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FREEWARE : Gunbound

Discussion in 'Games' started by Tim, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Tim

    Tim Creative Writer

    Jan 16, 2005

    [​IMG] For a long time, we have worked in the game industry, and have applied
    our creative talent into creating Mobiles that you have never seen
    in other shooting games.

    With many unique types of armour, we open this game to you, so you can develop crafty and even sneaky! new strategies. The Moondisk also changes the gravity on each map, making it necessary to re-calculate how
    the atmosphere will a re-calculate how the atmosphere will alter
    how you fire. It's important to use your weapons well and adapt
    quickly, or you wil surely lose quickly!
    Each turn, you have a lot of different options
    available. You can shoot, or you can hide by
    burying yourself in the ground, like a bunker.
    All of these things make the game dynamic,
    and help the game come alive for players!
    Players can choose any mobile they want,
    dress their avatar in any fashion they
    choose, and enter the battle!
    And if you win, you may even receive
    bonus points, allowing you to dress in
    better clothes. Remember, winning is
    important, but you must also please the
    crowds, so dressing well also helps you
    are more money -"bad" players can win,
    but this does not mean they will get a lot of points!

    [​IMG] Cute and Intensive screen is waiting for you.
    We’ll show long-height game with higher and smooth speed. *Brief spec of game-engine used in GunBound*
    [size=-2]▶[/size]Engine only for turn-shooting game that supports 2D/3D at the same time.
    [size=-2]▶[/size]16Bit Color, 800 * 600 screen, 3D Polygon background.
    [size=-2]▶[/size]Various 3D effect support.
    (Real-time-cartoon-randering, Dynamic Light, Atmosphere mapping, mopping)
    [size=-2]▶[/size]Various 2D effect support.
    (Multiple scroll, Plenty 2D animation management, Light and spinning ability)

    [​IMG] *Minimum System Requirements*CPU:Pentium 300AMain Memory:64MBVideo Card:i740(with 3D accelerator support)Video Memory:8M+ , DirectX8.0 support required.O/S:Window 98※Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.
    *Suggesting Specification*CPU:Pentium lll 800MHz or higherMain Memory:64MB+Video Card:Any 3D-accelerated cardVideo Memory:Over 8MB+, DirectX 8.0 or higher version required.※Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

    [​IMG] * Fast access to a fast game
    GunBound gives you fast, easy access using its special network system.
    This turn-based game is so fast paced, you would swear it was real-time!

    *Support communications across servers perfectly
    Shows you the position of your friends in real-time.
    You can send messages across servers.
    *GameBuddy support(Patent Pending)
    Allows you to easily messege other players in-game.
    You can also message your friends that may not be playing, and even invite them to play with you!
    You can join guilds, and easily contact and gather with them at any time.
    All this is free, does not include any advertising, and is well supported!

    *Hack prevention technology
    We now use the Latest cryptology and we will always try our best to stop cheaters
    in our tracks!

    [​IMG] * Guild System
    You can team up with your guild, as well as look up all kinds of
    information about your guild!

    * Guild Ranking and Rank within Guild
    You can choose to see where you rank within your guild, or see how your
    guild ranks against other guilds.

    * Guild Recruit and management tool
    Guild recruitment and changes can be done through our website.

    [​IMG] 20 catchy songs are used in GunBound.
    We look forward soon releasing the original sound track as an album, due
    to its popular demand!



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