Dec 10, 2004
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Nadia was in a dark room, laid in a bed. Her whole body shivered, she was crying. She didn’t understand what this man wanted with her. As far as she knew, her mother didn’t have anything that could interest this man.

She tried to stand up, but she was fixed on the bed. Panic overcame the girl. Suddenly someone entered. Nadia looked up.

It was Cuvee who just smiled at her. A doctor came in behind him. Frightening to the girl the doctor had a syringe in his hand with some green fluid in it.
It didn’t take much from Nadia to realize that the green fluid was meant for her. She struggled against the fixations around her wrists, but they were too tight.

“Hello sweetheart!” Cuvee smiled while he stroked a strand of hair behind her ear. “You and I are going to spend much time together.”

“If my mommy finds out what you’ve done, you’re in a lot of trouble!” Nadia snapped defiantly as if she weren’t scared, even though she really was. She didn’t want to be injected with something. She hated needles and she missed her mommy. She only wanted her to hold her close, telling her that this would be over soon.

But her mommy wasn’t here. In fact her mother wouldn’t know where to look. I’m on my own! Mommy, where are you?
One single tear escaped Nadia’s eye.

Cuvee seemed to know what Nadia was thinking, because he smiled at Nadia’s reply. “Yes, but first she has to find me. And until then…” He turned to the man in the white smock. “Doctor? Let’s start.”

The doctor stepped closer to Nadia. Cuvee held her arm, though she tried to fight it, but he held her firmly.

Nadia let out a harsh sob as the needle made contact with her skin and the green fluid entered her system.

The girl started to breath heavily, she seemed to have cramps. Cuvee handed her a piece of paper and a pen. And Nadia started to paint.


Irina’s Apartment

Irina sighed in frustration and looked up from what she was reading and in her sister’s direction who still was reading.

“It’s useless Katya! Reading this information your contacts gave you, won’t help us finding Nadia!” she stated.

Her sister shrugged. Irina wasn’t the only one who was frustrated. She was, too. But she didn’t know what else to do. This was their only lead on Nadia.
Katya felt as if she needed to say something to comfort her sister. “Look, I know you’re frustrated and worried, but we will find her, Irina!”

Irina stood up and walked to the window. The sun was about to go down. Even though her body felt exhausted, she couldn’t think of sleep while her little girl was out there somewhere and she didn’t know what the abductor does to her. A tear escaped Irina’s eye, so she closed them only to open them one second later.

“I think we need help from someone with better connections. We need surveillance videos from the airport. Maybe the kidnaper watched us before.” The former KGB-Agent suddenly said.

“I can take care of the surveillance videos. But who do you wanna contact?” Katya asked, narrowing her eyes.

“Jack. It’s time to tell him he has another daughter.” Irina replied, looking back to her sister who didn’t seem comfortable with this idea.

Irina was lucky if Jack didn’t kill her. “But Irina, he’s still CIA” Katya said.

“He is also my husband and he is a father! It’s time for him being a part of Nadia’s life.” Her sister argued.

Katya didn’t want to fight, because she knew how useless that would be. Her sister was really stubborn. “If you need my support, I’ll help you” she made clear instead.

“Thank you.” Irina smiled a little. “I really appreciate that.” Suddenly she became nervous, which wasn’t typical for Irina Derevko. But this wasn’t about some mission. It was personal.
Maybe she would meet Sydney for the first time after six years. How should she explain herself? How should she convince Jack to help her, if his second daughter wasn’t enough reason?


Los Angeles

Jack was in his study, reading as he heard footsteps from outside. He frowned and turned back to his book as the noise turned off and continued reading.

“Hello, Jack” a female voice said.

He already knew whose voice it was before he looked up. It was Irina’s. His expression turned into anger as he looked up and directly in her face. Irina could see the pain reflected in his eyes.
Suddenly he took out the gun and pointed it at Irina. “Give me one good reason not to kill you right now!” he hissed, quietly not to wake Sydney who was sleeping next room.

“I could give you two good reasons, Jack, your daughters.” Irina replied calmly. Jack wasn’t able to reply anything. The gun was still in his hands, still pointed on Irina.

He tried very hard to blink the tears away, but he failed. “Daughters…Did you say? Plural?” His voice was shaking, the second time.

Irina nodded and slowly stepped closer. “Put the gun down” she ordered softly. “We can’t discuss that this way and I don’t have time for long explanations. Nadia needs your help.”

“Daddy?” another voice asked sleepy.

Irina inhaled deeply. She knew this voice even if she didn’t hear it in the past six years. It was Sydney’s voice.


Dec 10, 2004
Germany, Munich
Thanks to the two of you for your reply. Here is another update. I hope you like it. Every reply will be appreciated. ;)

Quickly Jack hid the gun in his desk right before Sydney came in. His daughter stayed in the door as she saw her mother standing in her father’s study. At first Sydney thought she was dreaming.

“Sweetheart” Irina whispered with tears in her eyes.

Jack searched in his daughter’s eyes for some emotions but it was too much for Sydney, she ran out of the room and minutes later her parents heard her slamming the door. “Great, Irina!” her husband snapped.

“I could talk to her” Irina suggested.

“Yes and what do you wanna tell her?! You didn’t even explain me!”

“Like I told you, we don’t have time for that. Someone has Nadia. I don’t know what they want with her, but I assume it’s nothing good. We need to get our second daughter back. I need your help. I can’t do this alone.”

Jack stepped closer to her, so they stood right next to each other just one centimeter was between them. “I only help you with Nadia, because I don’t think you’re lying about her being my daughter” he whispers. “Now excuse me. I have to explain our daughter how her mother suddenly can be alive.”

“Jack, it would be better if I would talk to her. Give me a try. If I fail, you still can talk to Sydney.”

Her husband hesitated. He seemed to think about the right decision. “Okay. But I stand outside and listen to what are you saying to her. If you hurt her in any…”

“Don’t be stupid! I’m a KGB-Agent but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her as my daughter. One day I will take myself time to explain you everything. But not until I have Nadia back, safe and alive.”

To her surprise, Jack only nodded and let her go first.



Nadia screamed. The fluid burned inside her body, she was so exhausted and couldn’t bear more injections.

The doctor stopped and looked at Cuvee who didn’t look up from Nadia’s drawings she was painting since hours. “She’s exhausted. If we give her more, she could probably die before we have the whole equation” he informed Cuvee.

Finally Irina’s former superior looked at him, then down at Nadia. Tears were still running down her cheek, she cried quietly, her whole body shivered. “Please….No more…I want to my mommy” she whispered in his direction.

Cuvee smiled and softly stroked her hair. “You will go nowhere, sweetheart. Not until I have the whole equation.” The girl started to cry, but Cuvee showed no mercy. His gaze went back to the doctor, then to the guards who stood in the dark, near the door. “Take her in her room. We’ll continue tomorrow. My superiors want to be informed immediately.”

The guards nodded. One picked the exhausted girl up and carried her down to the basement where they bold Nadia in a room.

She could hear the doors getting locked. “Mommy” she whined before exhaustion overtook her and she fell asleep.
In her dreams she saw her mommy who held her tight and told her that everything would be alright and that she was here. It was the only moment in the custody of the KGB she felt free and happy, even though, somehow, she knew that it wasn’t real. The illusion was better than the reality.


Los Angeles

Sydney heard a soft knock on the door. She knew it was either her father or the woman who pretended to be her mother.

What confused Sydney was that her father didn’t seem surprised to see that woman. Was it possible that she maybe was really her mother? Did Jack know that her mother was alive? And why was she alive? How? And if it was right that her mother was back, how did her father know? Did he lie to her all the time? Why did he lie about her being dead? Was that the reason why he was so aloof over all these years?

Yes, Sydney had a lot of questions! Nevertheless she didn’t feel like talking to Jack or Irina. At least her father lied to her. She could read that in his father’s eyes when she saw him in his study.

“Sweetheart, can we talk?” It was the voice the girl thought she would never hear again. It was the woman who looked so much like the woman Sydney still loved and missed so much.
Irina tried to open the door, but it was locked.

“No! I don’t wanna talk to you! You’re not my real mother. My mother died in a car accident six years ago!” Sydney snapped with tears in her eyes.

Irina sighed. She could hear the desperation and the sadness in her daughter’s voice. Her heart sank for her little girl who wasn’t really little anymore. Actually Sydney was almost a teenager.

What was Irina thinking to come back? She should’ve thought about what it would mean for Sydney that her supposedly dead mother steps back in her life.

Irina knew she had to be very careful with her eldest daughter. The former KGB-Agent could imagine what a big shock that must be for her.
“Sydney, I know you’re angry and you don’t feel like talking to one of us, but I know you’re also having questions. You can get answers or you can stay in this room forever. Please open the door.” Irina replied softly and waited.

No answer came from inside. Irina frowned and looked to Jack who only shrugged. A sign that he also didn’t know what their daughter was doing. Was she thinking about the right decision?
Suddenly they heard the door getting unlocked. Irina was relieved as the door opened and Sydney showed up behind it, her eyes red from crying.
Irina withstood the impulse to hug her, because she knew it was too early for Sydney. What her daughter needed was time and understanding.

The former KGB-Agent nodded in Jack’s direction as a sign that she wanted to have some privacy with her daughter.

Even though Jack would’ve rather stayed, he let them alone. If it was true that Nadia was abducted, he needed help from the CIA. “I’ll see if I can do anything concerning the other problem” he announced and went back downstairs to the living room where he waited for Irina to talk about Nadia.

Sydney went back to the end of the room and hugged herself while Irina still stood in the door. She couldn’t believe how big she was now. That curious little girl she left six years ago seemed to be gone and turned into a twelve year old, insecure girl.
The silence was insufferable but both of them were searching for the right words, both of them were overwhelmed with emotions, so it was hard for them to find the right words.

“You turned into a very beautiful girl, Sydney” Irina’s voice was nothing but a whisper. Her eyes were filled with tears.

Sydney burst into tears. She shivered from sobbing and this time Irina followed her impulse to hug her. Sydney didn’t fight the embrace she let the woman she missed so desperately for years, hug her and she just cried while Irina softly stroked her back.
There was no need for explanations right now. Everything the girl wanted was to enjoy that she had her mother back, even if she lied.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. I’m here now” Irina told her soothingly, still rubbing her back.

“I don’t understand…I-I mean I thought you were dead.” Sydney solved the hug. And the look in her eyes let Irina know that it was time to give her eldest daughter some explanations.

“Sit down, sweetheart!” Her mother smiled and gestured Sydney to the bed where both of them sat down. Sydney’s gaze was still on her mother.
“For starters, my name is not Laura Bristow. My real name is Irina Derevko. I had to change my name by order of the people I worked for.”

Her daughter opened her mouth to ask who her mother worked for, but Irina was faster. “Who they are is irrelevant. What you need to know is why I faked my death. They wanted me back. I knew I would’ve put you and your father in danger if I would’ve stayed.” Her eyes were filled with tears as she looked directly in her daughter’s face. “So I decided to leave you both.”

Sydney was also in tears. She didn’t doubt that her mother said the truth. Which reason should she have to lie? “And now you came back” the girl said. It was more a statement than a question.
Irina nodded wordlessly.
“But…Why?” Sydney asked and now Irina could hear a little anger in her daughter’s voice. “You didn’t show up in the past six years! Why now?”

Irina made a sad face, because her daughter wasn’t completely wrong with her assumption. She wouldn’t come back if Nadia wouldn’t be in danger.
“I missed you very much, Sydney. That’s the truth, if you believe it or not.” The former KGB-Agent replied, choosing her words very carefully. “But you’re right. There is a reason why I came back.” Irina took Sydney’s hand in hers, smiled lovingly at her while she placed her other hand on her daughter’s cheek.

The girl couldn’t hold back tears as her mother’s hand softly touched her cheek. She remembered the last time she felt her mother’s soft touch. How much she missed that! Funny what you’re start missing when you lose the most important person in your life!

“This could may be a shock for you, sweetheart.” Irina cleared her throat before she added: “But you have a younger sister. Her name is Nadia and she is in danger. That’s why I need your father’s help.”

Sydney didn’t know how to react. Should she be angry at her mother that she only came back, because she needed help from her father and she didn’t say anything about her sister over all these years? Or should she be happy, because she had a sister now, which was her wish since she could think?
She was totally overextended. After all she was only twelve years old. How should she react on that? What did her mother expect from her?
Because she didn’t know anything different, the girl cried.

Irina presumed what her daughter was thinking. That poor girl probably thought Irina expected a reaction, a decision from her. “It’s okay, sweetheart. I don’t expect anything. You don’t need to say something” the former KGB-Agent reassured her.

“Could you…” Sydney bit her lip, avoided her mother’s gaze. “I mean would you mind if I..”

Irina smiled and nodded insightfully. She understood that her daughter needed some time alone to handle everything that she just had learned. “We’re downstairs if you need anything. I’m here if you’d like to talk.” Irina placed a gentle kiss on her daughter’s forehead and left the room.


Jack looked up as he heard footsteps. Irina stood in the door, watching him. “How is Sydney?”, he asked.

Irina sighed and sat down beside Jack. “It would be a lie to claim she’s alright, but I think time is all she needs.” They exchanged looks. Despite everything Irina had done to him and Sydney, a part of Jack wanted to see the mother she was after all, though it was hard seeing just a mother in her.
What if she only tried to use him in order to get Nadia? She had left him and Sydney. She had not even tried to stay. Jack and the CIA would’ve protected her. So it was better for Jack to not start making Irina a woman she wasn’t. She pursued just a target.

“I talked to Arvin. He just called”, Jack replied and stood up to keep aloof. Irina seemed disappointed, but didn’t reply anything on that. “The CIA thinks the KGB is behind Nadia’s abduction.”

His wife’s face got darker. Jack frowned and opened his mouth to pose a question, but Irina stole a march on him. “If the KGB has Nadia, then I know who has got her”, her voice was just a whisper, but full of anger and hate.

“Who?”, was Jack’s question.

Irina, who had averted his gaze, turned to him again. “Gerard Cuvee. He always had his interests in Nadia when I was pregnant with her. He is the only man I can imagine who would be capable of kidnapping a child.”

“Are you sure, Irina? If we search for Cuvee and we’re wrong….”

“I know, Jack!” She snapped at him, harder than she had intended to. Her husband didn’t seem to be hurt. He just looked at her. “I’m sorry. It’s just….can I call Katya? She’s trying to get the video tapes from the airport where I was with Nadia. I hope, maybe the abductor is on it. It could be the proof.”

“Good. Call her. I’m in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Sydney must be hungry.”

Irina smiled at him. “I don’t think she’ll come down. You know how stubborn she can be.”

Jack didn’t return her smile. They both knew why Sydney locked herself in her room. Irina’s smile died as she realized what her husband was thinking and she couldn’t deny that he was right. It was her fault.

“I’m in the kitchen”, Jack repeated and left the room.

When the former KGB-Agent was alone she grabbed the telephone, dialled Katya’s number and sighed in relief as her sister picked up. “Hello, Katya. Good you’re back on base.”

“I have the video tapes. You were right. There was a man at the airport. He was watching you and your daughter leaving”, Katya replied without greeting her sister.


“You might know him. He worked with you at the KGB. Gerard Cuvee.”

Irina made a fist with her left hand, anger glowed in her eyes. “Did you find out where we can find him?”

Katya nodded, tough her sister couldn’t see it. “Moscow.”

“Thanks, Katya. I owe you.”

“Don’t be stupid, Irina. You’re my sister and Nadia is my niece. You don’t owe me a thing. Be careful.” This time it was Irina who nodded. She thanked Katya again, hung up and went to the kitchen.
Jack was still preparing dinner without realizing that she was standing in the door, watching him. Or if he did, he didn’t show it. “We have certitude. It was Cuvee. He was on the surveillance video.”

Her husband turned around. Part of him was relieved that they knew where to look for Nadia, but the other part tried to prepare itself on what would expect him once they had her.
Both, Jack and Irina knew after all that had happened in the past years that they couldn’t pretend that nothing had happened. Or at least Jack couldn’t, but nevertheless he wanted to stay in contact with Nadia, he wanted to be a part of her life. Jack had always wanted to have children and now he had two.
The CIA-Agent could see that Irina was thinking the same.



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You are a good writer.

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OMG I love this story! It keeps me on the edge of my seat.

You are a good writer.

I love your work.

PM me with the next update.

Also do you do co-writes? =]

Awwww! Thanks so much for the compliment. I'm happy you like this story. Of course you'll get a pm when I update. :)

I do co-write sometimes, but so far I only did it in German. I must warn you my grammar isn't that good. I try my best, though. :LOL:

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“No!” Nadia screamed. She kicked one of the guards in the shin, but her success lasted only a few minutes, until the guards found a way to fix her on a chair. The doctor was preparing the syringe with the green fluid.

Cuvee stood in the shadow and watched the scene. Nadia was too exhausted to cry. She missed her mommy, her arm burned from all the injections she had already got and all she wanted was to sleep.

“We’re ready, Mr. Cuvee”, the doctor announced. No mercy was in Cuvee’s gaze. Actually the destiny of this child didn’t matter to him. The KGB wanted Nadia alive, but that wasn’t his priority.

“Good. Then start”, he stepped closer to Nadia who was fixed on the chair now. The girl seemed as if she had given up fighting. She knew how useless it was. One single tear rolled down her cheek.

“Mommy”, she whined.

“We’re done soon, sweetheart. It’s only two injections. Then we’ll send you back to your mother”, Cuvee promised.
Nadia looked him directly in the eye and knew he was lying.

“Actually, Mr. Cuvee, she won’t survive this procedure. She has had too many injections. She’ll only survive this injection. If we give her more tomorrow…..”, the doctor whispered into his ear.

“I know! But we don’t need to tell her that. She’s already upset. Now do it.”


Los Angeles

“I don’t need a babysitter. I’m twelve years old!” Sydney protested. She stood in the kitchen. Her parents were preparing everything for the flight.
They had just told their daughter that Sloane and Emily would take care of Sydney while Jack and Irina were in Moscow to rescue Nadia.

“Yes you do!” Both of her parents replied at the same time and looked at each other in surprise about them being on the same side.

The girl was surprised by that as well. “It’s great to see my parents agree on this, but I will be fine. Really.”

“You won’t stay here alone, Sydney. End of discussion”, Jack told her.

“Your father is right”, Irina agreed while she came closer. Her daughter avoided her gaze.

“Why do you have to go again? You just came.” The girl sounded very sad, fearful that she could lose her mother again. Even though she was lying, Sydney didn’t want to lose her mother again. She finally wanted to get to know Irina, the person her mother really was.

“Sweetheart”, Irina sighed and took the chair next to Sydney and put her hands on her daughter’s. “I know this is difficult for you. But I’ll come back with your sister. I promise.” Irina softly stroked her daughter’s hair and smiled through tears. “I’m not going to lose you twice.”

“We’ll be back in a couple of days. After we are sure Nadia is feeling well enough to travel back”, Jack added softly.

“Okay. I guess I can stay a few days with Arvin and Emily.” The girl rolled her eyes and got a kiss on her forehead from her father.

“We love you, Sydney” Jack said.



Immediately after they had arrived in Moscow Jack and Irina started the search for the secret KGB facility where Irina guessed, Cuvee was keeping Nadia.

Neither Jack nor Irina said a word. Both were lost in thoughts about the condition in which they would find Nadia and what Cuvee had done to their little girl. Irina was angry and she would make sure Cuvee died the most painful way. Jack was worried, but killing Cuvee wasn’t his intention, at least for now. First he wanted to use Cuvee to get more information about the KGB’s operations.

It was night in Russia. Jack and Irina sat between a few bushes where the guards couldn’t see them and watched the main-entrance.

“I see three guards”, Jack whispered and handed his wife the spyglass. Irina just looked through it and nodded before she gave it back.

Suddenly they heard a swish behind them and turned around, the weapons in their hands and pointed at the darkness.
Both of them sighed in relief and surprise as they saw Katya appearing behind the bushes.

“What are you doing here?” Irina asked breathlessly.

“Did you think I would leave you two alone to have all the fun?” Katya shook her head to give the answer herself. “The cavalry is here. It’s just one man, but nevertheless the cavalry.”

“You and Jack take care of the guards and get Nadia out of there. I’ll join you as soon as I can. We meet at the extraction point,” Irina replied and glanced back at the facility.

“And what are you doing?” Her husband wanted to know.

“I’m looking for Cuvee.” Irina’s voice was full of hate, so it was clear what she was about to do. Jack didn’t ask and Katya knew, too, that her sister intended to kill that bastard.

Jack wanted to protest that the CIA wanted to use him to get information, but a look in Irina’s determined face showed how useless a discussion about that would be. And he accepted it. After all Nadia was his daughter, too. If he couldn’t stop Irina from killing Cuvee, fine. He would find a way to explain it to his superiors.

“Okay. Let’s go. I’ll power down the security systems. As soon as I have done so, you two can take care of the guards,” the CIA-Agent said and got a nod from Irina and Katya.


Jack used the side entrance to get inside the building. As soon as he cut the power off, everything turned black. Irina and Katya jumped out of their hideout and shot the two guards before they had time to react. Irina knocked out the third.

Jack joined them inside. They separated. Jack and Katya ran downstairs, to the basement, where Irina had told Jack, Nadia would possibly be.
The basement was wet and cold. The imagination of his daughter, his little girl, being held in such a dark, horrible place made Jack sick to his stomach. They needed to find Nadia as soon as possible. She needed to get out of here soon.

“Jack!” Katya yelled. His sister-in-law stood in front of a door, which was locked. They could hear nothing. Jack frowned and almost wanted to go on as they heard somebody crying, a girl.


“Step back!” Jack ordered and shot the door open.

Nadia lay on a bed, chained up like a dog. Jack swallowed hard then he stepped in, slowly, because Nadia seemed to be afraid of him, which was understandable. He could be one of Cuvee’s men. She didn’t know him.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. Everything is going to be alright. I’m your father and I’ll get you out of here,” the CIA-Agent told her, though he wasn’t sure if Nadia would believe him. She still seemed to be scared.

The girl whined a little as he took out a needle to open the chains, as if she was scared, he could use the needle for her. What has that bastard done to her?!

“Shh….I just open the chains. I won’t hurt you,” he promised and smiled at her, which didn’t comfort her at all.

“Give me my niece!” Jack heard Katya order after he had opened the chains and was about to lift up Nadia. He turned to Irina’s sister who pointed her gun at him.
“I said, give me my niece,” she repeated.

“Katya……,” Jack started, but she took Nadia out of his arms and carried her. Nadia sobbed a little. How scared and confused must this little girl be!

“Nadia doesn’t know you. It’s better, I carry her outside.” She turned to her niece again, who still was crying. “It’s okay, sweetie. Aunt Katya will take you to your mother. She missed you so much.” Katya reassured her.



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Hey Steffi, this is a great story. :thumbup:

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Great updates! Sorry I haven't replied. I've been so busy and I just see my PM box messages get larger and I think I should read my messages, and so now I am! I hope that NAdia is going to be all right and that they can live as one happy family soon.

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nicewoman - Welcome and thanks for reading this story. I'm grateful for every new reader who likes this fic. Of course, you'll get a pm. Added you to my list. :wave:
JulianSark - Well, it wasn't that soon, but now there it is, the new update. I hope you'll like it and looking forward to your reply. :) Thanks for your last respond to this fic.
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Thanks to my lovely betareader lena-irina-jonna who helps me so much to get better in writing. :thumbup:

Irina stood in front of Cuvee who was tied up on a chair. She was in the dark, her face impassive.
Blood was on Cuvee’s face and he saw that Irina had a gun in her right hand. But she didn’t point it on him. Actually she just watched him, hate spoke out of her face.

“You have no idea how long I waited for this. To torture you for what you did to my daughter.” She slanted her head to the right. “Tell me. Did Nadia feel like this when she was in your custody?”

“Irina, you don’t understand. This was a necessary step to…” The former KGB-Agent stopped him with a shot in his leg, which started to bleed. She knew this wasn’t enough to kill him, but it was enough to let him feel much, much pain. Which was what she wanted, she wanted to see that son of a b**** suffer.

“What have you done to her?” Irina asked with a surprisingly calm voice that was more frightening than anything else. When no answer came, Irina took out a knife and stuck it in the leg she just had shot. He screamed in pain. “I ask you again, what have you done to my daughter? I can’t imagine you kept her, because you like having little girls around you.”

“I injected Nadia with a green fluid. Your daughter was supposed to give us an equation, which only she is able to give us when she received the whole dose. She didn’t get everything. “

“And the last dose could have killed her.” Irina said and watched Cuvee who nodded. Then she took the gun and shot him in the head. He was dead immediately. The former KGB-Agent still looked at him, disgusted. His dead was too easy. She could have let him suffer much longer, but the wish to see Nadia was stronger than the wish to torture somebody who wasn’t worth it.

Irina went to the door and ran outside in the night. She saw a little girl who was running away from Katya. Her heart made a jump. Nadia! Of course after all the girl had been through she couldn’t trust anyone and she didn’t know Jack. Irina should have thought about that before.

Irina was faster than Nadia and grabbed her in time. “Hey! Hey! It’s okay, sweetheart. It’s me. It’s alright.” She tried to make the girl stop fighting against her grip and finally the girl calmed down in her mother’s arms. That or maybe she was just too exhausted to fight any longer. Irina just held her tight, enjoyed the feeling to hold her little girl in her arms. At least she seemed okay, even though Irina knew nothing was okay.
“Come on. Let’s get you in the car,” the former KGB-Agent said reassuringly, lifted Nadia up and carried her to the car. She hurried, because she knew that guards would soon come in search for Nadia.

Katya and Jack ran towards her. “Damn it! Nadia was just too fast for me.” Katya breathed heavily but she was relieved that Irina had caught her.

“Or you’re too slow. How could you let her out of your sight considering what she’s been through?”

“Could we discuss this later? Guards are coming. Let’s get in the car and leave!” Jack interrupted Katya who had already opened her mouth to respond.

Jack got in the car first, on the drivers seat. Katya followed behind and took place on the front passengers seat while Irina and Nadia took the backseats. Irina took Nadia on her lap.
The girl whined and finally recognised her mother. “Mommy….,” she sobbed.

“Everything is alright, sweetheart. He’ll never hurt you again. I promise. I’m here now.” Irina placed a kiss on Nadia’s head and rocked her daughter gently to make her fall asleep. Even though the girl had slept before her rescue, she seemed very exhausted. Probably because of the injections Cuvee had given her.

Irina wanted Nadia to sleep to recover from the exertions of the past days. It would take some time to heal, basically the mentally wounds, but also the physical wounds.
The former KGB-Agent could see a lot of mental damage, because Nadia was fighting sleep. Probably she was afraid of the nightmares.

Soon they were on a highway. Jack had told Irina sooner that they would go to a safe house which was one hour outside from Moscow. Nadia fell asleep after the first fifteen minutes. The exhaustion was too strong. Irina sighed in relief while she gently stroked her daughter’s hair.


Safehouse Moscow

Jack stepped into the room. “I called Arvin..”

“Shh…” Irina interrupted him. Nadia lay in a bed. Irina was about to cover her up when Jack entered. The girl finally slept, even though it was a restless sleep. Irina just felt relieved that her daughter slept at all. “Not here. I don’t want to wake her up” his wife whispered while she led him outside.

“How is she?” Jack asked. It was obvious how concerned he was about Nadia.

“She had a rough day. She’ll need time to deal with everything that happened over the last days.” Irina let out a sigh and glanced back at her daughter who mumbled some unintelligible words in her sleep. The former KGB-Agent wondered what nightmares she had. Actually she didn’t want to know. All she wanted was to go back to her, so her daughter wasn’t afraid.

“Irina, I called Arvin,” her husband started.

“Is Sydney okay?” was Irina’s question before he could add anything.

“Yes. She asked if her sister is alright.” Jack smiled as he remembered talking to Sydney on the phone. His daughter also asked about Irina and if she would come back. Jack had told her that he couldn’t make any promises.

Both, Jack and Irina, knew that Jack was obliged to take Irina to the CIA. She would either spend her life in prison or die through death penalty. The CIA-Agent knew, his wife had no illusions about her destiny and ironically he wasn’t sure if he could allow that. How should he explain that to Nadia and Sydney?
Especially Nadia needed her mother now more than ever after all she had been through.

Irina sighed in relief. “Good.”

Jack nodded. Both kept silent for a few minutes. Then it was Jack who started to talk again. “Irina, Nadia needs to see a doctor. You told me that Cuvee injected her with something. We need to make sure that this fluid doesn’t have any negative effects on her.”

To his surprise Irina nodded, though she didn’t seem happy with this solution. But somehow she seemed to know that this was the best for Nadia, even though their daughter wouldn’t see it that way. She would probably be scared, just as her parents were.


Irina hadn’t had a good feeling from the moment on she had walked into that medical office. Now she was holding Nadia in her arms, who seemed to be scared to death, even though Jack and Irina had tried to calm her down, but at this point, both of them knew how pointless it was. It hadn’t worked with Sydney either, when they had to take her to the doctor.
Nadia seemed to know what was coming next. Irina was nervous, but she was successful in not showing it to Nadia, though she couldn’t say if Jack had noticed. At least he hadn’t said anything about Irina being nervous.
The former KGB-Agent could see that he was worried about what the doctor would find out about Nadia’s condition and what kind of examination she would do.

At least it was a doctor Jack knew, though this fact didn’t comfort Irina at all and neither did it comfort Nadia.

“Mommy, I don’t want to be here. Can we not just go home?” The sound of Nadia’s scared and tired voice made Irina feel bad about doing that to her little girl, and all because of that bastard Cuvee.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. I promise I’ll stay with you all the time. I won’t let anything happen to you. Okay?” Irina wasn’t sure if Nadia believed her. However, the little girl nodded, but didn’t seem fully convinced.

“As soon as we’re done here, we can go back to L.A. and see Sydney,” Jack announced, looking at Irina.

His wife nodded, while wondering herself how the first meeting of the sisters would be. Would they hug each other or would they say nothing at all and just look at each other?
Irina didn’t have an answer to that question, but she was curious to find out. She didn’t doubt that Sydney and Nadia would like each other, Irina just asked herself how long it would take.

The door in front of Jack’s and Irina’s seats opened and Dr. Valenko stepped outside, smiling as she recognized Jack. “Jack. It’s been a long time.” She gave him her hand, which he was taking with a smile, while Irina wondered where they knew each other from. But she remained silent, only watching the scene.

“It’s been two years, actually. It’s good to see you, Dr. Valenko. I’m glad to see you’re okay. May I introduce Irina Derevko to you? We were…we are married.” Jack saw the astonishment in his wife’s eyes and couldn’t help but smile on that. He had finally managed to surprise Irina Derevko. He looked in her direction as if he wanted to say ‘What? Did you think you’re the only one, who can surprise?’ “And that’s Nadia, my second daughter. She’s the reason we’re here,” he informed the doctor, who was smiling. She liked children and she knew how afraid they all were of doctors.

“Hey, Nadia. Your daddy told me about you. We’re going to do a blood test at first.” Nadia didn’t take the hand of Dr. Valenko. She bit her lip and looked very much like her mother at that moment.

“A blood test? Does that mean it will prick?” The girl asked with big eyes, scared to death. After all she had been through the girl didn’t want any more needles. She snuggled herself into her mother’s arms, who did her best to soothe her.

Irina glanced at Jack. A blood test? He hadn’t said anything about that! If she had known, they wouldn’t be here. But now they were here and it was too late to go back. Besides, they needed closure if the fluid had any lasting effects on Nadia.
Her husband looked back and Irina knew he was having almost the same conversation with himself.

Nadia let out a sob when she saw the syringe. Given the experiences she had already made with injections and syringes, it didn’t surprise Irina at all. “No! I don’t want…No more needles, mommy!” the girl sobbed.

It broke Irina’s heart seeing her like that. But it had to be done. There was no way to spare her from this. “Oh sweetheart! I promise, I won’t let anything happen to you, just keep still for a second, will you.” Irina knew it was futile right now to calm Nadia down, but nevertheless she had to try.
Softly she stroked her daughter’s hair, but held her firmly in place as Nadia tried to break free. Jack had to help. It was impossible to calm Nadia. She struggled and desperately tried to break free. “Hurry doctor!” Irina ordered.

Normally it took just a few minutes to take a blood sample, but Nadia struggled so violently, that it took them fifteen minutes until the doctor finally got what she wanted and only because Nadia was too tired to fight any longer.

Now they girl lay sobbing on her mother’s lap. Irina was in the waiting room with Jack and Nadia. She stroked her little daughter’s black hair and mumbled soothing words into her ear.
Jack watched the two of them while asking himself how the same person, who was trying to soothe Nadia as best as she could, could have left him and Sydney six years ago. As if he had met another person, not the Irina he had imagined at first after he had learned the truth about her, that she was KGB. Maybe it was worth a try to rebuild the family. Sydney needed a mother and Nadia obviously needed one, too.

The doctor came in. Jack stood up, while Irina laid Nadia on one of the chairs in the room. Her daughter had fallen asleep after fighting this hard in order not to be pricked.
The former KGB-Agent was watching her daughter for a while with a smile, before she turned her attention back to Dr. Valenko.

“I sent the blood test to a lab in Saint-Petersburg. I should get the results next week. You can take your daughter home, but keep in touch, so we can tell you what we found out.” The doctor was smiling so friendly that it was impossible for Irina to not like her, even though she and her husband seemed to have a history. Maybe she would ask Jack how he had met the doctor and if she had ever been more than just a friend, though it was none of her business. Or was it? After all she was still his wife, despite the circumstances of their marriage.

“Thank you. We will call you next week. It’s better for us to make contact. Given the danger Nadia was in, some people could still be after her,” Jack answered. He thought about asking the CIA for help, but that would mean, he had to tell them, that Irina was involved, which would mean he had to take her into custody and his daughters would lose their mother, again. The question was what Irina wanted. Did she want to be the mother their daughters needed so desperately?

“Okay. I’ll see you soon. It was nice to meet you, Mrs. Derevko,” the doctor said and went back. Irina just smiled back and glanced at Nadia who was still sleeping. She realized that Nadia wouldn’t be safe as long as the people Cuvee worked for were out there. Sydney wasn’t safe, too. She was also Irina’s daughter and she was the Chosen One. Los Angeles seemed an obvious solution.

“We can’t go back, Jack,” she suddenly said. Her husband looked at her in surprise. Irina could see distrust in his face and wasn’t surprised about that. She knew how this had to look for Jack. “If we stay in L.A., we’ll die. The people Cuvee worked for will still be after Nadia and as soon as they know who Sydney is, they will come after her as well. It doesn’t end with Cuvee.”

Her husband didn’t know what to answer to that. Irina’s deliberations seemed rational. He had thought about hiding too if he was honest to himself. But could he trust Irina after everything that had happened? Seeing how she treated Nadia, how lovingly she was with her meant ‘yes’ was the right answer. But remembering all Irina had done to him and Sydney meant he still couldn’t trust her. She had betrayed him and their first daughter. Who told him that she wouldn’t do it again? After all she was still Irina Derevko and not Laura Bristow, even if he liked to see her as Laura.
“I see why you don’t want to go to Los Angeles. So you can take Sydney and Nadia. For the record, I still don’t trust you. I made that mistake once and I won’t do it again. And what do you mean by ‘they know who Sydney is’. Who is she?”

She smirked to his surprise. Did she find that funny?! This situation was serious and she was smirking! Jack frowned in anger, but waited for her reply. “Sydney is my daughter. They will use her to hurt me, to make me give them Nadia. Jack, you don’t have time to distrust me. Deep in your heart, you know it’s the only option we’ve got. Are you really that embittered that you would sacrifice our two daughters just to peeve me?”

In his heart, Jack knew she was right. It wouldn’t take them long to find Nadia once they were in L.A.. Sydney was also in danger, because she was Jack’s and Irina’s daughter and an easy target. Irina and Katya couldn’t help him in L.A., because the CIA would take them in custody immediately. “You’re probably right. I’ll make arrangements to take Sydney out of the country. What do you suggest?”

“We should go to Paris. I have friends there who can help us. Maybe we will find a way to keep Sydney and Nadia safe until we found out who Cuvee worked for.”

Jack frowned again. “I thought he was a former colleague. He used to work for the KGB.”

“It appears that the CIA doesn’t know everything, do they?” Irina smiled when she saw the confusion on his face. “I doubt Cuvee was loyal to the KGB. He must have worked for another player.”

“I’ll take Nadia with me and meet you with the girls in Paris.”

“No!” Irina replied sternly. “Do you think I’m an idiot?! You take Nadia with you and I won’t have a chance to get her back? Nadia is staying with me, so I can make sure that you come back with Sydney.” The former KGB-Agent went back to Nadia and woke her up. “Sweetheart, wake up. It’s time for us to go.”
It was incredible how her voice changed from cold into soft when she was talking to Nadia. Almost like a real mother, Jack thought while he was watching them. He had no choice but trust Irina that she didn’t try to fool him or their daughters.

“Mommy? No more needles?” the girl asked sleepy with a yawn.

Irina smiled lovingly and put a kiss on her daughter’s forehead. “No sweetheart! No more needles. We’re going to Paris.”

“Paris?” Nadia looked puzzled and glanced at her father. She was looking at him, but asked her mother: “Does Daddy come with us?”

“He’ll pick up Sydney and join us later, honey. We will be a family again, won’t we, Jack?” Irina also glanced at Jack now.

He joined Nadia and Irina and kissed his second daughter the same way Irina had done before. “Yes, we will, sweetheart. You are a special little girl.” Suddenly Nadia hugged him. It was the first time and Jack felt overwhelmed and held her tight. Irina watched, being as surprised as her husband was. She hadn’t expected Nadia to accept Jack so easily, but she was glad that Nadia did. “I love you sweetheart.” Jack whispered into Nadia’s ear and kissed her hair.



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