Franklin City (The Digital Story) A Sci-Fi Original

(The Digital Story) A 10 CD release featuring music as an enhancement in storytelling. A book on tape is described as a movie in your mind, this release takes it further by using music to put your mind in a relaxed state. Currently, books on tape use music as a background effect to build suspense or intrigue. Franklin City will actually use the music in the storytelling itself. Although not a new idea to the electronic music, where many tracks use movie samples or other quotes within the song structure, because each song will be part of the same story, Franklin City has pushed past the limits of any music or book on tape.

(Franklin City) A sci-fi story about a city that houses a research hospital. After a nuke strike to the usa, wide spread mutation takes over. The hospital uses animal dna to bridge a gap in human dna to try and fix the problem. This story is about the people who were tested first, the cover-ups, the chaos, the city. Franklin City - freakland city.