Foxes Monday Rant

Ok. I am insanely bored at work, everyone is wrecked after the rugby weekend, so there is NOTHING TO DO. The boss just stumbled into the office quietly relieved to still be conscious. I don't expect much more than a grunt when I ask him why he came in at all today.

I can't do my research from this computer so... I need this as an additional way to murder time.

Da Vinci Code: didn't read the book, the subject seemed gratuitously scandalous and I have to deal with enough conspiracies professionally to read some artist's impression.

Anyhoo, the family were all buzzing to go see it, so I tagged along.

The movie was needlessly dark, pretty predictable, and they kept doing the b/s camera-shake action.

Now I have said this time and again and again: if you are doing an action scene STOP KICKING THE CAMERAMAN!!! When you, as a director, film a good action scene, I, as a punter, want to see it, rather than catch an occasional glimpse of it when the cameraman twitches in the right direction.

Overall I found the movie to be a pretty damn questionable remake of National Treasure, and the leading lady wasn't a patch on Diane Kruger.


Is there a place somewhere that hosts ads? There are some total beauties out there, and I would love to be able to watch them when I feel like it (the particular ad that sparked this is the current Ryder Cup ad).


Tasoli is my favourite person for the day: I can't believe I found a link to The IT Crowd on these forums!


I got to see the trailer for the new Superman, and what I have to ask is: where is the rest of him!? Superman is supposed to be what quarterbacks want to be when they grow up and this guy is like.... what? I'd say struggling to clock in at 200lbs. The lad might be the next big thing, but come on! That role should have so totally gone to Christian Bale it's not even funny.

Anyhoo, I am going to go do figure 8s in a forklift or something, and give you a chance to get back to your regularly scheduled programming.



Lol! good revue for Davinci.. I havent seen it yet, but thats pretty much what I expect out of it.

Personally, I dont get what the huge bruhaha is about this book. Its adequately written, but obviously a work of fiction.

No one got worked up over the release of the movie "Prince of Darkness (mid late 80s-early 90s, dont quite remember) A horror flick that supposed Jesus and Satan were combative aliens living on earth...

Get over it.



The DaVinci Code was a good book, not the best, but good nonetheless. I haven't seen the movie yet, but want to... only because I did read the book.

The big deal about it is that Catholics (some, not all) are up in arms about whether it is protraying truth or not. Those that aren't finding some deep dark secret about the Vatican in the book, are protesting the book due to some personal view about how "this work of fiction" is portraying the Catholic Church in a negative light and it's demoralizing the the christians.

I see it as a work of fiction, that's it, and I am going to assume the book is much better than the movie, as most book to movie deals are. But, I'll see once I get my arse out to a theatre.

~ Jaraeth


Yet another reason I always say "Faith is the best thing in the world, but religion is the worst thing to happen to mankind"