Animation Foreigner "Feels like the first time"

Randal R.

May as well see what this does.....<presses the red button>

Buttons Arn't Toys! ...but wow!

Since I am here, maybe see if I can get some feedback on this or just what any one thinks of it.

tbh, I am about to stop posting anything at these 3d sites.This is the only reply from 4 sites with over 200+ views
tween them and only 49 YT and 44 Vimeo looks/watches total.And everything I do or post is similarly treated.
When only trollish statements or trolls reply to your posts, I thinks it's time to leave.
" So, you say C4D Sound Effector in use. Does that mean the Foreigner mesh is pulsing in response to the beat of the music and this is all handled within the render engine? " this is from a moderator of 8 years.
At a site, that has made comments like this many many times in the past.
Is he trolling me or what, cause he knows exactly what this is and does.Like he is humiliating me or mocking me in some way.
So,looking for outside opinions on either. I need feedback from non CG/3D people, because they suck inmho, the ones I encounter.Bring back the old guys, were cool.

And will be looking for new places to share also.:D
Thank You for visiting my thread.
Best and Regards,
Randal R.

original Post at 3d sites.

Danger! C4D Sound Effector in use!

The birth of a Randal R. video.The first trimmings of a run on ideas.All because I watched the video of Foreigner and it motivated me again.

A reply by <unnamed>on youtube, got me thinking of making a complete video...this is the first round.This is from a run on some ideas,but I have yet to think of what to add as backgrounds.

Particle Efx,Pictorial,poss a Slide projection or a rotating Dodecahedron(the 12 face geometry) with split poly faces and some type of animation and images, or a rotating sphere(s) with abtract twisted imagery...see, my mind goes into overdrive sometimes and I cant stop.
Album covers, Band members,search and locate images.
or even leave as is...for now.

I can remember in like the 7th grade,listening to Blue Morning, Blue
Day for months and liking it so much and never knowing why.The entire LP in fact.Like a Historical marker of my life's past.

I may upload this scene set up,problem is, I got 8 scenes for like 8 different render clips.
and the changes build up in the scene.The scene file is one I made with the help of a tutorial long ago,but I keep everything,try to.Just need to think of what to do with the backspace.

An effort of thanks and appreciation to Foreigner and all the great music they have made.
Love you guys, thank you so much.

FAT CHANCE in HELL now, I will share this file. Bwahahahaha
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Personally, I see nothing at all wrong with what you did. As a matter of fact, I was kinda dissappointed you didn't do the whole song!

Now I want some made.

No pressure but consider doing an 'enhancement' to the following. At the very least you might find some new music to like?

Just a few, lol
As a matter of fact, I was kinda dissappointed you didn't do the whole song!

A reply from YT video post, from me on the first reply I got...
+T McMahan Thank You. At least somebody likes it, so I guess I will have to complete it. Yes, Great Music, I love it.

Yes I wish I had gotten all the way thru it..and as with others,,I get a block, or am so depleted from the Brain Chemistry
Unleashed <Sounds like a "B"Movie Epic..har har.. I can only think, and not do. No will to act I guess.

Many other ideas hit me, but I do not feel that they enhance, rather just they might fit with something else or that it seems thrown into a video as a way to fill space.,and not really inspired by the music.

Wow, I recognize steelheart.
So Tom, are you wanting videos of inspiration of these?
- that would kill me..LOL jk

Or runs of EQ Bars thru the tracks..which seems silly to me,,,,Some people might just run a video of the EQ BArs on the song and leave it at that and upload. "I got to make more than that." I am Compelled to.
I can do that easily with the set up I got....throw in the track in the sound effector, should be clamped to the attribute and render away...:D
If that is what you like, That I can do rather easily..only,my machine is usually non stop rendering.
Not sure if I can make them, at least till I got no rendering left to do. I will forget things, Virtually little short term memory left in this brain the size of a planet,,,it's full! my brain is full..:D

ADDITION: I always mess up threads

"I got others videos I have done, that could have benefited from this Sound Effector Technology" <Evil Grin>

recent start ups or start ups I began past year.

Zebra-Who's behind the door
I originally was trying to create a shadowy door like apparition in space...reminescant oflike the Twilight Zone,
I could not get what I was after in my head- so I made a Gate.Then they take on a life of their own in the imagination zone.

Blue_Oyster_Cult Veteran of a 1000 Psychic Wars
Always wanted to do a video for this has a special meaning to me,and is very hard to grasp
the concept/or lyrics and illustrate it in a video.

and one that has already been done...
Bad Company_Burnin'Sky

I like making videos, expressing my adulation or adoration,my admiration and reverence,
and also showing what I can do, learned, figured out and incorporated into the video.
but I am just a man, at a computer in an upstairs room on a desk.

Best and Regards,
Randal R.

Oh, I did not add the DIO Video I did after the Foreigner one....i was on a Double Rush of Brain Chemistry that day--- I think I added it to the GFX Thread Tom made.

R2D2 and C-Threepio 'I am not entirely sure which thread I'm in "

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Adding Some NEW UPLOADS of wips/animations/stuff

Tom Sawyer Moving Pictures Rush.
Had a revelation recently while listening.
Imagine Geddy Lee/Lyrics are speaking of 2 different persons.
The World is the World is love and life are deep, maybe as his skies are wide..Talk About Prophetic..
2112 ..Tesla 3,6,9, Wow Rush, I am in awe now.

the New Revelation..Great Waves of Change...New Message
Just made a video with made stuff...This is the strongest
group I am attracted to.But have yet to make contact. :smiley:

Will add a new updated Foreigner video soon...still rendering a few things.
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