For your christmas present what do ya want most?

If you could only get one piece of alias merchandise for christmas what would you want?

  • alias shirt

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  • alias video game

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  • alias season 1/2

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  • alias book

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  • alias trading cards

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  • alias calendar

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Nov 24, 2003
City of Angels
I voted Season 2. I too have Season 1 (got it for my B-day), but can't wait for 2 to be in my possession.
It was a tough choice though... I really want the video game for my 'puter! I'll just have to buy that one myself, but it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine! ;)

Feb 27, 2003
I WANT SEASON 2!! I've rented the first two discs from Blockbuster and so want to see the others!! i miss season 2!!
Oct 1, 2003
Had Christmas with my bro & his family over T'giving weekend--

Got Alias S2! Booya! Score!

Love the box with page 47 of Rambaldi Document & Syd's pic! Too cool...!



Dec 3, 2003
!47! said:
DVD series 1, baby.

Series 2 isn't even out in this suckee country (England)
isnt it tragic!! and they (channel 5) took it off primetime! DAMN THEM!!

(at least you have kazaa) :P

i have the DVD series 1, so i wud have to say as many Alias books as possible...can u get them in England??
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