Free Trials of the most popluar art programs.

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As I found out months and months ago. All the big name art programs off trial version of their softwares to use so that a person can decide if this is a product they want to spend there hard earned money on.

Take my word for it, if you are into creating graphic art, it is in your best interest to give the trials a go before popping the bucks for the program, as all of the big names are very expensive.

Below are links to the trials of each of the big ones. Here is hoping they are helpful to someone.

ArcSoft's PhotoStudio 5.5
Jasc's Paint Shop Pro
Ulead's Photo Impact
Adobe Photo Shop


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I know that you've worked with several of them already -- Any that you'd recommend over the other?

For me at the house I keep finding myself drifting towards Adobe Photoshop Elements because the full-blown PS is out of my budget and because I've had problems in the past were some PSD files behaved different in Adobe's products versus others like Macromedia's Fireworks.

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I have photoshop 7
It's very humbling but very good and there are gaggles of plugins

I also use Ability photopaint, while not as good as photoshop it is easier to use. Not as many plugins either.
I have ability Draw too

I also have MGI photosuite 8.1 but I dont hardley use that mostly because I haven't spent the time to learn it yet

I have an old version of Micrographics windows Draw 6 that I use a lot. Mostly because I am familiar with it.

And I have serif DrawPlus 3.0 but I barely use it because the others are handier and I'm not real familiar with it either.


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I have used all 4 of the programs I spoke of. I live out of ArcSoft PhotoStudio (it is the cheapest and the easiest by far) the only down side is that it lacks in effects, brushes, and textures.

For those I depend on PSP and PI.

Out of the 4 programs I kept everything but Adobe. I have it one of the 4 hous computers, but it doesn't work on my laptop (i am in teh dark ages, i still run ME as an OS) not that i mind. Adobe is just too hard to use. I might use the computer it is on once ever few months if there is a particular effect I am looking for, but that is it.

As for the programs you spoke of skwirlinator, I haven't tried any of those, but I will have to give them a look. I am always on the look out for new graphics resources.

Yep Kevin, me and Tetris got down today. :D That is my fav game of all time, whch is saying something. :)