Former Gartan Addicts

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Just thought I would open this and get it started.

Do we want #s and membership stuff? :unsure:

ETA: Not trying to get rid of Gartan Central because I love it there.....just another option.

If no one responds then I'll delete it.
Ok I have to face reality, because lately my Gartan- addiction is getting way to far!
Sometimes I´m so pathetic!
Like I´m putting together whole conspiracy theories concerning their split!
(That doesn´t mean that I´m convinced about their "dating- status")

I just hope that they are happy and content!

Even now I still love them as a couple (I still have my memories and few pictures) and as such wonderful individuals as they are!
I wish them all the best!

I'm with you. I don't want to be in reality but denial was killing me. Literally I was consumed by it. I don't want it over but my life will go on.

I adore both of them and if JJ and Greg said it was amicable split than it was. I mean they were very good friends beforehand so there's no reason why they can't be friends again.
i still cant completley believe it. like it hasnt completly sunk in. and really i dont want it to be true. but its not up to me cause if it was they would be married. (but where is jen staying) just a question. its what gets me every single time.

It's ok Joyie :console:

I'm not gonna post in here until after the other thread is officially closed.

Excluding this post :lol:

:down: sigh...
WAIT!!!! WHAT?!?!?! When did this happen? I've sorta been avoiding Gartan Central for awhile because of some ... things that happened there, so I didn't hear about this! Reliable sources? :depressed:
Not open for further replies.