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[img2=left][/img2]SFX Weekender, the most exciting sci-fi gathering in the UK, is coming back and Cool Sci-Fi is happy to give you a chance to get FREE tickets!

Held by SFX Magazine, SFX Weekender 2 promises the ultimate sci-fi experience, packed with activities for fans: big-name guests (like George Takei!), interviews, Q&A sessions, comic workshops, video gaming, music, book readings and plenty more at one of the UK's best-loved holiday camps. It's all about bringing like-minded people together for a weekend structured around four huge pillar events: the enchanting Imaginarium funfair, the sweeping Maskerade party, the fiendish Blastermind quiz and the epic SFX Sci-Fi Awards Show 2011, where SFX Magazine will be handing out the coveted Golden Rayguns to the universe's best and brightest.

SFX Weekender 2011 attendees will get the chance to fully immerse themselves in the sci-fi culture which has made SFX Europe's bestselling genre magazine. Fans can get have themselves written into a comic strip, get into discussion with their favourite author, chill out at the anime cafe, get digital art tips, or be amongst the first to see exclusive screenings of films & TV shows.

SFX Weekender 2 will take place Friday, February 4th, and Saturday, February 5th, and will again be at the Camber Sands Holiday Park in East Sussex.

Check here for links to pictures from SFX Weekender 2010.

How, then are you wondering, can YOU get a set of up to four tickets, a £384 value, for FREE? That's the best part, you just have to send an email asking for them! The event organizers have generously offered the Cool Sci-Fi community 20 sets of tickets, with each set being up to 4 tickets, on a first-come, first-served basis. :cool:

To request your FREE tickets, send an email to "" mentioning "promotion code SFXCSF" and also include your telephone number so that the event organizers can reach you to work out the arrangements.

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I was browsing through the various links with pics from SFX Weekender 2010 and came across this one that made me laugh a bit.... :ROFLMAO: