Speaking of
    ideas, how about one of us takes Sydney to my car and gets it into gear, while the
    other leads the guards to the back of the building, you know, to distract them. Then
    the person inside can get out and meet the first person for a getaway.”

    At first Donovin wondered whether or not HE could trust VAUGHN. It was,
    of course, a possibility that he would leave before Donovin made it outside, and he
    knew as soon as Micheal had said ‘my car’ that he would be the one to lead the
    guards off course, while Vaughn delt with the transportation.

    “Alright,” I gave him detailed instructions to the closest way out and waited
    patiently while Vaughn relayed them back for verification.

    Then the two men ran down the halls toward the exit until they heard loud
    footsteps. Realizing swiftly that it was the sound of running, Donovin stopped in the
    corridor and awaited the presence of the building’s owner and his minions. Vaughn
    went on with out a pause.

    Shortly two of the tall, burly men rushed into the hall from a side passage.
    Donovin turned and ran, making sure not to go at full speed so that he could keep
    them on his tail.

    “That way! I saw one! That way!” Voices echoed in the corridor.

    Donovin decided to feed their idea of both of them being there. “Run!” He
    yelled as if Vaughn were fleeing in front of him. “Hurry, they’re gaining!”

    “Aye, that’s them! This way!” Donovin’s pursuers yelled.

    He charged through the halls carefully, still yelling occasionally. It’s like a
    movie, he thought, there are guns and big guards, and I’m stuck in the middle of it

    He dived down a side passage. Things were going fairly well. He was out of
    breath, but he could only assume that they would be to if they were still coming
    after him.

    “Ah, I’ve had it!” Came one of the men’s sturdy tones from behind him.

    Nervous, Donovin muttered, “I’m getting tired, they’ll catch us, soon,” at a
    volume just audiable to them. He hoped they’d think that he was suggesting
    surrender to his non-existent partner, but to his surprise they answered.

    “Hey, you little weasels!” One of the men called. “We’re sick and tired of
    chasing you around, so take a rest.”

    Donovin kept going, expecting treachery, but he slowed down in order to
    hear their feet pounding the floor and to clarify how far back they really were. But
    what he heard was much more vivid. A click, the cocking of a gun. They didn’t
    want him to rest by slowing down. They wanted him to rest by stopping... forever.
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    4. Cars

    Vaughn ran through the halls, struggling to remember Donovin's instructions word for word. Left, right, two doors forward. It was relatively easy, but Micheal could feel a defiant clench in his stomach. He was doing fine, but he was worried about the kid.

    Finally he reached the end of his maze, he was in front of a large, grey door, behind which Donovin had promised to be at least two armed men. He prepared his gun and opened the door carefully.

    "There!" BAM! The sound of a gun-shot broke the silence of the hallway. Vaughn pulled away from the door instinctively, and then waited. He noticed that the door was lacking a hole and thus the shot must have missed dreadfully.

    "Shhh." He could hear the shuffling of footsteps, and then a soft thud.

    "Damn, I ran into something!"

    "Shut up!"

    Micheal looked under the door. The lights were off! Obviously they were trying to avoid detection... and doing a very bad job of it. He heard the cocking of another gun, but he beat them to the surprise. He jumped through the door and fired into darkness, but then a light appeared at the end of the room and he could just make out a form dashing out the door. He moved up against the door and felt for lights. They clicked to life revealing a body on the floor, most likely someone he'd hit.

    As soon as he made out into daylight the roaring of an engine began abruptly and one of the guards could be seen driving into the distance. Micheal found his own car and started the engine, setting Sydney in the back. He waited... should he leave? Or should he wait like he said he would? The kid was definetly going to be in trouble if he was still following Vaughn's lead... but there was no way of knowing for sure if he would be.


    BAM! BAM!!! Don could feel his heart racing and his brain burning with fear. What the hell was I thinking signing up for this job?! I'm going to get killed and I haven't even been here a month yet!

    "Slow down, kid!" One of the voices yelled, as if he would! Then one of the men let loose a string of the worst words in the book and three more shots echoed down the hallway.

    Donovin darted past another corridor then back-steped quickly and raced down it. God damn idiots! What did they expect him to do? Lay down and play dead?

    Then a door opened at his side and three of the men pulled into the hall. Surprised, he slowed down, but then he charged forward again, and then he heard shouts from the original groups and a searing pain shot into his arm at the same instant that one more shot rang through the halls.

    Oh my God! Donovin felt his shoulder, it bled profusely. He knew then what had happened, but he kept running, knowing that if he even thought about stopping they would finish the job. His sides burned with the effort of running so long, but he was getting close... he had to be getting close.

    An open door loomed before him on the left side of the hallway. He jumped through it, to see a man lying on the floor, dead. He paused instinctively but then ran through the door on the far side, which had been open as well. He saw a man in a meresedies in front of him, and jumped in as he realized that it was the young man that he had befriended. The car, which had been idling patiently, revved and sped down the road so fast that Donovin thought that maybe he had died after all, but then he heard Vaughn's voice clear, and real. "You've been shot!"

    Donovin looked over his shoulder, his look of terrror reappearing on his face. "They're going to follow us! Oh, felgercarb! They're going to follow us!"

    He grabbed Micheals gun and aimed it miserably in the direction of the building. "No, no! Don't shoot! Don, I shot the tires!"

    Donovin looked at him like he was insane, then sighed as comprehension dawned on his face. He slumped into the seat and started crying. "Oh, God... I almost died."

    Vaughn looked at his new friends shoulder and then went back to watching the road... the kid had done well. "It's okay."

    Donovin opened his eyes and looked at the dashboard as if in a daze, then his eyes went wide again. "I sure hope you have extra gasoline!"


    "Frick! Look! You only have this much left!" He held up his fingers until they were almost touching. "This building is in the middle of nowhere! We're going to run out of fuel before we even get close to a town! We'll be stranded right next to my post, for Christ's sake! We're going to have to go back!"

    Vaughn hoped that his friend was only exagerating, but approximately ten minutes later, the vehicle stalled in the middle of the street... the tank was on empty.
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