From the Bottom of My Heart

Dec 3, 2006
North Carolina
rating: PG-13 for I have no clue, I suck at ratings and yeah.
disclaimer: i don't own syd or anyone, but josh, cause i created him

From the Bottom of My Heart

Chapter 1

She walked nervously down the aisle. The man she was waiting to marry was waiting for her. She nearly swallowed the veil as she took one gigantic breath in, but managed to smooth the whole thing into looking as though she had just pulled it out from her face for a moment. She had never forgotten her first love, but she had moved on. She loved him still from the bottom of her heart, but she had moved on, she had tried to find another soul mate, another person on the earth that understood her. She found Josh.


She was stepping off the subway, when suddenly she was sent flying by a sudden lurch. A muscular arm wrapped itself around her waist and grabbed the book bag she was carrying. She turned to find Josh Gritson.

“You all right, miss?” The voice was deep and melancholy. She nodded, a pink blush creeping up into her cheeks.

“Thank you.” The man released her and held out his hand.

“Josh Gritson.” Sydney shook it gingerly.

“Rachel Acker.” She smiled, letting her dimples show.

“Would you like to go somewhere for coffee?” He asked.

“Sure.” They went to a local coffeehouse and talked for hours on everything, but still had a million things to say when they parted, with each others phone numbers and a promise to call.

End Flashback

“Do you, Rachel Peyton Acker, take Joshua Ethan Gritson to be your husband?” The paster asked.

“I do.” She said, with a tear running down her cheek.

“Do you, Joshua Ethan Gritson, take Rachel Peyton Acker to be your wife?” The pastor directed towards Josh.

“I do.” He said, sounding as though he had been waiting all his life for this.

“I pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” Josh took Sydney into a long and passionate kiss. The whole chapel broke out into applause and cheers. Sydney found herself sobbing and let Josh hug her and hold her tight. He didn't know why she was crying, he thought she was happy. She was sad, her mother and father were supposed to be the ones walking her down the aisle. She was supposed to be sharing this with her sister and her first love, Michael Christian Vaughn. She was supposed to be happy and she wasn't, she was sad, but no one knew. She wasn't supposed to be sorrowful, she was supposed to be Rachel, an assumed orphan, and she was, just not from birth.

“I love you, you know that right?” Josh whispered into her ear.

“I love you too.” She said back, and smiled crookedly as he used the pads of his hands to wipe away the tears that were shining on her cheeks.

“It's that time, for the couples first dance.” The DJ yelled into the mike. Hands pushed Josh and Rachel into the middle of the floor and they started to dance, Sydney lying her head on his shoulder.


“Michael Christopher Vaughn! Stop it or else!” She yelled.

“Oh, the full name huh.” He advanced slowly, raising the gun up to firing position.

“If you pull that trigger...” She threatened.

“Like this?” He squeezed the trigger full blast and Sydney found herself soaked in water, and she got the perfect plan. She staggered over to the pool and let herself hang on the edges limp.

“Syd? You okay?” Vaughn asked, when she didn't get up. His green eyes peered into hers and she suddenly opened her eyes and grinned maliciously. Vaughn didn't stand a chance, she grabbed him and tossed him into the freezing pool. He came up a second later, looking incredulous, with the puppy dog look he got when he was playing around.

“Payback is sweet.” She smiled evil and sprinted for the house where she slammed the door shot and locked the three bolts. She heard him yelling and banging on the door, but she taunted him from the door and he stuck her tongue out at him. She didn't notice she was being recorded by a man over a 1000 miles away.

End Flashback.

She smiled and turned over in the bed. She looked at her husband and frowned. She didn't want to end up this way, but it was the only way, the only way to escape hurting her family.


“You're crazy if you think that you're going to get away with this!” Vaughn shouted as Sydney opened the second story bedroom window momentarily, to drop him a pillow and blanket which he caught. She was being incredibly hormonal. “Are you pregnant or somethin'?” He hollered.

“Possibly.” Her crazy grin and head popped out the window. “I was going to tell you tomorrow as a wake up call, but you guessed it.”

“Oh please, will you pretty please let me in?” He begged, sticking out his pouty bottom lip. She sighed and her head disappeared from sight and banged shut. He crossed his fingers and hoped she wasn't locking him out.

“You're irresistible.” She fake pouted.

“But that's why you love me.” He gave her a very hot and heavy kiss. They worked their way up to the bedroom slowly, almost falling down the stairs about 50 times.

End Flashback


Mar 23, 2004
I wonder how and why Sydney lost her family, baby and Vaughn? It's obvious she had to change her name to protect herself. She may also be in Witness Protection. However, you can tell with Josh, she isn't with a true love...she's just settling.

Thanks for the PM.



Jun 1, 2006
Brisbane, Australia
oh wow! I have a lot of questions! This is a really interesting start mate and I can't wait to find out more! Thanks so much for the PM! It sure was happy reading :LOL: Cheers :cheers:
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