Sci-Fi Friends in Deed (Re-Release)


Writing Fool
Sorry to have been so absent as of late, but working on two new releases (my novella Fallen, and my next novel Resurrection) that I'm hoping to have out the first half of this year. And then my contract came due for my second novel, Friends in Deed. I've revamped it a bit, and the new version is now available over on Amazon. New look, new (lower) price, same old Aston!


Space pirate Aston West was condemned to the prison planet Lycus IV, where he meets Lars and Elijah Cassus, twin brothers with sadistic tendencies. The three escape, and Aston has never forgotten how much he owes the twins for his freedom. Now the brothers call in the favor, forcing him to return to Lycus IV with their new team. Aston must battle all of his old demons, and a few new ones, to mount a rescue and help the twins' teammate Leah Jordan escape just like they did so long ago.
Entertainingly enough, my contract came due (this past month) for my first novel, Heroes Die Young, as now I'm just waiting on the cover art to be completed so I can get it out there as well. Stay tuned!
Cool. Lol.. it says the used book cost more than the new one... I think the numbers were mixed up.
Sounds like someone is trying to run a pseudo-Ponzi scheme on order a 'used' one from them, they buy a new one from Amazon and ship it to you, and pocket the difference...
Since this popped up in the featured area again, figured I'd mention that Friends in Deed has just been submitted into KDP Select. So, in a day or two, once it's been processed, Kindle Unlimited users should be able to pick up a copy for free (which is the case for many of my other titles already).