Sci-Fi Free Advanced Copies of "The Chronicles of Henry Harper"


Questionably Sane
My first book under the Jacen Aster pen name(I've done a number of shorts and a novella under others) is coming out on December 16th. In advance of that, I'm giving out a double handful of FREE Advanced Reader Copies, as a way to generate interest. The book is a Science Fiction/Space Opera work telling the life story of an old starship engineer. A decent nutshell way to get a grasp on it would be imagining if Star Trek's Scotty wrote a book about his life. You can see an early review of the book here:

The Renaissance Writer's Review

And you can pick up a free ARC copy of the ebook (while supplies last, there are a set number only) here:
The Chronicles of Henry Harper ARC

If you enjoy the book, do try to remember to leave a review when the novel officially releases on the 16th! Reviews are the lifeblood of indie authors such as myself. The book will be avaialble on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo stores, and reviews left on its Goodreads page are also appreciated.